textbooks issued and returned - North Providence School Department

Textbooks are furnished by the Town of North Providence to each student attending
school. Each classroom teacher issues the books. These books should be covered, handled with
care, and returned to the classroom teacher at the end of the school year; when the subject has
been completed; or when the student withdraws. Payment will be required for lost or damaged
books, and it is expected that these will be completed by the end of each grading period. If a
student loses a textbook, he/she should report this to the classroom teacher. The student should
check the Lost and Found Department. If the book has not been found or returned, the student
must pay for the lost book before another book can be issued. If the lost/paid book is then
returned to the teacher, the faculty treasurer will refund the amount paid. The fee for a lost
textbook is the current full price of a new textbook. The fee for a damaged textbook is one-half
the current price of a new textbook, or a mutually agreed upon amount. Determinations will be
made by the assistant principal. Appeals can be made first to the assistant principal and then in
writing to the principal. The school reserves the right to prohibit a student from participating in
extra-curricular activities (including, but not limited to, athletics, dances, proms, etc.) if a student
has not reimbursed the school within ten (10) days of being notified of an outstanding balance.
Approved by the North Providence School Committee: August 22, 2007