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BIOL468, ECOL198
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Understanding and using the concept of Ecosystem Health
(with particular reference to Rivers)
(a ‘discussion’ with Dr Rick Leah)
It is expected that you will be familiar with Chapter 4 (Erosive Streams & Rivers) & 5 (Lowland
Rivers, Floodplains & Wetlands) from Moss, 1998 Ecology of Freshwaters
Sessions : This topic will extend for approx one and a half sessions before moving on to discuss
tropical rivers
The first session will take the form of a discussion on the management of river systems (with an
emphasis on temperate systems)
There was a whole issue of Freshwater Biology in 1999 (Vol 41, 197 - 480) which dealt with the issue
of Measuring and Using the concept of River Health. These papers are available on-line through
Campus workstations (or using a password if off campus). - See the listing of the Contents page for a
detailed list of the papers in this copy of the journal).
You can gain access to the journal from the FW Biology listing in the Library Catalog.
I would particularly recommend:
Norris R.H., Thoms M.C. (1999) What is river health? Freshwat. Biol. 41, 197-209
Karr J.R. (1999) Defining and measuring river health Freshwat. Biol. 41, 221
Fairweather P.G. (1999) State of environment indicators of river health: exploring the metaphor.
Freshwat. Biol. 41, 211-220
Boulton, A.J. (1999) An overview of river health assessment: philosophies, practice, problems and
prognosis Freshwat. Biol. 41, 469 - 479
If you have time and/or an interest in fish:
Harris, J. H. & Silveira, R. (1999)
Large-scale assessments of river health using an Index of Biotic Integrity with low-diversity fish
communities. Fresh Water Biology 41 (2), 235-252.
doi: 10.1046/j.1365-2427.1999.00428.x
The rest of this volume of Freshwater Biology addresses other important aspects of River Health
including using the use of invertebrate communities as a tool.
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