2016 Areas of Competition and scoring

2016 Miss Poway & Miss Teen Poway Scholarship Pageant
Areas of Competition and Scoring
This is done before the on stage pageant event begins. Each contestant will give a one minute
introductory speech about herself to the panel of four judges. Speeches will be developed from the
contestant’s biography and practiced during rehearsals. Judges will then ask the contestants
questions. Interviews will last about 5-10 minutes each. Evaluation will be based on overall
personality, presentation, self expression, diction, poise, and the ability to engage in conversation
with unfamiliar people. Attire: Business—what you would wear to a job interview.
Contestants will be greeted by the Master of Ceremonies, who will ask each contestant a question
based on something interesting from her biography. The contestant will know ahead of time what the
question will be and will have practiced answering the question during rehearsals. This provides an
opportunity for the contestants to feel more comfortable on stage and gives the audience a chance to
know more about each individual contestant. Evaluation will be based on poise, posture, speaking
ability, projection of personality and overall appearance. Attire: suit, same outfit worn for private
interview with judges.
EVENING GOWN: 10 points
Contestants will walk in a particular pattern on stage while the Master of Ceremonies reads
biographical information about each contestant. Evaluations will be based on poise, posture and
overall appearance. The dollar value of the gown is NOT important, but keep in mind that your choice
of gown should be an expression of your personality and flattering to your figure type. Teen and Jr.
Teen contestants must wear age appropriate gowns. Attire: Full length evening gown of contestants’
choice, which will be worn for the remainder of the pageant. All gowns must be pre-approved by
the pageant committee! This is to prevent gowns that are too revealing or duplicates of other
contestants’ gowns. You may bring your gown to rehearsal or email a photo of you in the gown to
[email protected] for approval.
2016 Miss Poway & Miss Teen Poway Scholarship Pageant
Areas of Competition and Scoring
Question slips will be held on stage by the outgoing Queens. Each contestant will choose a slip,
read the question, cross the stage and hand the question slip to the Master of Ceremonies. The
Master of Ceremonies will then read the question aloud, and the contestant will give her answer.
These questions will not be based on religion, politics, or current events. Sample questions will be
practiced during rehearsals. There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. Evaluations will be
based on poise, personality, delivery, and creativity. Please remember that we are not looking for a
“beauty queen”, but for an ambassador for the City of Poway who can handle herself with tact and
poise at various public events.
Regular attendance is kept at each rehearsal. It is important to attend the rehearsals as lots of
information is disseminated that will help you prepare for the pageant. The opening number dance
routine is practiced each week and a walking coach makes regular appearances as well as speech
coaching and overall pageant preparation information. It is important for us to get to know each
contestant and gauge their commitment to the program. It helps us also determine, if you win, your
commitment to attending the various events throughout the year. The 5 points will be based on the
following: 1 missed rehearsal - 5 points, 2 missed rehearsals - 4 points, 3 missed rehearsals - 3
points, 4 missed rehearsals - 2 points, 5 missed rehearsals - 1 point and 6 missed rehearsals - 0
points. A missed rehearsal will be considered by the time you spent at that rehearsal, ie. You must
be at rehearsal for 1:15 minutes to be considered attending a full meeting. Each contestant will sign
in and sign out of our meetings.
MISS PHOTOGENIC — The pageant photographer will determine which contestant ( Miss, Teen, Jr.
Teen) is deemed the most photogenic. The winners will be presented on stage with a framed portrait
of themselves taken and selected by the pageant photographer.
MISS CONGENIALITY — At the last rehearsal before the pageant day, each contestant will be asked
to cast a confidential vote for the contestant she believes to be the most friendly, kind, encouraging,
and helpful. The contestant (Miss, Teen, Jr. Teen) with the most votes will receive a special trophy
on stage.
TOP FUNDRAISER --- This award is presented to the contestant ( Miss, Teen, Jr.Teen) who sells the
highest dollar amount of sponsorship program ads. The winners will be presented with a trophy on
FAN FAVORITE --- This award is given to the contestant in each age category who on pageant day
raises the most money with their "Fan Favorite Votes". A recognition trophy will be awarded.