Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Part 2
Please answer the following in complete
1. How much time passes before Gawain sets
off to find the Green Knight?
A year and one day passes. This is in accordance to
the original “covenant” made by Gawain and the
Green Knight.
2. What are some of his adventures along the
way? Why does he finally stop at the far-off
He fought dragons, ogres, and wild beasts. He
journeyed through “grim landscapes.” He
stops at the castle because he needs to rest. He
is almost dead with cold and sleet.
3. What is the Christmas bargain that Gawain
makes with the King/Lord of this castle?
They must exchange whatever each gains over the course
of three days. The king is going out hunting, so he will
give Gawain whatever game (hunted animal) he is able
to hunt and kill. Whatever Gawain gains each day, he
must give to the king.
While the king is away, the queen (lady) of the castle
sneaks into Gawain’s room and tries to seduce him. She
gives him kisses, which Gawain must give to the king.
4. Why does the Lady of the castle visit Sir
Gawain? What does she want?
The lady is trying to seduce Sir Gawain. She wants to
make love to him.
5. Does Gawain give in to the lady? Why or
why not? What does this say about him?
He does not give in to her advances. He must follow the
Code of Chivalry!!! That means, not only does he need to
respect women, but he must respect his host- the king who
has shown him so much hospitality.
6. What does the lady offer Gawain (more
than one)?
She offers him a red-gold ring. It is very beautiful and very
expensive. It is an extravagant gift. Gawain refuses it. He
cannot lead her on. It would be unchivalrous!! So she
offers him a green girdle (a belt).
7. What “gift” does Gawain eventually decide
to accept? Why?
He accepts the green girdle finally. He accepts it because
he is afraid for his life (the upcoming challenge) and the
lady says that the belt has special powers- whoever wears
the belt cannot be killed. He wants to protect his life.
8. What does this say about him?
The fact that Gawain wants to protect his life shows that
he feels fear. This is NOT a characteristic of the
idealized, chivalrous hero; this is a characteristic of a
human being!! So we see two sides to Sir Gawain here.
9. How does Gawain fail to meet his
commitments at the end of Part 2?
He fails to meet his commitment to the king of the castle.
He has agreed to exchange whatever he gains over the
course of his stay there with his host, the king. But he does
not give the king the green girdle; he needs it.
10. In all of Part 2, how does Gawain prove
to be chivalrous? How and why does his
chivalry fail?
He proves to be chivalrous when dealing with the
lady/queen of the castle who “loves” him. He does not
give in to her advances, but he treats her as well as he
possibly can to show respect. He is also respecting the
king, his host. Also, the fact that he is intending to fulfill
the original “covenant” with the Green Knight proves his
Gawain’s chivalry fails when he does not give the girdle
to the king, according to their agreement. Also, his fear
of the Green Knight’s challenge shows him to be less
chivalrous because “knights” must overcome any fear
they feel, not succumb to it.