Request for Presenters Conference 2015

Would you like to be a presenter at the Omo Obatala Egbe’s
18th Annual International Orisa Conference?
We encourage you to submit a presentation proposal!
Deadline for submission: Monday, February 11, 2014.
Please submit form below via email to [email protected] with Subject Line:
“Presenter 2015”
The 18th Annual International Orisa Conference will be held on Friday, October 30, 2015-Sunday,
November 1, 2015 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa in Kerkonshon, NY. Each session will be 1 hour.
Presenters should leave ample time for questions. Researchers wishing to present should include case
studies and abstracts involving their studies, if possible.
The Theme for this year:
“Water + Iron: Sacred Feminine & Masculine Energy in Yoruba Cosmology”
Description of the Conference: Via interactive workshops, lectures, panel discussions, and
performances, we explore cultural and spiritual elements/tools that mirror and instruct us on the nature
and function of feminine and masculine energy in Yoruba cosmology, philosophy, ritual, and life.
Through close reflection on aspects of our tradition, such as Odu, Ayan/Anya, Gelede, Ifa, Iyami, Aje and
elements of nature, primarily Water and Earth, that are considered to perform feminine functions in the
creation of Life and Ritual, we hope to deepen our collective relationship to and understanding of sacred
Feminine and Masculine energy. In keeping with a major organizing principle of Yoruba spiritual practice
and social mores, Balance, we consider the nature and function of the Feminine in the context of
constructive relationship with the Masculine in our tradition.
The committee is particularly interested in presentations focused on the following topics represented
across the Diaspora as it relates to Orisa traditions from Candomble, Lukumi, Tradtional Nigerian,
Sango Baptist traditions.
Arts (Yoruba Iconography)
Music ( Anyan Traditions)
Ancestor Reverence (Egungun, Gelede)
Historical Aspects of Divination (Ifa, Odu)
Youth Workshops and Youth Led Workshops
Social Justice and Advocacy Topics
Note: The Omo Obatala Egbe Program Committee reserves the right to make final selections to ensure
balanced programming. Timely submission of an RFP does not guarantee selection. The committee
reserves the right to solicit proposals for programs to ensure the diversity of program offerings. All
session titles and descriptions, along with presenter names, job titles, and states are part of the official
conference program and will be edited for consistency and accuracy.
International Orisa Conference Presenter Submission Form
Name of Presenter (s)
Full Address:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Are you representing an
Organization Name:
Organization Address:
Organization Website
Workshop Title (limit 75 characters including spaces).
Topic Area Most Relevant to your
Audience (Check all that apply)
Please also consider the target audience for your
presentation. For example, is it appropriate for
small, mid-size, or large groups; a particular age
group (youth, elders); or practitioner with a
particular level of experience.
Arts (Music, Dance, Visual Arts)
Practitioner Competencies
Ancestor Reverence
History of the Tradition
Roles within the Tradition
Ordained Priest
Small Group Presentation (10 or less)
Mid-size Group (11 -35)
Large Groups (35-100)
Workshop Description (Identify Key Learning Objectives) (Maximum 200 Words):
Please list and attach a copy of any of the following (published articles, abstracts
from research conducted, white papers, etc.)
Please attach your most recent biography
Please submit form and bio via email to [email protected] with Subject Line:
“Presenter 2015”
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