Safeguards to classroom videotaping: - Rethinking-Precollege-Math

Final Release
Final Release
I have had the opportunity to review the material recorded of me, including images,
words and products, which may subsequently appear in slides, print and/or electronic
form, recorded/taken of me and my work on this one date May 26th, 2010, entitled Slope
I understand that any other recordings of me, or reproductions of my products, on this or
any other date, would require a separate review, authorization and release by me.
This final release and permission form is solely for these slides of these events, images,
words and products recorded on this one date, above, which I have received and reviewed
in print form. I have had an opportunity to alter or modify each statement or image to my
I acknowledge, also, that I have fully considered this decision, and before this project was
undertaken and agreed to, I signed a separate Informed Consent prior to being recorded.
I have also had the opportunity to have my questions and concerns fully addressed.
I hereby consent to, and authorize, the use and
reproduction in print, all electronic media formats, and
all forms of electronic distribution, by Seattle
Community College District, and by Everett
Community College District, their agents and
individuals, of these specific, approved photographs,
images, likenesses, and/or statements by me without
compensation to me and/or my agent(s).
Printed Name