Rectors report – June 27, 2011 - St. Martin`s Episcopal Church

Rectors report – June 27, 2011
I. Staff considerations:
a. Janis as Communications Coordinator to start 7/1. She has already
been working with Janet and church members on the recent website
and email problems. We are moving her time from 18hrs. to 20hrs.
which will more accurately represent her average weekly work load. We
are also checking on the cost of pension to possibly be added by Sept.
b. Laity to lead areas of Christian Formation this fall with potential
leader discussions currently underway.
c. Emily Hilquist-Davis to start 9/1 (Sat. p.m. service by Nov.).
d. Stephen Bergmann could start by Oct./Nov.
e. A clergy administrative assistant by Sept. Duties would include
bulletins, membership records, scheduling, etc.
f. I am serving as the Metro IV president for the remainder of 2011. We
will have two meetings in the fall, which I will facilitate to cover
Diocesan Council highlights with delegates to Diocesan Convention.
II. The TENS, (The Episcopal Network for Stewardship), was very
worthwhile. I’ll be sharing my notes from the workshops at the next
Stewardship Com. The theme most closely associated with vestry was
how we show the impact of money, time, and talent with various
III. Rebecca Barger’s discernment team will be trained on Sat. 7/9 at St.
Martin’s. We will meet over the next several months before a
recommendation is made to the Commission on Ministry.
IV. During the last month I attended the Celebration of New Ministry for
Knute Jacobson at Calvary, Columbia and the Ordination to the
Priesthood of Marc Smith and Mary Suzanne Wolfenberger at CCC.
V. The forming Pastoral Care Ministry met on 6/16 and identified initial
ministries including Eucharistic Visitor training, starting a Bereavement
Com., and visiting members in hospitals and nursing homes. Our next
mtg. is 7/14.
VI. Pastoral updates:
a. My heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped with Beth Beyer’s
funeral on 6/11. I was privileged to serve with the clergy from Holy
Communion and with many from our parish.
b. The Service of Committal for Christopher Lee (Darla and
Clayton’s grandson) was on 6/12. Susan Naylor assisted.
c. Carol Johnson is having heart surgery this Thurs. Two people
from our Pastoral Care Ministry will be with her.
d. Judy Harbaugh recovering from foot surgery.
e. Delos Wilbur (w/ Yvette Bellingan) was at church after recent
bladder cancer surgery.
f. Warren Davis (Emily Hilquist-Davis) is in Barnes Jewish while
being tested for possible Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
g. I was fortunate to meet with Vic, Grace, and Stone Phillips
before Vic and Grace moved from Friendship Village to N. Carolina to be
closer to their daughter. Their address is:
4100 Well springs Dr. #2321, Greensboro, NC, 27410
VII. Calendar notes:
a. Eucharistic Visitor training, Wed. 6/29, 9-10:30a.m.
b. Youth “mission minutes” in worship 7/3.
c. Youth missions trips forum, Sunday 7/17, 9-10a.m.
d. Continuing Education 7/22-8/1.
e. Installation of The Very Rev. Mike Kinman, 8/25 at CCC.
f. St. Martin’s Ministry fair, Sunday 8/28.
g. Metro IV, Saturday 9/17.
h. Clergy Retreat, 10/4-6.
i. Diocesan-wide ECW at St. M’s, Saturday 10/22.
j. Visioning vestry mtg., 10/24, 6p.m.
k. Diocesan Convention with Presiding Bishop Katherine JeffertsSchori will be 11/18-19 at CCC.
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