Two PhD studentships in Green & Sustainable Organic Chemistry

Two PhD studentships in Green & Sustainable Organic Chemistry
Professors Mike George and Martyn Poliakoff FRS
We are looking for two enthusiastic organic chemists to carry out cutting edge green
chemistry PhD projects involving photochemistry as a means of producing organic
compounds more cleanly. The projects are in collaboration with the pharmaceutical
company Sanofi and will involve a broad range of organic, analytical and mechanistic
Project 1 is targeted at the more sustainable production of anti-malarial compounds,
particularly via reactions in supercritical CO2. Project 2 involves an exploration of
different photochemical reactions as synthetic tools for compounds of pharmaceutical
Both projects will provide excellent training in research as part of a multidisciplinary
team of organic and physical chemists and engineers. There are very suitable for
people with a strong interest in organic chemistry but who would like to obtain a
borad range of skills and understanding. Project 1 is open to candidates from the UK
and EU; Project 2 is also open to candidates from outside the EU.
Both Projects are for 3 years and will lead to PhD degrees. Project 1 is to start as
possible and Project2 on October 1st 2013. Both projects will pay a standard UK
stipend ca. 13,500 UK pounds (tax free) as well as all necessary University tuition
For further details, please contact either [email protected] or
[email protected]
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