Procedures for Admission to The Teacher Education Program For

Procedures for Admission to
The Teacher Education Program
For Secondary Education
Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences
Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
Criteria for Admission:
Complete an application for Admission to Teacher Education (Applications are available
online at – Department of Educational Leadership).
Take and pass the Core Academic Skills for Educators tests. Passing scores are
Reading – 156, Math – 150, Writing 162. Those who fail any of the Core Academic
Skills for Educator tests after having taken them twice may be eligible to appeal under
certain guidelines. Appeals must be initiated by the student using an appeal form
available in the Office of Professional Laboratory Experiences. Appeals will be
considered by the Committee on Admission to Teacher Education. Exemptions from
taking the Core Academic Skills for Educators exams may apply to those applicants
who: a.) have an ACT composite score of 21 or above (taken prior to October 1989) or
ACT enhanced score of 22 or higher (taken October 1, 1989 or after); b.) have a 920 or
higher on the SAT (taken prior to December 31, 1995) or 1020 on the recentered SAT
(taken January 1, 1996 or after). Graduate Students are exempt from the Praxis I
(PPST) exam if they met the ACT or SAT requirements, or achieved a score of 800 or
higher with a score of 360 on either the verbal or quantitative portion of the GRE exam.
Evidence of these scores must be submitted with the Application to Teacher
Core Academic Skills for Educators exams: Computerized Core Academic Skills for
Educators exams are computer delivered tests in Reading (156), Mathematics (150) and
Writing (162). The Writing portion includes an essay section. MTSU must receive an
original test score from Educational Testing Service.
Successfully complete any required speech therapy;
Successfully complete at least 45 semester hours.
Must have an overall grade point average of 2.75 or higher (grades earned in basic
and developmental courses are not used in computation of the required average);
When all criteria for admission have been met and your application has been approved and
processed, notification of acceptance will be done via email.
Students who have not been formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program will not be
permitted to enroll in any teacher education classes.
A Tennessee Board of Regents University
MTSU is an equal opportunity, non-racially identifiable, educational institution that does not discriminate individuals with disabilities.