Literature Integrated Conservation 2015 v 151009-1

2015, Oct 9
Integrated Conservation
KU09020, 15 education credits, 2015 Nov 3 – 2016 Jan 17
University of Gothenburg, Department of Conservation
Key texts
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Further reading
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2015, Oct 9
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2015, Oct 9
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2015, Oct 9
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Anhållan om återlämnande av Paracastextilierna. Tjänsteutlåtande Göteborgs Stad (handläggare
Amanda Ramsin & Kristina Frizell), 2010-03-09, Dnr 1500/09 (PDF)
Artiklar ut Fjärde världen (PDF)
Declaration on the importance and value of universal museums (2002)
2015, Oct 9
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Paracasbrev, augusti – december, 1931 (PDF)
Paracasbrev, januari – december, 1932 (PDF)
Vem tillhör museernas samlingar? Svenska Unescorådets skriftseroe 3/2008 (PDF)
Who owns the past? The Case of the Parthenon Marbles. A seminar and public debate at the
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