Information and Media Literacy PreTest

Information and Media Literacy PreTest
Choose the correct answer to each question.
1. While reading in my science text I see the word “nucleus”. Because I don’t know this
word, I should first look in the:
a. Webster’s online Dictionary
b. text glossary
c. table of contents
d. encyclopedia
2. In an assignment to research five facts on India, a good print or online source to use
would be
a. Biographical dictionary
b. World Almanac
c. periodical index
d. historical index
3. For an online project, I need to find web pages about how our President is elected.
The best key word search terms to find exactly what I want would be:
a. how elections work
b. President and election
c. U. S. President
d. how is our president elected?
4. When using a dictionary, I can easily find the page and word I need by using:
a. the index
b. table of contents
c. the guide words
d. the glossary
5. In the following bibliographic source, what is the publisher?
Austin, Dean, “Following Your Dreams”. 2006. Sacramento, CA. Penguin Classics. 212p.
Sacramento, CA
Penguin Classics
“Following Your Dreams”
Austin, Dean
6. Plagiarism is a serious offense because it means you have:
a. used someone’s original work as though it were yours
b. changed the wording
c. copied software
d. used the wrong source
7. I have used the word “happy” too many times in my writing. Which reference tool should I use
to find another word for happy?
a. dictionary
b. almanac
c. thesaurus
d. encyclopedia
8. The section of the library that houses the books written about people’s lives is the
_________________ section.
a. biography
b. bibliography
c. reference
d. easy
9. I will find the word “benign” in the dictionary between these guide words:
a. beside ……. Betide
b. bicycle…….bison
c. brain………brute
d. beam……..bepony
10. A good domain name to look for when performing an online search for
information on the subject of local laws would be:
a. .net
b. .edu
c. .com
d .gov
11. During an online search for current pollution statistics of Lake Lanier, websites
should be checked for the following :
a. up to date information and professional contributors
b. security
c. dates that go back the farthest
d. advertising by environmental friendly companies
12. The School Board’s Acceptable Use Policy is in force in order to:
a. protect everyone’s files
b. protect privacy of all users
c. keep computers working well
d. stop email
13. My computer login should be:
a. shared with friends
b. changed anytime
c. in all capitals
d. kept private and used only by me
14. While working on an assignment document, my work should be:
a. printed out
b. saved on the hard drive
b. saved frequently and turned into my teacher’s assignment file
c. put in a file
15. When beginning a new research assignment, the first job is to:
a. create a title
b. look up sources
c. decide exactly what question needs to be answered by research
d. do a Google search
16. An outline or concept map is used before beginning a project to help:
a. write the conclusion
b. put sources in order
c. create order and organization of ideas
d. decide on the essential question
17. Which reference source would likely tell me who said ”Ask not what your country
can do for you, but what can you do for your country.”
a. Geneology index
b. atlas
c. Book of Famous Quotations
d. text glossary
18. You need to be able to pronounce the name of this disease for your oral report –
“fibromyalgia”. Which source would help with pronunciation?
a. table of contents
b. thesaurus
c. Medical dictionary
d. almanac
19. Which source would help me find what Horatio Alger was famous for?
a. dictionary
b. table of contents
c. atlas
d. biographical dictionary
20. The best source to find out who won the Atlanta Falcons game last night would be:
a. Atlanta newspaper
b. World Almanac
c. encyclopedia
d. Sports Illustrated magazine
21. To discover which mountain range lies in South America, I should use:
a. the index
b. text glossary
c. world atlas
d. biography
22. You are researching your family history online. The kind of reference sources you
need to work with are called
a. geneology references
b. encyclopedias
c. chronological
d. census records
23. To find the name of the tallest person in the world and the fastest runner in the world,
you could check in the
a. Encyclopedia
b. Historical Almanac
c. Book of World Records
d. newspaper
24. Which of these resources is considered a “primary resource” for research?
a. a map in an atlas
b. a personal interview
c. reprint of a newspaper article
d. reference
25. Which of the below is listed first in a bibliography citation?
a. date of publication
b. title of a book
c. publisher
d. author’s last name
26..A bibliography page is organized in __________ order.
a. alpha by title of book
b. alpha by author’s last name
c. chronological
d. by date of publication
27. I need to choose a book for my report about training a puppy. I have found 5 books
about dogs on the shelf. How do I best choose the book that has the puppy
information I need?
a. Look in the table of contents of each book
b. look in the glossary of each book
c. check them all out
d. quickly skim each of the books.
28. I need to use a whole paragraph from a book that I own for my science project report.
I n order to comply with copyright law, I should:
a. put the paragraph in quotes and tell who wrote it in my report
b. just go ahead and use it because I own the book
c. put the paragraph in quotes, mention the author and title, and then give a complete citation
in the bibliography page.
d. just put quotes around it
29. When citing information from an internet page in a project, I need to show
a. the URL, or web address, of the page
b. the author, address, access date, URL, and copyright owner information for the page
c. when the page was created
d. the date and address of the page
30. While I am reading web pages for research information, I see certain words and phrases
written in bright blue. This tells me that these are:
a. important words to know
b. guide words
c. links to other pages with more information
d. guide words
31. When entering a search topic in an internet search engine , if I put
quotation marks around “red squirrel”, it means the search engine will look for
a. anything with the word red or squirrel in it
b. articles with red and squirrel
c. all articles about squirrels
d. only articles that mention red squirrels
32. When saving a file in Microsoft Word or Open Office Write, the program
automatically names the file
a. with my name
b. with the first typed lines of the document
c. the subject of the document
d. with the date
33. If I need to locate and report on the path of a river that flows through several plains,
valleys, and mountains, I should look at a
a. almanac
b. concept map
c. physical map
d. political map
34. Encyclopedia articles don’t often give
a. page numbers
b. author names of each article
c. pictures
d. maps
35. I can locate items in the library catalog by typing in a search for
a. author, subject or title
b. only title
c. call number
d. only title or author
36. There is a cartoon picture from the newspaper that I would like to use on the cover of
my report. I will need to
a. copy and paste it
b. cut it out and paste it
c. get the author or owner’s permission to use their work
d. call the newspaper
37 The part of my text book that gives me word definitions is
a. table of contents
b. index
c. glossary
d. references
38. Which part of my science text would show me where to find a diagram of cell
a. title page
b. glossary
c. table of contents
d. index
39. While using the school computers, I can save files only to
a. my student drive (L)
b. the hard drive of the computer I am logged in to
c. my teacher’s drive
d. my email
40. Which is the best method for taking notes for a research paper?
a. photocopy pages from a book
b. print out pages from a web page
c. write information on note cards and show source information
d. read, then write what I remember on my notebook paper
41. While working in a word processing application (Word or Write), I can change
the _____________ size to make the print larger.
a. italic
b. window
c. style
d. font
42. Which below is not a good reason to reject a website as an accurate source?
a. last updated in 2005
b. many grammatical and spelling errors
c. the author is a respected leader in this subject
d. the links do not work