3460:460/560 Artificial Intelligence and Heuristic Programming

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Artificial Intelligence and Heuristic Programming
Syllabus Date:
Prepared By:
Spring, 2004
C.-C. Chan
3460:316 with a grade C- or better
Text: George F. Luger, Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem
Solving, 4th. ed., Addison-Wesley, 2002.
Bulletin Description:
Study of various programs which have displayed some intelligent behavior. Exploration
of level at which computers can display intelligence.
Detailed Description:
Course Goals:
1. Study basic ideas in AI and methods for knowledge representation, manipulation,
organization, and acquisition.
2. Study rule-based, knowledge-based, and machine learning systems and their applications.
1. Overview of AI, history, application areas, definition and concerns of AI,
examples of AI programs.
2. Introduction to knowledge-based systems, knowledge representation,
manipulation, organization, and acquisition
3. Structures and strategies for state space search
4. Lisp
5. Heuristic search
6. Strong Method problem solving
7. Reasoning with uncertain or incomplete information
8. Logic-based knowledge representation
9. Machine Learning Symbol-Based
10. Machine Learning: Connectionist
11. Machine Learning: Genetic algorithms
Computer Usage:
There will be three programming projects in Common Lisp, C/C++ and other high-level
programming languages available on Linux.
1. David Touretzky, Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic
Computation, Benjamin/Cummings Publishing, 1990. Download the book:
2. Patrick H. Winston and Berthold K.P. Horn, LISP, 3rd ed., A-W, 1989.
3. Guy L. Steele Jr., Common Lisp The Language, 2nd ed., Digital Equip. Corp.,