US Foreign Policy in the 1920s

Foreign Policy in the 1920s
For several decades our history books have taught us the United States evaded its responsibilities after World
War I. As evidence, authors stress our repeated failures to join the League of Nations and our consequent
withdrawal from world affairs formed a foreign policy of isolationism. Research each of the following events
to learn America’s actions regarding it. When finished, examine your answers. Then answer the final question
and support your conclusion with evidence from your answer.
1. Ratification of Article X of the League Covenant-
2. The Washington Conference, 1921-
3. Geneva Conference, 1927-
4. War Debts: The Dawes & Young Plans-
5. Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact, 1928-
6. Relations with Asia: The Four and Nine Power Pacts-
7. The Caribbean: The Clark Memorandum, Dec. 17, 1928-
Should the 1920s be remembered as a period of
isolationism or one of internationalism? Explain.