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Stud Dog Contract for CKC/ASCA CH TreeStarr Billion Dollar Baby HIC
TreeStarr Billion Dollar Baby, HIC, DNA-VP
Stud's Name:
AKC Reg. No.
ASCA Reg. No.
CKC Reg. No.
Date of Birth:
Owner of Stud:
Phone number:
Sept. 11th, 2007
Blue Merle with Copper and White (Red factored)
Ayella Grossman
5890 First Line
Orton, ON
(519) 855-6143
Bitch’s Name:
AKC Reg. No.:
ASCA Reg. No.:
CKC Reg. No.:
Date of Birth:
Owner of Bitch:
Phone Number:
I, Ayella Grossman of Oracle Aussies, hereinafter the “Stud Dog Owner”, enter into an agreement with
__________ hereinafter the “Bitch owner” on March 21, 2010 for the purpose of setting forth the terms
and conditions of the use of the above described dog for stud services.
The stud fee shall be paid before any shipping of semen or breeding is done. The current Stud Fee of
$ 1000 is payable in US FUNDS or CANADIAN FUNDS.
The Stud Dog Owner shall keep the aforementioned stud fee until the puppies are eight weeks. At this
time, The Stud Dog Owner will have first pick of the litter. [Right to a puppy may be waived prior to
breeding by the Stud Dog Owner or second pick may also be agreed to prior to signing this contract.
Other conditions may apply.]
Stud Dog Contract for CKC/ASCA CH TreeStarr Billion Dollar Baby HIC
Fees terms continued.
It is in the Stud Dog Owner’s sole discretion to waive her right to a puppy and keep the stud fee.
The bitch owner must provide stacked shots of the puppies at seven and eight weeks – including both
sides, front and rear.
The Stud Dog Owner is not obligated to sign the litter registration forms until she has picked a puppy
or decided to keep the stud fee.
No puppies may be sold prior to the Stud Dog Owner’s decision unless they are ineligible to show
due to mismarks and the sale is approved by the Stud Dog Owner.
If a puppy has been selected, once the puppy has been received, the stud fee minus any shipping
charges or travel expenses associated with retrieving the puppy, will be returned to the bitch owner.
The stud dog owner’s pick puppy shall carry the prefix of “Oracle” kennel name. The puppy shall be
registered to the Stud Dog Owner, solely, or a co-owner of her choosing.
A litter shall constitute two live puppies that are eligible for registration with AKC and ASCA. A later return
service is available to the same bitch, or another agreed upon bitch, to the same stud dog, if two or more puppies do
not result from this breeding providing the above conditions are met, within 12 months time. No refund of the stud
fee will be provided.
All shipping charges are the responsibility of the owner of the bitch to be bred and must be prepaid. If fresh chilled
semen is required, the current price of collection, extender and shipping will be disclosed and payable when the
bitch is due to have semen shipped.
Bitch requirements, additional fees and care
All transportation charges are the responsibility of the owner/lessee of the bitch. Additional charges for board and
transportation of the bitch shall be charged at the following rates:
a. Board at $10 per day. Boarding charges are waived for the first five days.
b. Transportation to/from the Toronto International Airport at .40 per km/per trip. (68 kms)
c. Bitch owner/lessee is liable for any additional veterinarian expenses warranted, including but not
limited to artificial insemination and progesterone testing.
Prior to breeding the owner of the bitch shall have performed the following veterinary procedures,
and they shall be found to be satisfactory to the stud dog owner within _____ days prior to the
a. Aerobic cervical (high vaginal) culture and sensitivity. b. Brucella test taken no more than 15 days prior to breeding
c. OFA or PennHip Certificate
d. Current CERF exam within one calendar year of date of breeding
e. AKC and ASCA registration certificates and four generation pedigree
Bitch owner and stud owner agree to keep the bitch confined and assure she does not mate with any other dogs.
If bitch changes ownership while in whelp, all terms of this contract remain in force, and this contract
is to be given to and explained to the new owner (s).
Stud Dog Contract for CKC/ASCA CH TreeStarr Billion Dollar Baby HIC
Requirements for Puppy placement, Care and Sales Contracts
No pup shall be euthanized due to color, sex or lack of trim – except where colour indicates health
concerns, in the case of homozygous merle puppies.
Owner of the bitch agrees to have the pup's tails docked and any front and rear dewclaws removed
from all pups before the age of 4 days. When bitch owner has interested parties from Europe, this
clause may be amended prior to signing the contract.
All puppies should also have their first CERF eye exam at 7-8 weeks old prior to shipping to their
new homes.
Prior to signing any litter registration applications, the owner of the bitch agrees to furnish the owner
of the stud with a color photo(s) of all pups in the litter – surviving and deceased. Owner of stud is
not obligated to sign the litter registration forms until such photos are received.
No puppies will be sold without a written contract that states the breeder agrees to take back the
puppy at any time and for any reason and the puppies are not to be surrendered to any animal control,
humane society or breed rescue.
Pet quality puppies are to be sold as non-breeding with the relevant box checked on their registration
papers. Follow-up should be done with puppy owners within a year to ensure pet quality puppies
have been spayed/neutered.
Once all puppies are sold, names and addresses of all new puppy owners will be supplied to stud
owner. A copy of the individual sales contract will be supplied to stud owner (upon request).
No puppy from the litter shall be sold to a potential buyer who breeds the Australian Shepherd for
traits outside the ASCA and USASA breed standard – e.g. a size variety, “Mini” or “Toy” Aussie – or
keeps such dogs intact.
Stud Requirements and Additional Information
The stud owner shall furnish the bitch owner with a copy of the below information and
documentation pertaining to the stud dog.
a. Four generation pedigree
b. OFA certificate or official Prelim from OFA
c. CERF or eye exam certificate
d. DNA Certificate – copy – AKC & ASCA
Date(s") of Breeding _______________
Expected Date of Whelping_____________
The parties hereby agree to the terms contained herein and any Amendments (which must be done in writing and
signed by both parties), and shall be bound by same.
Signature of Stud owner:
Signature of Bitch owner