3rd Grade Independent Project Criteria

5th Grade Independent Project Criteria
Each 3rd grader will do an Independent Project. The student will determine
the subject of the project. Please keep the following in mind when deciding
on the subject:
The subject needs to be specific. For example:
instead of doing a project on dogs, select a specific
breed of dog to research. The category of dogs is too broad.
After the student decides what (s)he wants to research, (s)he needs to write
10 Guided Questions. The questions will be used to research the subject.
The student will include the questions and answers in his/her presentation.
The student may create a Power Point, or the student may prepare a written
presentation and some sort of visual to accompany the written presentation.
For example:
The student wants to research Siamese cats. (S)he may bring
pictures of the cat or even a real cat to class. If you plan to bring
a live animal to class, please contact me so we can set up a
convenient time for both of us.
If the student wishes to prepare a Power Point, it will have to be
created at home. The presentation will need to be saved onto a
floppy disk.
1. Decide on a subject to research.
2. Get the subject approved by parents and teacher.
3. Write 8-10 Guided Questions.
4. Research the answers to the questions.
5. Prepare a rough draft of the questions and answers.
6. Conference with Ms. Holman or Ms. Hill
7. Prepare the final draft.
8. Present in class.
Important Dates:
Decide on subject on or before April 25th.
Rough draft of questions and answers on or before May 9th.
Final draft or Power Point due on or before May 18th.
Presentations can start any time after conferencing with Ms. Holman
or Ms. Mitchell.
Email any questions to:
[email protected]
Example of Guided Questions:
Siamese Cats
What is the history of Siamese cats?
When did the first Siamese cat come to the United States?
What are the colors and sizes of the cats?
What type of personality do the cats have?
Do Siamese cats shed?
Are Siamese cats good pets for children?
Do Siamese cats have any special health care needs?
Should I get my cat from a breeder or buy one at the pet store?
How much should I expect to pay if I buy my cat from a breeder?
Are Siamese cats in cat shows?