Introduction to Photography and English III Honors Name: Nick Caruso

Introduction to Photography and English III Honors
Performing and Fine Arts High School
Instructor: John Travlos and Brittany Baggett
Name: Nick Caruso
Date: 12-13-10
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Internet Activity
In preparation for this particular assignment use the following resource library of
photographers reference and as possible sources of inspiration
Based on your research, what are your tentative plans in photographing the photographic
I personally want to research people of age 14 to age 20 to see their behavior. To see how
they have been affected by their parents and or extended family. I want to show people
their feelings through photographs.
In what ways do you plan on making your photographs thought provoking Interesting?
I do not just want to take pictures of people’s lives and print them and say here is how
they are affected. I plan to make my photos complex in a sense to make people have to
think more about how they are being affected currently through thought rather than just
have the photos show them in an obvious way.