Local Contestant Instructions

Miss “Local” Pageant 2016
For Local Titleholders competing in a Miss Missouri Local Pageant
We recommend that you retain a copy of each document. You must use forms dated 2016. Bullet points indicate the form is on the
Miss Missouri website. www.missmissouri.org
2016 LOCAL CONTRACT. Please be advised, this is a legal and binding contract. The information you give must be
On the contract the pageant name is “Miss ???? (Local) Pageant. All areas that have blanks for specific information (i.e.
university information) must be completed. There is a page that must be notarized and pages 14-21 must be completed.
You have an option to send in a “generic” contract. It may be sent to: Miss Missouri Organization, P.O. Box 351, Mexico,
MO 65265. Where it says name of pageant you put Miss Missouri Local Pageant. The purpose of this is to enable you to
compete in multiple pageants without having to fill out a contract each time. Should you win your director will ask you to
complete one specifying your new title.
The following 6 items are required in your contract:
2016 LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP RULES This form must be signed and dated and attached to your contract.
PHOTO ID. This may be a copy of your Missouri Drivers’ License which will also then be your Proof of Residency.
PROOF OF RESIDENCY: This is your Missouri Driver’s License. If not a Missouri resident please refer to Section2. 2 .&
2.3.1 of contract and send appropriate documentation.
Copy of High School Diploma or a:
Copy of High School registration for current classes
Copy of latest college transcript
Copy of college registration for current classes
Copy of college degree
Copy of latest graduate school transcript
Copy of graduate school registration for current classes
Copy of Graduate School degree
CONTESTANT RESUME. We have included a sample Resume and instructions for the Resume. The form will be given
to the Judges and will also be the source of information printed in the program book. On this form when it asks for your
title that is your local title. You may not alter or change the format. Miss America requires this format of all contestants
and the judges are made aware of the requirements.
PLATFORM STATEMENT. We have included a sample Platform and instructions for Platform Statement. Again this
will be given to the Judges. This form must be signed and dated by you. You may not alter or change the format. Miss
America requires this format and the judges are aware of the requirements.
PHOTOS/PHOTO CD This must be a head – shoulders pose. It is best if it is close up on a plain background. This will go
in local program book and having it in a timely manner is much appreciated. Your director will specify what they require.
LOCAL CONTESTANT VOLUNTEER DOCUMENT. CMN is the Miss America Organization national platform. All states
are required to keep record of our contestants’ involvement with CMN but they are also interested in other Volunteering
and fundraising our contestant are involved in. On the CMN fundraising you will have raised the money to participate in
the local and that should be counted. They are also interested in any other volunteering you do and any money (if
applicable) that may have been raised in that service, please include that as well. Please fill out a Contestant Volunteer
Document for each local you where you compete
Please note that each director may have other paperwork that is required.
2016 Contestant Forms List
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2016 Contestant Forms List
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