CYTOLOK® Single Phase - Gulf Connectors Inc.

CYTOLOK® Single Phase
Stud Mounted PlateTM
Replaces Spades in Single Phase Transformers
Spring Compression, Constant Pressure, Maintenance Free, Cable Termination
Gulf Connectors, Inc. innovative Single Phase Stud Mounted Plate utilizes CYTOLOK’s
unique Spring Compression, Constant Pressure features to connect directly to the
transformer stud.
CYTOLOK Single Phase Stud Mounted Plates demonstrate the same high integrity
performance of all CYTOLOK products. They carry more current within their operating
temperature than either the conductors or stud will carry. With CYTOLOK connectors
the connection is no longer the limiting factor.
Each CYTOLOK Single Phase Stud Mounted Plate allows the termination of up to six
cables of any size. Single Stud Mounted Plates provide a built-in spade and true
flexibility; you can mix and match any conductor combination. The plate is drilled to
NEMA standards.
CYTOLOK Single Phase Stud Mounted Plates allow for easy, fast change-outs and
retro-fits. Simply loosen a bolt on phase and neutral and remove. You don’t need to
disconnect the cables. It is unbelievably fast!
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