It is a pleasure to write this letter of support for the Living Together

Scofield Magnet Middle School
641 Scofieldtown Road
Stamford, CT 06903
(203) 977-2750/Fax (203) 977-2766
Dr. Reina Costanzo
Assistant Principal
Ms. Jan Rossman
Mr. Bryan Olkowski
Assistant Principal
January 26, 2010
Dear Families,
Yesterday afternoon I learned that a nearby resident discovered a 55
gallon barrel on the grounds of Scofield Magnet Middle School over
the weekend. The sealed and intact barrel was found in the high grass
behind the baseball field. The City and the State Department of
Environmental Protection responded to investigate.
State officials tested the barrel today and determined that the barrel
contained mostly water with traces of oil and was non hazardous.
They removed it from school property. Scofield students were not in
contact with the barrel or its contents. Local and state investigators
canvassed school grounds and did not find any other items of
You may read or see some media accounts about the matter, so I hope
this information is reassuring. Thanks for your attention and concern.
Jan Rossman
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