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3GPP TSG- Working Group 3 Meeting #18
Stockholm, Sweden, 15th – 19th January
25.421 CR 1
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Proposed change affects: 
Radio Access Network X
 Correction to the referred specification
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Core Network
Date:  January 2001
 F
Release:  R99
Use one of the following categories:
Use one of the following releases:
F (essential correction)
(GSM Phase 2)
A (corresponds to a correction in an earlier release)
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(Release 1997)
C (Functional modification of feature)
(Release 1998)
D (Editorial modification)
(Release 1999)
REL-4 (Release 4)
Detailed explanations of the above categories can
REL-5 (Release 5)
be found in 3GPP TR 21.900.
Reason for change:  The reference to 25.411 in 25.412 is shown as version 2.0.0 (5/99), this is not
correct. Instead, the latest version should be referred.
Summary of change:  Remove the referred specification version number and date in Chapter 2:
Consequences if
not approved:
 If this correction is not done, the 25.421 will refer to wrong version of 25.411.
Clauses affected:
 2
Other specs
Other comments:
This CR has no impact on the backward compatibility.
Other core specifications
Test specifications
O&M Specifications
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CR page 1
Release 1999
TS 25.421 V3.0.0 1999-06
Intellectual Property Rights
This Technical Specification has been produced by the 3GPP.
The contents of the present document are subject to continuing work within the TSG and may change following
formal TSG approval. Should the TSG modify the contents of this TS, it will be re-released by the TSG with an
identifying change of release date and an increase in version number as follows:
Version 3.y.z
x the first digit:
1 presented to TSG for information;
2 presented to TSG for approval;
3 Indicates TSG approved document under change control.
y the second digit is incremented for all changes of substance, i.e. technical enhancements, corrections,
updates, etc.
z the third digit is incremented when editorial only changes have been incorporated in the specification.
The present document specifies the standards allowed to implement Layer 1 on the I ur interface.
The specification of transmission delay requirements and O&M requirements are not in the scope of this document.
In the following ‘Layer 1’ and ‘Physical Layer’ are assumed to be synonymous.
[1] 3GPP TS 25.411, UTRAN Iu interface Layer 1
Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
Same as in [1].
Iur Layer 1
The Iur Layer 1 shall comply with the requirements of chapter 4 in [1].
Document history
Release 1999
TS 25.421 V3.0.0 1999-06
28 April 1999
First draft
29 April 1999
Text deleted, replaced by pointer to TS 25.411, UTRAN Iu Layer 1.
04 May 1999
Changes according decision at RAN3#3; ch. 4 replaced by reference to ch. 4 of
27 June 1999
Approved by TSG-RAN by correspondence
Editor for this 3GPP RAN document is:
Achim v. Brandt
Siemens AG
Tel: +49-89-722-41981
Fax: +49-89-722-24450
Email: [email protected]
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