Early Middle Ages Quiz

Feudalism and the Rise of Towns Quiz
1. Under which system did landowning nobles govern and protect the
people in return for services?
a. feudalism
b. mercantilism
c. protectionism
d. vassalism
2. Two important farming inventions of the Middle Ages that made
turning over soil faster were the horse collar and
a. crop rotation
b. wheeled plow with iron blade
c. village mill
d. horse
3. Medieval knights followed rules called the code of
a. the king
b. the knight
c. chivalry
d. servitude
a. Flanders
b. serf
c. knight
d. fief
e. Venice
f. guild
g. vassal
4. center of trade in northern Europe
5. warrior in armor who fought on horseback
6. land granted to a vassal, or knight
7. Italian city that was a major trading center
8. a person who worked the lord’s land
9. a low-ranking noble under the protection of a feudal lord
10. a group of merchants or craftspeople