WND Books Submissions Form

WND Books Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in WND Books. Whether you’re new to publishing or a
veteran of the industry, we ask all potential authors to complete the WND Books
Submission Form. This detailed questionnaire provides us with much-needed insight into
what your book is about and who you are as an author. Publishing is a constantly
changing industry with many facets and we believe hammering out the key details
upfront is integral to the success of your title and the brand you’re working so diligently
to build.
With that in mind, please be as thorough and detailed as possible. The more we know
about you and your book, the better equipped we will be to determine if you are a great
fit for the WND family.
Submission Date:
Book Title:
Book Subtitle:
Author Name and Bio (2-3 sentences):
Book Summary (2-3 sentences):
Manuscript status (how many months until complete):
Projected final word count:
Contact Information
Please provide a long (200-300 words) summary of your book.
What is your unique selling proposition? How will the reader benefit from reading this
What gave you the idea to write this book?
Do you have potential candidates to write a foreword or introduction?
What are the comparable or competitive books on this subject? Please list three or four
and identify what makes your book different.
What is your educational background?
What is your personal/professional background (under 200 words)? Emphasize expertise
and experiences that make you an ideal candidate to write this book.
Please list the title of any previously published books, the publisher(s), year(s) of
publication, and sales for each.
Please list any print or online news magazines or blogs or newspapers that you have
contributed to or contribute to on a regular basis.
Have you been on television or radio? If so, please list date, show, and reason for
Do you belong to or administer any charities or ministries? If so, please list them.
Have you won any professional awards?
Building your brand and having an online presence are key components of being a
successful author. Please provide a detailed account of your Internet presence so we can
see where you are making successful inroads as well as areas where we can help you
grow. Please include the URL links below.
Facebook Page:
Number of Facebook Fans/Friends:
Twitter Handle:
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YouTube Station:
LinkedIn Page:
Wiki Page:
Please provide a photo of yourself with this submission. You can either copy and paste a
JPEG image here or send one as an attachment with the submission form.
What suggestions do you have for marketing/promoting this book? Please include
communities or organizations that might have a particular interest in the topic. (For
example: universities, churches, homeschoolers, etc.)
Please list any influential persons you know in the media, ministry, or community
interested in the topic of your book who might be willing to endorse your book?
Are you presently speaking on the subject matter contained in the book?
Do you write articles on the topic your book covers?
Do you appear on television or radio regularly?
List any media connections you have (names, affiliations, and your connection)?
Do you have a publicist you work with regularly or plan to hire a publicist?
Do you have any scheduling/travel restrictions or any disclaimers we should know about
media availability?
Are you or any organizations you’re working with planning on making bulk purchases of
the book?
In this space, please paste your working Table of Contents with a chapter-by-chapter
synopsis. Include section titles, chapter titles, and a two or three sentence description
under each chapter title of what will be covered in that particular chapter.
In this space, please paste two to three sample chapters from your book. Keep in mind,
these chapters don’t have to be the first two in the book, but they should represent your
best work.