Article extract from the French Newspaper: Liberation

Introduction to France and the Francophone world – YLAN0005
SMLC - HKU - V.Martinez
Demography: France is the second most populated country in Europe after
Germany and before Great Britain and Italy.
France is champion of fecundity in Europe. A mini baby boom!
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A majority of the children are born “outside marriage. 50.5% of parents are having a
baby without being married. Around 30 years ago, only 11% of the population was.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mothers are getting older and older when having a baby, around 30 years old.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More and more mothers work and have a family. 85% of the women between 25 and 49
years old are working.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are fewer marriage and more PACS. The French are getting married at a later age.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Life expectancy is increasing, 84 for women, 77 for men. The number of young people is
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More people are living alone; 14 % of the population.
Article extracted from the French Newspaper: Liberation. 18/01/2008