Mission Statement The Nashville Predators Foundation strives to

Mission Statement
The Nashville Predators Foundation strives to meet the educational, social, health and
cultural needs of our community by offering unique resources and financial support to local
youth-oriented organizations.
2015 Grant Guidelines
The Foundation will award grants for specific projects and one-time programs, but NOT for
general operating costs, staff salaries, sponsorship or fundraisers of any kind, capital
campaigns, endowments or reserve funds or grants to individuals, PTA’s or Booster Clubs
Foundation grants may range from $500 to a maximum of $10,000 annually
Foundation grants are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, which consists of
individuals from the Nashville community and team representatives
The organization must be a 501(c)3 organization or government agency serving the Nashville
or Middle Tennessee area
The focus of the project or program should be youth/family related
Specific projects with funding needs are more likely to be funded
Funding will be distributed by end of May. Please do not request funding for a project
scheduled for April or May 2015.
Projects with a detailed itemized list of program expenses are more likely to be funded
Organizations whose operating budget is under $2.0 million will receive priority consideration.
Organizations that have received funding in three consecutive years will be considered but
organizations that have not received grants in consecutive years may receive priority
The organization must be available for a site visit if selected as a beneficiary
The organization must adhere to all deadlines and application requirements
o Mid-Year Report:
October 30, 2015
o Final Report:
March 1, 2016
(reports must be received by these dates – not postmarked; 100% of the funding must be
used by March 1, 2016)
Many organizations apply for grants each year and the overall amount of funding requested far
exceeds the Predators Foundations resources. Declined applications in no way reflect the worthiness
of an organization’s mission or programming and these groups are encouraged to apply again next
Step 1: Go on-line to www.nashvillepredators.com / Community / Predators Foundation / Grant
Application and click on the link to fill out the on-line form for each grant application submitted
or visit http://predators.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=102160. Applications missing the on-line
submission will not be considered.
Step 2: Fill out the grant application information on page 2. Make sure to follow the directions exactly
as they are outlined - page 1, page 2, page 3 and page 4. Submit two copies of the grant proposal
and one copy of your 501(c)3 and one copy of your Board of Directors. Applications must not exceed
the four page limit and must fit on the specified page. If specific guidelines are not followed your
application will not be reviewed.
PAGE 1: Your Organization
Organization Name:
Organization Contact Name & Title:
(if you are a grant writer, please use name, title, phone
number and email address of Executive Director)
Tax Exempt I.D. and Date Established:
Mailing Address:
City, State and Zip:
E-Mail Address:
Organization Mission Statement:
Fiscal Year Dates:
Total Operating Budget for Current Fiscal Year:
Estimated Operating Budget for Next Fiscal Year:
Total 2014 Revenues and Expenditures for 2014:
(if your fiscal year runs July to June please send revenues and expenditures for July 2013 – June 2014)
Percentage of Total Operating Budget Spent on:
General Administrative:
If this project includes any of the following please indication the expected number:
Full Time:
Part Time:
What percentage of your board donates ($) to your charity?
Are you a United Way Agency?
If yes, what percentage of your funding comes from UW?
Is your information on givingmatters.com up to date?
(If no, please update your online profile. If you are not registered please visit their website and inquire.
Although not mandatory we strongly recommend you complete your profile).
As a representative for the applying organization, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the rules and
guidelines regarding the Nashville Predators Foundation grant process. I verify that the above information is
correct as of the date submitted and that any major change to this proposal prior to the selection of beneficiaries
will be articulated to the Nashville Predators Foundation in a timely manner. I further confirm that if selected as
a beneficiary for a 2015 grant, our organization will continue to provide updated program information to the
Nashville Predators Foundation on a regular basis.
PAGE 2: Your Funding Request
Name of project or program to be funded:
Total funds requested from the Predators Foundation for this year’s grant cycle:
Provide itemized list of how the funds requested from the Nashville Predators will be appropriated:
Individually list other funding sources for this specific project or program, denoting amounts and
whether they are confirmed, committed or pending.
PAGE 3: Your Project
Give a brief description of the request for which funding is requested:
Brief overview of goals, objectives, timetables and how results will be evaluated:
Describe how and when your organization will report outcomes of the project to the Nashville
Predators Foundation if funds are granted?
If this is an on-going project, what plans does the organization have for sustainability?
Approximate number of youth/families who will be affected by this grant:
What are the demographics of the youth being served?
Why the request is needed and the impact it will have on the community?
PAGE 4: Partnership
Beyond funding and player appearances, in what ways can your organization creatively partner with
the Nashville Predators and the Predators Foundation on this grant request you submitted? (see
next page for examples)
Beyond funding and player appearances, in what ways can your organization creatively partner with
the Nashville Predators and the Predators Foundation on other programs and events? (see next
page for examples)
Every grant cycle we select four grant recipients as our Feature Charities. These organizations are
featured on our website, given a Preds game to host an awareness night, in-arena drive and an
information table, included in our newsletters and promoted in the game night program. Why should
your organization be selected? What item(s) would you collect at the drive? How could your
organization leverage your partnership with the Nashville Predators as a feature charity to further your
Are any of your board members or staff affiliated with the Nashville Predators organization? (Nashville
Predators staff member serves on your board, members of your board are Season Ticket Holders, etc)
Beyond funding and not limited to just player appearances, in what ways can your
organization creatively partner with the Nashville Predators and the Predators Foundation on
this grant request you submitted?
 An organization requested funding to purchase a horse for their therapeutic riding program.
They suggested giving the horse’s barn name as Trotzy after head coach Barry Trots. They
also purchased saddle pads and had the Nashville Predators logo sewn on the pads.
 An organization requested funding for a zip line for their camp grounds. The zip line was
branded the Predators Zip Line with a permanent sign & logo. Gnash visited the camp over
the summer and the Preds broadcast shot footage of Gnash and created a piece about the
new addition to the camp.
 An organization requested funding for summer field trips. The students participated in a
chaperoned scavenger hunt around town to learn about their city and one of their stops was
Bridgestone Arena. Preds staff greeted them and took pictures to document their stop.
 An organization purchased iPads for their curriculum. They placed Nashville Predators
stickers on the iPads and spend picture updates of the students using the Preds iPads.
 An organization requested funding for their science lab. They had an artist paint the Predators
logo on the wall of the science lab.
 An organization requested funding for an essay contest. They invited a representative from
the Nashville Predators to participate in the review process reading entries.
 The Predators Foundation purchased books for a Birthday Book program. The organization
placed a sticker inside each book stating that it was purchased by the Nashville Predators.
Beyond funding and player appearances, in what ways can your organization creatively
partner with the Nashville Predators and the Predators Foundation on other programs and
 During the holidays the Nashville Predators and DNC-Sportservice purchase food boxes with
turkeys & fixings to families from different organizations in Middle TN.
 Nashville Predators staff adopt families over the holidays. Staff purchase items off of a wishes
and needs list and then the families are invited to a holiday party at Bridgestone Arena.
 Organizations are a part of the Give & Go ticket program and receive tickets to the games.
After the games organizations mail in pictures and thank you notes or post pictures in
newsletters, on Facebook or Twitter.
 Organizations have purchased tickets or teams and attended Preds Foundation events –
Preds & Pins Bowling, GnashVegas Casino Night, Wine Festival & Tasting, Gnash’s Mini-Golf,
Craft Beer Festival, Petey’s Preds Party, etc.
 Nashville Predators staff are out in the community every week of the year volunteering.
Organizations will notify us of different opportunities where we can get involved. This includes,
but not limited to:
o Painting fences and walls
o Writing letters of
o Demoing bathrooms
encouragement to students
o Building playgrounds
o Signing up as a mentor
o Walking/socializing dogs
o Cooking or serving meals
o Stuffing goody bags
o Sewing beanies
o Gardening
o Playing games/activities
o Sorting food
o Coaching hockey clinics
o Sorting school supplies
Four-page signed grant application (two copies typed)
Page 1 – Your Organization
Page 2 – Your Funding Request
Page 3 – Your Project
Page 4 – Partnership
Copy of IRS 501(c)3 letter
Listing of current Board of Directors
 Each organization may only submit one grant application. Your proposal must include
501(c)3 documentation and board of directors list.
 Grant requests must not be for programs that only take place in April and May 2015 as
funding will not be distributed until May.
 Responses to the grant application must be four pages and submitted in the exact order
and format as outlined above. (Page 1, 2, 3 and 4 – applications longer than four pages or
content on incorrect pages will not be considered)
 Applications must be typed. Do not use staples, paperclips, bindings or folders.
 Do not attach or include collateral material (i.e. dvd’s, brochures, etc.)
 The application must be postmarked or hand-delivered by 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday,
December 30, 2014. Faxed, emailed, late or incomplete applications will be not be
accepted or reviewed – no exceptions. This includes weather, vacations and illness.
Early applications welcomed and appreciated.
 2015 grant recipients will be posted on the Nashville Predators website by the end of April.
All applicants will be notified via email when list is available. Please do not call to check
on status.
Follow up report due dates: Mid-Year Report: October 30, 2015 and Final Report:
March 1, 2016. Receipts must be included in Final Report. All reports must be
received by the listed dates – not postmarked; 100% of the funding must be used by
March 1, 2016. Final report information will be emailed to all grant recipients for
Hand delivered applications must be received and logged by the security desk located at the
Bridgestone Arena entrance at the corner of Broadway & 6th Avenue. Security desk hours are
Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Free 30 minute parking can be found on 6th Avenue.
Nashville Predators Office – Bridgestone Arena
Grant Application
Attn: Rebecca King
501 Broadway (entrance at the corner of 6th and Broadway)
Nashville, TN 37203
Grant Application
Nashville Predators Foundation
Bridgestone Arena
501 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203
GRANT DEADLINE: Tuesday, December 30, 2014
2015 Grant Application Check list:
 Did you fill out your on-line form on the Preds website?
 Did you fill out and sign the first page of the application?
 Does your application fit on four pages and in the
requested format?
Page 1 – Your Organization
Page 2 – Your Funding Request
Page 3 – Your Project
Page 4 – Partnership
 Did you include two typed copies of the application
(pages 1-4) and does it fit on four pages?
 Did you include one copy of your 501(c)3?
 Did you include one copy of your board of directors?
Application is due Tuesday, December 30, 2014.
Please do not mail page 1, 6, 7 or 8 of this packet
with your application. Keep for your files. Early applications
are always accepted and greatly appreciated. Grants that
arrive on deadline day do not allow time for corrections or
missing elements to be submitted.