Math Warm Ups

Number Grid
At school, we keep track of how many days we’ve been in kindergarten on a large number grid.
We add the next number each day. We “catch up” the HBL days, too. This grid is used for
several purposes. It is used as a model of correct formation of the numbers. We use it for various
number reading and counting practice activities.
At home, you will use it for the same thing. Each day, ask your child, “How many days have
you been in school?” Add the next number. I will indicate what day we are on in the HBL plans.
You’ll need to “catch up” the school days. Your number grid should match our school number
grid on the calendar board. Use the grid for a variety of math review activities. I will make
suggestions but it would be great if you could pick and choose from this list. Vary the level of
difficulty according to your child’s needs. This should be a quick review of only a couple of
minutes or else it will become too tedious for your child.
Count by 1’s forward from any number.
Count backward by 1’s from any number.
Count backwards from 10; 20.
Point to a number and have your child read it.
Have your child to point out certain numbers.
Have your child find the number that is one more than _____. One less than ____. Two
more than _____. Two less than _____.
Find the number between ____ and ____.
Look for number patterns.
Count by 2’s.
Count by 5’s and 10’s.
Count on from a certain number. For example, “Start at 6 and count on 3 times. 6,7,8,9
Show me the number that tells how many eyes you have? People in our family?
Your ideas…