Abstract (200 words not included in the total word count)

Abstract (200 words not included in the total word count)
The synopsis is not an introduction. The purpose of the abstract /
synopsis is to provide the reader with an accurate and concise
summary of the organisation and content of the dissertation. It is
impossible to write the abstract until your dissertation has been
You should describe:
 The scope of the work undertaken,
 The method of investigation,
 The main divisions of the dissertation
 How conclusions are reached.
Abstract – an abstract is a summary of the whole work.
It should be brief, to the point and contain no other information
than an outline of the work. It should be complete in its own right
so that anyone reading it would know what your work is about and
what your main findings are. The abstract is usually written when
your work is complete. The length of the abstract is an important
consideration. It should not be more than half a page for most
undergraduate dissertations. Its sole purpose is to indicate scope
and content. Assume the reader is very intelligent but knows
nothing about the subject of your topic. Use the past tense
throughout and do not use jargon or unexplained abbreviations.
Start the last sentence or paragraph with “In summary, this study
has demonstrated…/this investigation has shown….” or something
like that.
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