EU Funded Research Project

EU Funded Research Project
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Pediatric Cardiology
Contact person
Hala Mounir Agha
Pediatrics, Cairo University,
12 Mohamed Morsy street, El Haram, Giza
Description of Research activity:
Activities Performed:
The Division of Cardiology has active research programs in numerous clinical research areas.
Active clinical investigation is ongoing in several areas with trial for extramural funding. These
areas of interest are including:
-The Molecular and Genetic Cardiology Program; the purpose of this program is to have an
important impact on the understanding of the etiologies of cardiac malformations for early
diagnosis and treatment of pediatric cardiovascular disorders in the future. This program aims
to translate molecular science to the field of clinical Pediatric Cardiology.
- The Preventive Cardiology Program; it focuses on the factors that increase the risk of
developing heart disease, not only as children, but also in adults. Many adults who develop
heart disease are at risk for this because of problems identifiable in childhood. Modification of
these risk factors in childhood may have the most significant impact on changing the chances
for developing cardiac problems as adults. The clinical programs include the rheumatic fever
and rheumatic heart disease clinic, congenital heart diseases clinic, cardiomyopathy clinic,
electrophysiology clinic and the hypertension clinic.
Research priority:
-Genetic basis of cardiovascular malformations
-Preventive aspects of pediatric cardiological problems ; congenital and acquired heart diseases
specially rheumatic heart diseases.
-Epidemiological backgrounds; morbidity and mortality in cardiac disorders including
preoperative and postoperative cases.
-Recent therapeutic modalities for cardiovascular problems; either pharmacological,
interventional catheterization, surgical procedures or hybrid techniques
Expected results for your organization:
Prevention of theses disorders is a big issue. Research into genetic and environmental risk factors
is therefore critical in identifying clues to causation and prevention.
The increase number of patients with CHD, the presence of families having more than one
affected child with psychological and financial burden which could be impacted on the family as
well as the enormous portion of the national income which is spent in the treatment of these
patients. These expenses could be spared by establishing a proper strategy and plan for
prevention of these disorders
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