FROM EUROPE TO DANTE – To experience Dante's poetry as immaterial shared
All’improvviso Dante is an amazing experience that makes contemporary the
inexhaustible tradition of the Commedia because the Dante’s adventure is our human
adventure, it relates on how we are made and of the challenge that waits for us every
day. A popular project of great cultural value where everyone could be the protagonist:
citizens, students, intellectuals, families, personalities from artistic and cultural world
and from show business.
All’improvviso Dante is the final performance of a previous period of training dedicated
to the Poet and the Divine Comedy. All the 500 participants will meet the artistic
director of the event and take part to different seminar to deepen the language and the
In Florence, in an incomparable historical and artistic scenery, it takes place during an
afternoon the simultaneous reading of the songs of the Divine Comedy: from alleys to
Florentine buildings, from churches and museums to prestigious luxury squares, the most
famous verses of the worldwide literature are declaimed.
All’improvviso Dante is estimated with the tradition of its artistic patrimony and its own
identity. It gives back to the cultural production that intense value since it must have as
a system of relationships among people, able to influence the quality of life.
All'improvviso Dante is an extraordinary occasion to promote literature by means of a
whole cultural experience. People coming in Florence from different part of Europe will
learn to read and to know the great Italian poet. The training program will enable
participant to appreciate another European literature as own cultural heritage. At the
end, participants will perform to the final reading together with more than 500 people
in the midtown. The program includes:
 seminaries
 lectures
 visits to Dante's Institutions
 Visits to main Florentine museums and libraries
Period: From 9 May 2010 to 16 May 2010
Workshop venue: Teatro Cantiere Florida, Florence, Italy
Number of people coming from same country: max 7
Language: Italian
Who is the training for: European students of Italian Literature
Financial conditions:
- travel, lodging, meals, internal trips, training costs, documents, copies, are supported
by the organizer.
- Personal expenses, travel expenses between the participant's town of residence and
nearest airport are borne by participant.
Culter Association was established in 2006 to design, promote and implement projects
reporting a strong artistic and cultural value.
Culter creates projects who reflect the importance to develop and improve the people
pedagogy through a new theatrical way, in collaboration and partnership with all the
important Institution and Cultural Foundation based in Florence.
The principle who characterizes all the Culter activity is the value of the education and
the exchange relation, knowledge and background between people.
Some of the major projects designed by Cult-er:
- “All’improvviso Dante, 100 canti per Firenze” (2006, 2007 and 2008 edition)
- “Voci e Immagini della Costituzione – lettura scenica dei Principi Fondamentali”
Palazzo Vecchio 31 March 2008, at the presence of the President of the Italian Republic
with the broadcasting of TG1 RAI
- Festival “Villa DemidOFF è vicina, premi ON” Villa Demidoff Medicean Park in
Pratolino (2007 and 2008 edition)
- “Laura contro Beatrice” Stazione Leopolda October 2008 Singolar Tenzone realized
for the School Fair “La Stazione delle Idee”
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