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The Rock Ridge Newsletter
December 2014
Christmas Trees
The strata council discourages the use of live trees in the building due to
safety and fire hazards plus the cost of cleanup in the common areas.
Please consider using an artificial tree. Let’s keep our home safe.
Front Parking Lot Restrictions
Cars are not to park in the two spots near the entrance that are restricted to
motorcycles. This requirement will be strictly enforced because this
space is designed for the safe turning radius of emergency vehicles
particularly long ladder fire trucks. 24-hour towing is now in effect.
Please remind your guests of this requirement.
Thanks to everyone for continuing to respect the non-flushing of prohibitive materials.
The sewer lift station was just serviced and found to be in the best overall condition.
Everybody’s cooperation is appreciated by all residents and strata council.
Sadly we have to remind everyone once again:
 Flatten all cardboard material/cartons and place in the bin. DO
NOT leave unflattened cartons or material in the garbage room.
 No garbage bags in garbage room when the bin is not there.
 No cardboard in the garbage room when the bin is not there.
 No recyclables in the garbage room when the bin is not there.
 No non-garbage items in the garbage bin or left in the garbage
room or any common area. You are responsible for taking these
items to the dump or recycling depots. We do not have staff to do that for you.
 Read and obey all the signage in the garbage room.
Please cooperate with all of the above issues. It will be appreciated.
Video Surveillance
Please note that video surveillance was approved at the AGM and will
include a camera in the garbage room, in the lobby area and at the front
door. (See AGM Minutes on for details.)
Wishing everyone a Merry
and a Happy New Year
Your Strata Council:
George Marcial, President 310, 250-707-6801 Graham Taylor, Vice-President 110 250-707-3337
Daniel Binckli, Treasurer 303 Louise Gauthier, Secretary 108 250-859-2095 Bobbi Clendenning, Member-at-large
Strata Manager, Petr Borger, Baywest Management 250-448-0044 x405