CURRICULUM VITAE - Dr. Venkataram Mysore

Presently: Director, Venkat Charmalaya-centre for
advanced dermatology, 3437,1st G cross, 7th main,
Subbanna Garden, Vijay nagar,Bangalore 560040
tel no :91-80-23392788/23392416/41148848
M 9845363520
[email protected]
Brief Introduction
DR Venkataram Mysore is a unique combination of dermatologistDermatopathologist-and Hair transplant surgeon. Passing out from
Mysore medical college in 1981, he completed short service commission
for 5 years in Indian Air force .He completed DVD, MD from Mysore
medical college in 1988 and also DNB in 1987. He underwent training at
Dr Behl's skin institute, New Delhi and there after left on a Rotary
scholarship to USA where he did a fellowship at New Jersey University. In
1990 he went to work at Al Nahdha Hospital and Sultan Qaboos
university, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman as a specialist and post graduate
teacher .1n 1995, he passed Diplomat of dermatopathology from Royal
college of pathology( the first Indian dermatologist to do so), after
undergoing training at Hammersmith hospital, London and University of
Wales, Cardiff, UK, and has practiced dermatopathology ever since. In
1998, he joined Salmaniya medical complex and Arabian Gulf University,
Bahrain as a Senior Consultant and post graduate teacher for Arab Board
of dermatology. In both these international assignments, he was in
charge of post graduate teaching for Arab Board of dermatology, in
addition to undergraduate teaching for the respective universities and has
teaching experience of 13 years. He has since returned to home country
to set up Venkat Charmalaya –Centre for Advanced Dermatology at
He has undergone training in Hair transplantation in South Korea,
Chicago, Orlando, and Sydney. He is a member of International society of
hair restoration surgery and has been practicing hair restoration surgery
since 2002. His training in Lasers and cosmetic dermatology includes
workshops in Trieste, Amsterdam and Singapore. A fellow of American
academy of dermatology, International society of dermatology and Royal
college of Pathology, UK, his other interests include, dermatopathology
and phototherapy, particularly targeted phototherapy.
He has
a passion for writing and has authored 7 books so far ;
Fundamentals in pathology of skin( which has been released as an
European edition and is seeing its third Indian edition in 4 years),
Dermatological diseases-a practical approach; a book for undergraduates,
Manuals on leprosy and STDs for The Ministry of health, Sultanate of
Oman, three health information books in both Kannada and English for
public , in addition to contributing chapters in books . He has also
published and released a unique dermatopathology CD atlas, with over
500 images. He has published nearly 50 publications both in national and
international journals, and delivered over 80 oral presentations including
free papers and guest lectures in various conferences.
He is currently the Vice president of Association of cutaneus
surgeons India and also the coordinator of the taskforce for framing
guidelines for standards of care for dermatosurgical procedures (IADVL),
report of which is due for release shortly .He is the chief editor of Journal
of cutaneus and aesthetic surgery and is also on the editorial
board/referee of several journals such as IJDVL ,Indian Journal of
dermatology has been a referee for IJDVL , IJD, and previously for
Bahrain medical bulletin. He is the chairman, ethical committee for
Association of hair restoration surgeons of India and Vice president
Bangalore dermatological society.
Date of Birth
Other areas of interest
Teaching Experience;
1st July 1957.
Dermatology &
Dermatosurgery- Hair
transplantation, cosmetic
20 years Experience in
dermatology; 13 years of
undergraduate &
postgraduate teaching
1995;DipRCPath- Royal
College of pathologists
1988; M.D.University Of
Mysore,India (Dermatology
& STD)
1987; DNB-Diplomate Of
National Board of exams.
India. (Dermatology
1985; DVD. ( Mysore )
Previous positions:academic
13 years teaching
a) Sr consultant, dept of
dermatology, Salmaniya
Medical complex and
clinical faculty,AGU college
of medicine, Bahrain 19982003
b) Specialist dermatologist,
Al Nadha hospital and
clinical faculty,SQU
university, Muscat, Oman
Medical officer, Indian
Airforce 1981-86
Training & courses
Books written:
2006 Threadlift workshop
by DR M. Sulmanidze,
2005:Follicular unit
extraction, ISHRS
conference, Sydney
2003:live surgery
workshop in Orlando hair
2002:workshops in hair
transplantation, Chicago,
2002-workshops in laser
surgeryTrieste, Italy
2001-Hair transplantation,
Taegu, South Korea
Sultanate of Oman
1999-Laser surgery,
University of Wales medical
college, UK
1994 and 1995dermatopathology,
Hammersmith Hospital,
1990-New Jersey school of
medicine and dentistry,
Cambden. USA
1.Fundamentals in pathology of skin,BI publicatoins first
edition in 2003 ; 2nd edition 2005;European edition in sep 2005;3rd
edition 2007
2.Dermatological diseases-a practical approach. BI
publications; book for undergraduates and practitioners 2007
3. contributed chapters in “Dermatosurgery-step by step
approach by Dr VN Sehgal 2003
4. manual on leprosy for Ministry of health,Govt of Oman 1995
5. manual on sexually transmitted diseases Ministry of
health,Govt of Oman 1996
6. Book in kannada on skin diseases 2005,2008
7. Editor of “aging skin”- in kannada and English; public
education booklet by Bangalore dermatological society 2007
8.Report of taskforce for standard guidelines of care in
dermatosurgery, IADVL 2008
9. 100 case presentations Ed Kaushik Lahiri 2009
10.Chapter on “ Cellular methods in vitiligo surgery” in Text
book of dermatosurgery eds. William Hancke Elivier pub
Editorships and reviwership
Editor, Journal of cutaneus and Aesthetic surgery
On the board of IJDVL, IJD, Journal of CSI,Bahrain MedicaL
Life Member, Indian Association of dermatologists,
venereologists, leprologists(IADVL)
Fellow Of American Academy Of Dermatology
Member, International society for hair restoration.
Member (Diplomat), Royal college of Pathologists, UK
Member,International Society of dermatology
Association activities
Coordinator, Taskforce for dermatosurgery;IADVL
Vice President, Association of cutaneus sugeons( India)
Chairman, ethical committee, Association of hair restoration
surgeons, India
Vice president, Bangalore dermatologial society
Conference organization
-Scientific chairperson, 1st National conference of Association
of hair restoration surgeons(India) dec 2009
-Workshop coordinator Dermacon Bangalore 2009;
Chairperson, scientific committee Cosmecon 2006;
chairperson for scientific committee for dermatopathology
conferences in 2004, 2005, 2006,2007 at Bangalore
Academic work
PAPERS PUBLISHED-international
-Synthetic hairs: Cosmetic medicine Oct 2007
-Ethnic and cultural factors in liposuction scars. J Drugs and treatment
Jan 2007
-HLA-DR7 is associated with vitiligo in Omanis Clin.Exp.Dermatol.1995:20:35-37.
-Direct Immunofluorescence findings in cutaneus Lupus erythematosuscomparison with histopathology. International Journal of
-Ki-1 Positive Large Cell Anaplastic Lymphoma of Skin - a case report.
International Journal of Dermatology 35:8:Aug 96: 583-584.
-Keratinocyte abnormalities in Vitiligo. Asian Clinics in
-Psoriasiform Eczema - a study. Pan Arab J Dermatol 1996;1;1;27-32
-Role of Diet in allergic dermatosis. Asian Clinics in Dermatology: 1995
-G6PD deficiency In dermatology
Asian Clinics in Dermatol;
-Syndromic approach for management of STDs ; Gen.Uri.Med .
-Role of RAST in Atopic Eczema. Pan Arab J Dermatol;1997;
-G6PD deficiency in dermatology .Int J Dermatol; 1999; 38; 730-4
-Efficacy of WHO regimes in leprosy patients with G6PD deficiency . Int J
Lepr 67;2;jun 99;159-61
- Efficacy of Gm-CSF in chronic mucocutaneus candidiasis . J Dermatol
Treatment .1999;10;289-92.
- Surgical treatment of vitiligo: Cosmetic medicine 2001:6:306-8
-Efficacy of .Phenolization to induce pigmentation in vitiligo: J Cosm
Dermatol 2002 ;1;2;99-100
-Acute Exanthematous pustulosis caused by three Beta lactam
antibiotics: J Dermatol Treatment 2002
-A comment on dressings for the recipient area of split-thickness skin
grafts in vitiligo.J Am acad dermatol 2002;46;6;961-2
-Relapse of Pemphigus vulgaris presenting with hematemesis: Relapse
of pemphigus vulgaris presenting with haematemesis.Dermatology.
-Frictional amyloidosis: a study of 10 cases.Austral J Dermatol2001;42;183-186
-Targeted phototherapy IJDVL 2009 under publication
-Supplement Guest editor -Standard guidelines of care in dermatosurgical
procedures IADVL:IJDVL July 2008
- Microcannular tumescent liposuction. Journal of cutaneus and aesthetic
surgery Nov 2008
-Standard guidelines of care on hair transplantation:IJDVL July 2008
--Standard guidelines of care on tumescent liposuction:IJDVL July 2008
-Mananagement of Hailey Hailey disease by Radiofrequency surgery
Journal of cut aesth surg: Nov 2008
-Microcannular tumescent liposuction. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Nov
-Editorial: trichologists IJDVL May June 2007
-Changing trends in hair restoration surgery; IJDVL Indian J Dermatol
Venereol Leprol|March-April 2006|Vol 72|Issue 2
- Synthetic hairs –should they be used? IJDVL Indian J Dermatol Venereol
Leprol January-February 2006 Vol 72 Issue 1 6
- Dermatopathology in India. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2005
-Histological study of cutaneus Leishmaniasis- Indian J dermatol venereol
leprol 2001 aug
-Primary neuritic Leprosy in Oman. Gulf Journal of Dermatology.1994;1:
-Cut. Lupus Erythematosus in children. Gulf Journal of
- Cutaneus Vasculitis, due to essential Cryoglobulenemia- a case report
.Oman Medical Journal. 992;8;4;28-30.
- Case report of Acrodermatitis enteropathica Dermatology Times; Dec
-Case report of Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus. Dermatology Times; Dec
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-Cutaneus LE in association with Russel Silver syndrome. Gulf J Dermatol;
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-Icthyosis bullosa-a case report- Gulf J Dermatol 2000;7;32-33
-Necrobiosis lipoidica Gulf J Dermatol 2001 Oct 45-46
- Leukemia cutis. Gulf J Dermatol 2001apr 59-61
-Erythrodermic CTCL; Gulf J Dermatol 2001apr 47-48
-Chronic mucocutaneus candidiasis-review. Gulf J Dermatol.2001:8:15-22
-Oesophageal pemphigus vulgaris. J Bah Med Soc . 2002
- Inverted follicular keratosis. Gulf J Dermatol 2004
International congress of dermatology, Prague organized by
International society of dermatology, 20-24th may 2009. Dr Venkataram
is an invited faculty and is presenting 3 lectures.
Conference of International society for hair restoration surgery,
Montreal Canada, Sept 2009 Clonidine in hair transplantation surgery
World Congress of dermatology; Buenos Airies 2007 chaired a
session on wound healing.
IMCAS Bangkok July 2007. Follicular unit transplantation
World conference of IACD(International academy of cosmetic
dermatology) Melbourne, dec 2006:Follicular unit hair
transplantation in India
African association of dermatology meeting: Cairo sep 2006
Follicular unit hair transplantation
Conference of International society for hair restoration
surgery, Sydney, aug 2005 session: Asian and ethnic panel. Sub:
Follicular unit hair transplantation –experience in India
GCC International conference Qatar 2003
Tumours of skin-90 minutes dermatopathology workshop- along
with DR David Mehregan who was the cospeaker
SAARC conference Columbo oct 2003-Cutaneus lymphomas
Escad meeting at EADVL Barcelona Oct 2003-Vitiligo surgery
EADV Malta 2003-Histopathology of cutaneus Leishmaniasis
Annual conference of Indian association of dermatologists
Bangalore Jan 2009 advanced hair transplantation
Palisading granulomas
Conference of Association of cutaneus surgeons of India,
Indore nov 2009 Video demonstration of liposuction
Extending horizons in dermatosurgeons
Conference on lasers and dermatosurgery, LV Prasad eye
institute, Hyderabad, Nov 2009 Pixel lasers in Indian skin
Extending horizons in dermatosurgery
World congress of Teledermatology, Chennai, October 2009:
participated in video teleconferencing
Dermachrome – conference on Pigmentary diseases Calicut
October 2009 Indian skin- ethnic characters
Moderator for vitiligo surgery workshop
South zone conference of IADVL Aug 2009 Vitiligo surgery
Annual conference of Indian association of dermatologists
Chandigarh 2008- topic threadlifts
2008 Annual conference of Indian association of
dermatologists Chandigarh Threadlifts: dermatologists
Annual conference of Indian association of dermatologists
Chennai 2007 Jan Glaxo oration : changing trends in hair
Lectures on targeted phototherapy and Photherapy in children
-International symposium on dermatopathology; Bangalore
Apr 2007 clues in Dermatopathology
Association of cutaneus surgeons of India Delhi November 2005
Follicular unit hair transplantation
-South Zone conference of IADVL Vizag: approach to
-Cosmecon 2006 Bangalore : was the chairperson scientific
committee; lecture on management of hair loss
--Dermacon 2006 Hyderabad:
a) Guest lecture on “Panniculitis”
b) Video presentation on “liposuction” in the preconference workshop
--Dermatopathology symposium Mumbai Jan 2006
a) Prospects in dermatopathology-in India and abroad
b) Histopathology of alopecias
--Dermatopathology meeting, Mysore Feb 2006; Histopathology
of Appendageal tumours
Symposium on dermatopathology, St Johns medical college
Bangalore 2006; algorithmic approach to dermatopathological
Trichocon Bangalore Aug 2005
Conducted workshop on hair investigations
Step by step video demonstration of follicular unit hair transplantation
Lecture on How I mange androgenetic hairloss surgically
Dermacon Delhi Feb 2005: Guest lecture: histopathology of
Poster presentations at Dermacon 2005 Delhi:
a) Follicular unit hair transplantation-experience in india
b) Targeted phototherapy
c) New scheme for reaction patterns in inflammatory dermatoses
Symposium on dermatopathology by Dermatopathology
society of India, New Delhi dec 2004: a) Histopathology of
alopecias,b) interface reactions
South Zone conference IADVL: Pondicherry sep 2004:
Approach to diagnosis of granulomas
ACSI conference Poona Nov 2004:Follicular unit hair transplantation
Dermacon 2004 Jan Mumbai
1.Suppurative and necrobiotic granulomas
2.Targeted phototherapy and Exchimer laser
Dermatopathology hands on workshop at St Johns medical
college Bangalore mar 2004-Reaction patterns in inflammatory
IADVL KT branch conference at Mysore May 2004 ;
histopathology of alopecias
Association of cutaneus surgeons of India, Chandigarh 2003
Logic of follicular unit transplantation
---Dermacon 2002 Agra
Frictional amyloidosis-electron microscopic study
European academy of dermatovenereology conference.
Munich. Oct 2001. posters
Surgical treatment of vitiligo
Phenolization to induce pigmentation in vitiligo
Panarab congress of dermatology 2001 Bahrain
Evolution and Logic of follicular unit transplantation
Histopathology of cutaneus leishmaniasis
5th GCC International Dermatology congress, Muscat. Dec 99.
Histopathological patterns in cutaneus Leishmaniasis
Panarab Diabetology conference 1999
Cutaneus manifestations of diabetes mellitus
5th Oman Dermatology conference, Muscat Dec 98
Role of Dermatopathologist in cutaneus infections
1st GCC medical conference, Nov 98, Bahrain
Surgical treatment of Vitiligo
Symposium on Skin Infections: Bahrain Feb 1998.
Histopathology of skin infections
Histopathology of dermatomycoses
5th Oman dermatology conference, Muscat Dec 98
Role of histopathologist in cutaneus infections
2nd GCC medical conference, Nov 98, Bahrain
Surgical treatment of Vitiligo
4th GCC Int conference , Kuwait. March 1997
Frictional amyloidosis in Oman-Electron microscopic study
4th Oman National conference , Muscat Oman Sep 96
Histopathology- Ten Interesting biopsies
Asian conference on Dermatosciences, Dubai, Jan.1996.
Indeterminate leprosy in Oman- A study
3rd G.C.C. International Conference, Bahrain - Feb 1994.
Histopathology of cutaneus Lymphomas - A profile.
3rd Oman update in Dermatosciences, Muscat- 1994.
vitiligo recent advances
4th Oman National conference , Muscat Oman Sep 96
Efficacy of WHO regimes of treatment of leprosy in Oman
Role of food allergens in atopic eczema- value of RAST-a study
Treatment of STDs by who regimes with respect to syndromic approach
Ten Interesting biopsies of 1996
Case report of chronic mucocutaneus candidiasis-treatment with Gm-CSF.
2nd G.C.C. Int.Dermatology Conference, Kuwait - Feb 1995.
Cutaneus lymphomas
Presented at 3rd Oman update in Dermatosciences, Muscat1994.
Large cell lymphoma presenting as pemphigus vegetans - a case report.
Management of vitiligo patients, with particular reference to role of
Presented at 2nd G.C.C. International Conference, Qatar - Feb
Lupus Erythematosus in children.-A study.
Presented at 1st GCC Intl. Conference on Dermatosciences,
Oman Feb 93
Immunofluorescence pattern of cutaneus Inflammatory Dermatoses.
Clinicopathological correlation in Leprosy.
Case study of Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis- treatment with Tigasone.
Case study of Icthyosis Bullosa of Siemens .
Case report of Lymphocytoma cutis presenting with LE like manifestation.
Case report of Epidermolysis Bullosa Dystrophica with esophageal
Presented at First Oman Dermatological Conference,
Study of appendageal tumours of skin.
Surgical Treatment of Vitiligo.
Case report of Cryoglobulenemic vasculitis.
Presented at Conference of IADVL at -Bangalore -Sep 1989
Case report of Familial Lupus Erythematosus
Presented at Conference of IADVL - Davanagere .
September 1988.Nevus Lipomatosis Superficialis - a case report.
Presented in conference of IADVL at Mysore- Dec. 1987
Lipoid Protienosis - a case report
Osler-Weber - Rendu Disease, a case report.
Dr. Mrs. Jayashree Venkataram,
Liposuction surgeon, Obstetrician and
Venkat Charmalaya-center for advanced
dermatology.3437, 1G cross, 7th Main, Subbanna
Garden, Vijay Nagar, Bangalore India, 560040
Tel; 91-80-26724636/23392788/9900564567 Fax: 91-80-23392416
Email: [email protected]
Dr Jayashree is uniquely qualified; she is an obstetriciangynaecologist turned Cosmetic surgeon.Having acquired MRCOG
from UK, and practiced the speciality for over 15 years, she underwent
advanced training at the reputed Dr Jeffrey Klein Liposuction Centre
,USA.She now practices liposuction almost exclusively and has several
lectures and publications to her credit on the subject.She also ahs
experience in Lasers and hair transplantation
Date of Birth
20 years in teaching and clinical practice
MBBS (Mysore, India)
Medical council of India 1985 Number
Countries of work
India, Oman, and Bahrain
Countries of training
India, UK, USA
Underwent training with Dr Jeffrey Klein,
California, USA in 2004 in tumescent
Underwent training in New Jersey, USA with
Dr Marco Pelosi in fat transfer 2008 sep
Clinical attachment with Mr Nazar Amso, in
the assisted reproductive unit.
Clinical attachment with
Mr. Nazar Amso.
3.CME courses (OCT-NOV 99) in Obstetrics
and Gynaecology at Cardiff, Newport, and
St.Thomas’s hospital, London.
4.CME courses (Apr 99) University of
Wales, medical college, Cardiff, UK.
5.CME courses (jan 99); Queen Charlotte
and Chelsea hospital, London.
6.Gynaecological endoscopy course, Sep
97 Muscat .
7.Urodynamic studies course -Mar 96.
8.Continuing medical education programme
by Harvard medical school. Oct 95. Muscat
Work Experience;
1.Senior Registrar Obstetrics and
Gynaecology, Salmaniya Medical complex,
Bahrain. 2001-2003
2. Senior Registrar, BDF Hospital 1999-
3. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Ministry
of Health, Muscat. Sultanate of Oman
4. Clinical tutor,JSS medical college
Mysore, India; 1988-91.
Hospital, Mysore, India 1992-93.
Educational assent:
1999; MRCOG (Lond) Royal College UK
1986-88; Diploma, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Govt medical College,
University of Mysore Mysore.
1984-85; Compulsory Rotatory Internship. K.R.Combined hospital, Mysore.
1979-84; M.B.B.S; JJM Medical college, Davanagere, University of
Member, Americana Academy of cosmetic surgery
Member, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, UK
Member, Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of India.
Professional experience
I am involved in cosmetic surgery, particularly liposuction work since 2004 at
Venkat Charmalaya-centre for advanced dermatology, Bangalore, India.
Venkat Charmalaya is a prominent cosmetic dermatology centre in
Bangalore, India. The centre performs various cosmetic treatments such as
Liposuction, fat transfer, hair transplantation, threadlifts, breast reduction,
acne scar surgeries, other reconstructive surgeries. It also performs various
noninvasive cosmetic treatments such as Botox, fillers, microdermabrasion,
thermal lift, chemical peels, laser hair removal etc. We have performed over
200 cases of liposuction, since 2004 and over 500 Follicular unit hair
transplants. Male breast reduction is one of our important areas of focus.
I have also practiced as an obstetrician and gynaecologist for 20 years in
India and Gulf countries. I have experience in managing various complicated
cases and emergencies, having worked at different hospitals of different
types .The obstetric practice in the region where I worked provided many
challenges, as grandmulti parity is very common and so are multiple
cesarean sections. In fact, my dissertation for MRCOG was “an outcome of
pregnancy in grandmultipara in Omani women”, and this paper won the best
paper award in an international conference at Oman. I am well experienced
in ultrasound and laparoscopy.
Teaching experience:My teaching experience( over 9 years) includes
teaching both undergraduate students for Arab board in dermatology at
Royal Hospital , Muscat( SQU university), Salmaniya Medical Hospital(
Arabian Gulf University) and JSS medical college, Mysore
Conferences and presentations::
1. Dermacon, National conference of Indian association of dermatologists,
Hyderabad Jan 2006 Liposuction in India:
2.IMCAS Asia at Bangkok July 2007. Liposuction-experience in India
3.World congress of dermatology Buenos Aires, Oct 2007 Liposuction-Indian
4.Presented two papers at World Congress of liposuction organized by
American academy of cosmetic surgery, Dubai Oct 2007
a) Liposuction in gynaecomastia and b) Liposuction-experience in India
5. Dermacon Jan 2009 Bangalore Tumescent liposuction
1. Ethnic and cultural factors in liposuction scars. J Drugs and treatment Jan
2007 (in association with Dr Lawrence Fields)
2. Microcannular tumescent liposuction-a review Indian Journal of
Dermatology and Venerealology Nov 2007:73;377-384
3. Contributed to preparation of standard guidelines of care in
dermatosurgical procedures, Indian association of dermatologists,
venereologists, leprologists
4. Contributed chapters in “Dermatosurgery-step by step approach 2005 Ed
Dr VN Sehgal JP publications
5. “Aging skin”- in Kannada and English; public education booklet by
Bangalore dermatological society
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