Co-Teaching Activity


Co-Teaching Activity Packet

Activity #3 Co-Teaching Worksheet

Co-Teaching Approaches Activity

Co-Teachers have at least six different approaches they use to support instruction. For each, identify the situations for which this model might be appropriate. Also identify cautions for teams when using this model.

How/when it could be used Cautions Co-Teaching


One teaching/one observing or taking notes

Station teaching

Two separate lessons and one independent station

Parallel teaching

Class is divided into two separate groups for the same lesson.

Alternative teaching

One teacher works with smaller group (preteaching, reteaching) while other teacher works with larger group. Composition of smaller group should be flexible.

Team Teaching

One lesson delivered by both teachers

One Teaching/One


Adapted from The Power of Two

Activity #4 Co-Teaching Worksheet

Follow these guidelines for assisting in achieving the goal of planning effective lessons. This guide can be completed at the start of the instructional unit.

During planning opportunities choose three areas for discussion. The co-planner form will support the focused planning of effective lessons that will meet the needs of all students in the classroom.

Action Role : General Educator Role: Special Educator

Curricular Goals

Instructional Method (types of coteaching you will use and role of each instructor)

Specific instructional methods or strategies…..

Academics skills:

Behavioral/social skills:


Co-Teaching Resource Packet

Resource #2

Co-teaching Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Roles and Responsibilities Name Level Name Level

Develop units, projects, lessons

Create advance organizers and comprehension supports

Adapt assignments, tests

Monitor student progress and needs

Assign grades

Complete clerical tasks

Communicate with parents

Communicate with school administrators

Establish and manage classroom discipline and behavior supports

Levels of Responsibility Key


E= Equal

S= Secondary

I= Input into decisions

Resource #3

A Planning Structure for Lessons or Units Worksheet

One aspect of inclusive classroom is joint planning between the teacher partners. The following three-step process is one of many ways to make the collaboration that is part of inclusion at the classroom level more successful.

Step 1: Curriculum Outline

General education teacher prepares an outline of upcoming curriculum: topics, key concepts, activities, projects, and shares with the other professional.

Step 2: Instructional Delivery

General and special education teachers decide jointly how to arrange teachers and students to accomplish curriculum priorities. Both teachers take active instructional roles.

Step 3: Individual Adjustments

Based on shared planning, special educator facilitates the provision of accommodations and/or modifications for students with IEPs. This might include preparing alternative materials, adapting materials, or creating supplemental materials.