Blacksburg, VA - Virginia Tech

Airport - VPI / Blacksburg. Clippings start in 1932. (see also Record Group 6/3/3)
Alexander Black House. (see Black (Alexander) House)
American National Red Cross.
Animal Control.
Annexation. Annexation proposals, 1957-1958, 1965-1966, 1970-72, 1980, 1987, 1990.
Art. Blacksburg Art Association; shows; galleries; and fairs. Articles are from 1950 to present.
Arts & Crafts (see Art)
Athletics. Blacksburg High School athletics, from 1935 to present. (2 folders)
Awards and Rankings. Magazine ratings, polls, surveys, and awards (including All-American
City Award). Clippings start in 1980. (see also Blacksburg in the Eighties)
Banks. 1927 to present. (see also National Bank of Blacksburg)
Baptist Church, Blacksburg. 1921 to present. 1976 building dedication includes a historical
sketch. (see also Baptist Church, Blacksburg - black, pre-1959; Churches Blacksburg; Community Federation - Blacksburg)
Baptist Church, Blacksburg - black, pre-1959. 1943 to 1947. (see also Blacksburg Baptist
Church; Churches - Blacksburg)
Bi-Centennial - Blacksburg.
Bike Club, Blacksburg.
Bikeways. Funding and planning of the bikeways in Blacksburg and their extension to the
hospital and the New River Valley Mall. Clippings start in 1967. (see also Huckleberry
Black History.
Black (Alexander) House (see also Buildings and Houses)
Blacksburg Baptist Church (see Baptist Church, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Baptist Church - black, pre-1959 (see Baptist Church, Blacksburg – black,
Blacksburg Bike Club (see Bike Club, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Christian Church (see Christian Church, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Comprehensive Plan (see Comprehensive Plan, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Electronic Village.
Blacksburg Federation of Neighborhoods (see Federation of Neighborhoods, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Group. One clipping, 1981, on an upcoming meeting of the Blacksburg Group
(technical writers and editors)
Blacksburg in the Eighties (BITE). Articles span the decade on issues supported by BITE;
special newspaper inserts: Blacksburg in the Eighties (Jan. 20, 1981); Blacksburg
All-American City (May 2, 1982). Photocopies of: Summary of Committee reports, 1982;
One Community’s Search for Excellence, (Sept. 1985); Blacksburg Town Meeting 4/7/84,
Preliminary Report. (see also Awards and Rankings - Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Jewish Community Center (see Jewish Community Center, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Lions Club (see Lions Club, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Methodist Church (see Methodist Church, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Museum of History (see Price House and Black (Alexander) House)
Blacksburg Music Club (see Music Club, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg Presbyterian Church (see Presbyterian Church, Blacksburg)
Blacksburg-Roanoke Link - Blacksburg (see Smart Road - Construction)
Blacksburg-Roanoke Link - Smart Road (see Smart Road - Technology).
Blacksburg Transit (see Mass Transit)
Blacksburg United Methodist Church (see United Methodist Church, Blacksburg)
Block Party Ordinance Controversy. Clippings begin in 1992 and include other student
partying controversies
Boy and Girl Scouts. Organizational meetings and activities, starting in 1938. Activities of
black girl scout troop, 1961, one clipping.
Budget and Financing. 1940 to present.
Buildings and Houses (see also names of individual buildings; Historic Homes; Business and
Industry; Downtown Blacksburg) (4 folders)
Business and Industry. Articles and publications on various industries and businesses in the
Blacksburg area, starting in 1939. (see also Chamber of Commerce - Blacksburg; Awards
- Blacksburg; Buildings and Houses - Blacksburg.) (7 folders)
Catholic Churches. Activities of the church, starting in 1937. Photocopy of “Historical
Data;” “St. Mary’s Catholic Church.” (see also Buildings Houses, Folder 2, 3-Way
Property Exchange Between St. Mary’s, Francis Anglican and Odd Fellows Lodge)
Cemeteries (see also Montgomery County - Cemeteries).
Chamber of Commerce. 1980 to present; copy of On-Campus Student Consumption Patterns
and Attitudes Towards Blacksburg Shopping Facilities, 1983-84. (see also Business &
Industry - Blacksburg, Folder 1, loose clippings; Awards and Rankings - Blacksburg;
Community Federation - Blacksburg)
Christ Episcopal Church. Articles and publications, starting in 1916; pamphlet of history of the
church, Christ Episcopal Church, 1875-1969. (see also Churches - Blacksburg;
Community Federation - Blacksburg)
Christian Church, Blacksburg. 1937 to present.
Christian Science. Two invitations to attend a lecture, ca. late 1950s to early 1960s.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Clippings start in 1981, with some information
on the church’s history in Blacksburg.
Churches. Articles and publications on churches that are not listed elsewhere. Baptist churches
(see also Baptist Church, Blacksburg; Baptist Church, Blacksburg, black, pre-1959);
Church of Christ; Church of God (see also Slusser’s Chapel Church of God); Living Word
Church; Lutheran churches (see also Luther Memorial Lutheran Church); miscellaneous
churches (see also Christian Church, Blacksburg; Methodist Church, Blacksburg;
Presbyterian Church, Blacksburg; United Methodist Church, Blacksburg; Catholic
Churches; Christ Episcopal Church; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints;
Good Shepherd Church of the Brethren; Northside Presbyterian Church); “Wesleyan”
churches. Also clippings on community church activities and associations
Citizen’s Forum. Study on creating a town citizen’s forum, clippings from 1980 only.
City Status (3 folders)
Folder 1: pre-1980. Articles from 1964 to 1977 on the question of Blacksburg becoming
a city. Studies of Consolidation of Blacksburg and Montgomery Co., 1974; City
Status Studies, 1973-1976; loose articles 1964-1967 and 1977.
Folder 2: 1980-1981: Articles on city-status study request, consequences of becoming a
city, and beginnings of Blacksburg’s study of the issue.
Folder 3: 1982-1983: Pros and cons of becoming a city; vote by Blacksburg citizens, and
debates on the issue; photocopy of “Study of City Status of Blacksburg.”
Cloning (see PPL Therapeutics).
Clubs. Area clubs that are not listed elsewhere. Animal clubs; DAR and UDC; Garden clubs;
Jaycees; Kiwanis Club; Miscellaneous clubs. (see also Community Federation –
Blacksburg; Rotary Club; Women’s Clubs) (2 folders)
Clubs, pre-1959. Area club meetings to community activities. DAR and UDC; 4-H Club;
Garden Club; Horseshoe Club; Kiwanis Club; Masons & Eastern Star; Rotary Club;
Women’s Clubs; one clipping on “Stern Old Bachelors Club.” (see also Community
Federation - Blacksburg)
Community Center. Development and site of center; one flyer for 4th of July festival at center.
Clippings start in 1959.
Community Federation. Copy of letter to President Burruss supporting dial system for phones;
publication on goals of Federation. Clippings on activities start in 1929.
Community Organizations and Programs.
Comprehensive Plan, Blacksburg. Clippings start in 1981, including a brief sketch of some of
the proposals, Townscape Master Plan, revisions for the comprehensive plan, and
streetscape program; copies of the Comprehensive Plan (1978).
Corning Glass Works. Articles start in 1964 with opening of Corning; clippings also cover
plant closing in 1984 and reopening in 1988.
Crime and Law Enforcement. Crimes and problems of law enforcement in Blacksburg.
Clippings start in 1921. (see also Police Department - Blacksburg; Fire Department Blacksburg; bio. files, using person’s name) (2 folders)
Data Services Corporation. Articles for 1979-80 only, on defunct business which offered
computer and accounting services; firm officers faced fraud sentences.
Deadwood Days. Festival in Blacksburg patterned after annual celebration in Deadwood, S.D.;
alternative event started in 1980 after death of Charles Disney who was kidnapped from
1979 festival and murdered; alternative event: “Downtown Streetside Market” which
became Steppin' Out the following year. Clippings start in 1976. (see also Steppin' Out
Development (see Planning, Zoning and Development)
Downtown Blacksburg. Renovation and design of Downtown; pros and cons from 1981 to
completion in 1985; also on Downtown Blacksburg Committee's relationship with Town
Council, and renovation of buildings on Main St. (see also Buildings and Houses –
Blacksburg; Kent Square)
Draper's Meadow. Information on Drapers Meadow, Draper's Meadow Massacre, and Ingles
family members. Clippings start in 1922. Copies of H. L. Price, “Drapers Meadows and
Smithfield” (1980 Plantation Willow Run First Paper for the Mountainside Historical
Reader); John Peter Hale, “Draper's Meadows Massacre from Trans-Allegheny Pioneers,”
1931; Virginia O. Hudson, “The Story of Thomas Ingles”; Lottye Phillips Bryant. “History
of Draper's Meadows” (condensed from Dr. John P. Hale's Trans-Allegheny Pioneers);
Lottye Phillips Bryant, “Notes on Draper's Meadows, Smithfield and Blacksburg.”
(condensed from Dr. John P. Hale's Trans-Allegheny Pioneers); Lewis Preston Summers,
“Draper's Meadows, Virginia; Marion Clifford Harrison, “The Charmed Life of Mary
Ingles”; Mrs. Mary Ingles, “The Captivity and Escape of Mrs. Ingles in 1756” from Sketches
of Virginia by William H. Foote; “Mary Draper Ingles, Pioneer Heroine.” (see also History,
to 1900; Smithfield; bio. file on Ingles, Mary; bio. file on Patton, James; Preston Family
Economy and Economic Development. Articles are on economic development, strategy, Tech's
impact on Blacksburg's economy, and specific plans. Clippings start in 1967. (see also
Awards and Rankings – Blacksburg; Comprehensive Plan, Blacksburg; Business and
Industry - Blacksburg; Blacksburg-VPI&SU Relations, Record Group 6/5-f)
Elections (see Voting & Elections).
Electro Tec. Articles cover the plant's development, merger, and sales. Clippings start in 1951.
(see also Litton Industries' Polyscientific Corp)
Electronic Village (see Blacksburg Electronic Village).
Farmer’s Market.
Federal Mogul Corporation. Products, expansion, and layoffs. Clippings start in 1971.
Federation of Neighborhoods, Blacksburg. Clippings on the Federation—which concerned
transportation, communication, and growth in neighborhoods—from 1982 to 1987
Festivals. Local fairs and festivals; photocopy of brochure for 1913 Fair. Clippings start in 1914.
(see also Arts & Crafts; Deadwood Days; and Steppin' Out Festival)
Fire Department. History of department, including disputes with town, expansion of second
manned building in Price's Fork, and costs. Clippings start in 1922. Articles are also
included on the First Aid & Life Saving Crew, covering activities and history of unit.
First Aid & Life Saving Crew (see Fire Department)
First and Main Shopping Center.
Five Chimneys. Clippings start in 1979; one photocopy of contact sheet showing interior and
exterior of house and property. Photocopies of: “Five Chimneys: History of Ownership”;
“Seasonal Work in the Yard at Five Chimneys”; W. L. Whitwell and Lee W. Winborne,
“Five Chimneys,” 1982.
460 Corridor. Clippings start in 1986 and cover traffic congestion, rezoning of land, land
development, corridor study, and corridor's relationship to Blacksburg-Roanoke link. (see
also Smart Road - Construction; Smart Road - Technology; ; Route 460/114 Corridor
Development Plans & Standards (HT393 V82 R68 1988); Shopping Centers Montgomery County; Business and Industry - Montgomery County; Business and
Industry - Christiansburg)
Girl Scouts (see Boy and Girl Scouts)
Good Shepherd Church of the Brethren.
Government, Pre-1975. Contains a copy of: Should the Blacksburg Community-Town &
District Take Advantage of Aid from 'The Anti-Poverty' Bill? Photocopies and copies of lists
of officers of the town; Circular No. 2, May 15, 1966: The Blacksburg Community: An
Opportunity, A Challenge. Articles start in 1915 on Blacksburg Citizen League and
proposed charter.
Government, 1976- . Articles start in 1978. Copies of publications: Industrial Development
Study for Town of Blacksburg, 1981; Draft Project Proposal for Study for an Industrial
Development Policy, 1981; Management Philosophy and Town vs. City Status for Town of
Blacksburg; About Town (town news update for residents); 1977-78 Annual Report and
1979 Calendar; 1982 Calendar & 1980-81 Annual Report; 1984 Calendar and Annual
Report; 1985 Annual Report and Town Calendar; brochure listing who's who in nation,
state, county, & town government. (see also Comprehensive Plan, Blacksburg; Economy
and Economic Development - Blacksburg; Planning, Zoning, and Development Blacksburg; Town Council - Blacksburg; Voting and Elections - Blacksburg)
Haleos Technology, Inc.
Health and Safety. Clinics; mental health; miscellaneous; Montgomery County Hospital; polio
clinic pre-1959; pregnancy and birth control; and safety. Clippings start in 1919. Guide Book
for Physically Handicapped, 1976. (2 folders)
Heritage Hall. Programs at Heritage Hall and labor disputes. Clippings start in 1981.
Historic Homes (see also Buildings and Houses)
Historical Museums - Blacksburg (see Price House and Black (Alexander) House).
History, to 1900 (2 folders)
Folder1: Howard S. Avery, “The Antiquity of Blacksburg” (1928); W. B. Conway, “In
Old Blacksburg” (1870); P. E. Goodrich, “Early Blacksburg” (1923); Mrs. William
L. Lewis, “Colonel James Patton, the Virginia Pioneer and his Descendants.” (Letter
from Mrs. Lewis to Robert Hughes); Ellen Taylor McDonald, “Notes on Draper's
Meadows and Blacksburg and Vicinity” (1926) R. D. Michael, “A Brief History of
the Blacksburg Area” (1953); Dan Pezzoni, “Interview with Miss Georgia Croy”
(1984); Thomas Lewis Preston, “Colonel James Patton”; Harvey L. Price, “Draper's
Meadows and Smithfield” (1930); J. M. Roberston, “In and Out of Context:
Blacksburg's “Roots”; Mrs. S. A. Wingard, “History of Blacksburg, Virginia”
[1939?]. (see also Buildings and Houses - Blacksburg; Business and Industry Blacksburg; Smithfield; bio. file on Ingles, Mary; bio. file on Patton, James;
Preston Family Papers)
Folder 2: “Blacksburg History,” n.d. Extracted from Brown's VPI Historical Index
1872-1938; Ralph M. Brown, “Blacksburg, Virginia. Area Residents 1819-40,
1845-46, 1848-54, 1871-72, 1881-88” (1940); Ralph M. Brown, “History of
Blacksburg, Virginia. Important Dates” (1942); Nan Fullerton, “Landscape History
of Blacksburg” (1984); John P. Hale, “Notes on Draper's Meadow, Smithfield, and
Blacksburg” (condensed by Lottye P. Bryant from Trans-Allegheny Pioneers);
Dorothy McCombs, “Blacksburg, Virginia”; Dan Pezzoni, “Concerning the Laying
Out of Blacksburg” (1984); History of Blacksburg book list; Copy of Plat of
Blacksburg Town; Photocopy of “Some Blacksburg Deeds”; Sources of information
on Blacksburg history, one page typed. Clippings, starting in 1896. Several loose
typed sheets of miscellaneous information.
History, 1901-1950. “Blacksburg History,” n.d. Extracted from Brown's VPI Historical Index
1872-1938; “Blacksburg is Booming: Has Citizenery 1110,” Virginia Tech, v.22, no. 3, p.3;
Ralph M. Brown, “History of Blacksburg, Virginia. Important Dates” (1942); Dan Pezzoni,
“Interview with Miss Georgia Croy of Blacksburg, Virginia, March 22, 1984.” Clippings
start in 1923; separate section of World War Two clippings. (see also Buildings and Houses
- Blacksburg; Business and Industry - Blacksburg; Civilian Defense Council, WWII;
Housing - Blacksburg (Housing Problems for Tech students after WWII); Goodridge
Wilson, “Notes on Blacksburg.”)
History, 1951-present. March 31, 1966, Blacksburg Sun, Progress: Blacksburg '66; Copy of
Welcome to Blacksburg: A Guide to Your Municipal Services. Three brochures on
Blacksburg, published by Chamber of Commerce. Two legal-size sheets of data on
Blacksburg, as of July 1, 1966, prepared by Blacksburg Chamber of Commerce. (see also
Comprehensive Plan, Blacksburg; Blacksburg-Roanoke Link; Buildings and Houses Blacksburg; Downtown Blacksburg; Business and Industry - Blacksburg; City Status Blacksburg; Military - Blacksburg)
Hotels and Motels. Clippings start in 1931. Bread & breakfast establishments; local motels;
copy of letter from owner of College Inn [1961] (present business at College Inn location is
Raines Real Estate Offices).
Housing. Articles on cluster housing (DeerRun / Timberwood); housing problems for Va Tech
Students after WWII; mobile homes; unrelated renters; housing pre-1959; homelessness,
vacancy rate, rental housing glut, condo battle, housing expense, Virginia Mountain
Housing, and landlord problems. Handout on major apartment community listings complied
by Tech, 1986. Clippings start in 1932. (see also Hotels and Motels - Blacksburg;
Planning, Zoning & Development; for Greek Housing, see RG 82/1) (2 folders)
Hoy Funeral Home (see Black (Alexander) House)
Huckleberry Railroad. Newspaper articles start in 1910 and cover history and activities of
Huckleberry. Two typed sheets of locations of information and early staff. Photocopy of
Extra South by H. Reid. Harry Temple, “Genesis of the Huckleberry Railroad” (1990).
Huckleberry Trail. Articles are on the development of the old railroad line into a trail and bike
path. Also includes developments, such as adding lights, or extending the trail between
Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Clippings start in 1987. (see also Bikeways)
Jewish Community Center, Blacksburg.
Kent Square.
Land Swap - '86-'87. Articles on land swap, people involved, and land swap probe. Newspaper
clippings start in 1987. (see also 460 Corridor - Blacksburg; Shopping Centers Montgomery County; bio. file on Matthews, William)
Legal Actions. Law suits involving the town of Blacksburg, clippings start in 1948. (see also
Annexation - Blacksburg; Buildings and Houses - Blacksburg (Thomas-Conner House);
Housing - Blacksburg (Cluster Housing); Planning, Zoning, & Development; for Greek
Housing, see Record Group 8/2/1)
Licenses. Information on license decision by town for local businesses to sell used gold and
silver. Clippings are from 1980 only.
Lions Club, Blacksburg. Information and publications: First Fifty Years of the Blacksburg
Lions Club, 1925-1975. Clippings are from 1939 to present. (see also Community
Federation - Blacksburg.)
Liquor By The Drink. Information on business and resident attitudes. Vote results of town
residents. Clippings start in 1973. (see also Blue Laws - Montgomery Co.)
Litton Industries' Poly-Scientific Division. Poly-Scientific began in 1953. Information covers
change in ownership, expansion, union attempts, production, and materials used. Clippings
start in 1953. (see also Electro Tec.)
Luther Memorial Lutheran Church. Articles start in 1923. Cover history, construction of new
structure on same site, activities, and anniversary celebration. Two church publications in
folder. (see also Churches -Blacksburg)
Lyric Theatre. Several copies of programs which list movies that played during the month.
Photocopy of “The V.P.I. Skipper, April 1930,” the opening night program that includes
details of coming movies, equipment and owners. Photocopy of history of Lyric theatre that
opened in 1909. Clippings start in 1930. (see also Buildings and Houses – Blacksburg)
Mass Transit System, pre-1983. Articles on funding; legal questions; miscellaneous; private
bus systems; proposed routes; studies; support; tech support. Clippings start in 1974. One
clipping, pre-1959, on the operation of the first town buses. Copy of “Blacksburg Transit
Questions and Answers” by Robert Stuart, 1980. (see also Transportation - Blacksburg)
Mass Transit System, 1983-88. Awards; charters; fees and passes; funding; ridership and bus
purchases; routes and hours; and shelters. Copy of schedules for 1985 and 1988.
Mass Transit System, 1989- . New route proposals, drug testing, grants, and miscellaneous
topics. (see also Two-Town Trolley - Blacksburg)
Media. Newspapers, radio, TV, fiber optics. One typed sheet of sources. Clippings start in 1938.
Methodist Church, Blacksburg. Photocopy of “Methodism in Blacksburg 1798 to 1948;”
“Early History of Whisner Memorial Church.” Clippings are from 1937 to present. (see
also United Methodist Church, Blacksburg; Churches - Blacksburg; Community
Federation - Blacksburg; photocopy of “Contributions to the History of Methodism” by
Ellen T. McDonald)
Military. Articles on Blacksburg residents who served in the military. Clippings start in 1938.
(see also Building and Houses - Blacksburg, Folder 2 (Armory); History - Blacksburg,
1901-1950; Civilian Defense Council WWII - Blacksburg)
Municipal Building. Renovation of the municipal building. Articles start in 1979.
Municipal Complex Design Competition.
Museums (see also Price House - Blacksburg and Black (Alexander) House)
Music Club, Blacksburg. Club activities from 1937 to 1962.
National Bank of Blacksburg. Annual reports for the years 1959, 1961, 1962 (another with no
date). Pamphlet for 90th anniversary; calendars for 1973, 1976. Clippings start in 1938. (see
also Banks - Blacksburg)
Nellie's Cave. Controversy over a section of Nellie's Cave Road involving residents, land
developers, Montgomery County, and Blacksburg. Newspaper clippings start in 1989. Also
includes clippings on Nellie's Cave.
Newcomers' Club.
Nicewonder. Clippings covering development proposals; funding; projects organized by J. D.
Nicewonder; clippings start in 1979.
Northside Presbyterian Church. History and activities of the church, 1981 to present. (see also
Churches - Blacksburg; Presbyterian Church, Blacksburg)
Oil Well, Price Mountain. Articles are from 1949 only and include information on drilling, the
drilling site, and reasons why discontinued.
PPL Therapeutics (Cloning).
Parking. Fines, parking lots, upgrading, proposal for parking deck, parking problems, and
meters. Clippings start in 1940.
Parks (see also Recreation).
Performing Arts. Music; dance; and theatre. Clippings start in 1924. Handouts for Blacksburg
Chamber Music Series, late 1960s. (see also Music Club, Blacksburg)
Planning, Zoning and Development (see also Housing - Blacksburg; for Greek Housing, see
Record Group 8/2/l) (3 folders)
Police Department. Police business, staffing, and relationships with citizens. Clippings start in
1927. (see also Crime and Law Enforcement - Blacksburg)
Politics. Flyers and brochures on local Blacksburg politicians. One article on opinions of women
politicians. Newspaper articles on the Coalition for Justice in Central America; Democrats &
Republicans; Mayor; “Think Blacksburg” group; Town Council; Politics pre-1959.
Clippings start in 1941. (see also Voting and Elections - Blacksburg)
Poly-Scientific (see Litton Industries' Poly-Scientific Division)
Population. Censuses and population growth. Articles start in 1930. (see also Comprehensive
Plan, Blacksburg; Blacksburg in the Eighties; Buildings and Houses; Chamber of
Commerce; City Status; Economy and Economic Development; 460 Corridor; History,
1951-present; Housing; Mass Transit; Planning, Zoning, & Development; Roads; Two
Town Trolley)
Post Office. Hours, budget cuts, new post office on University City Boulevard, draft registration,
history, postmaster appointment, building sites and construction. Clippings begin in 1913.
Presbyterian Church, Blacksburg. Photocopy of history of the church; Leslee F. Machnic.,
Blacksburg Presbyterian Church (1979); copy of A History of Blacksburg Presbyterian
Church (1953). Clippings from 1919 to present. (see also Churches - Blacksburg;
Northside Presbyterian Church)
Price House. Articles cover the Price House becoming Blacksburg's first museum, and the
history of the house and property. Clippings begin in 1988.
Price’s Fork (see Price’s Fork - Montgomery County)
Public Works. Sewer extension, water system, and town projects; water tank. Articles start in
1976. (see also Awards and Rankings; Comprehensive Plan, Blacksburg; Downtown
Blacksburg; Huckleberry Trail; Mass Transit System; Steppin’ Out; and Utilities)
Racial and Ethnic Minorities (see also Black History)
Raft. Hotline, volunteers, crisis counseling, history of Raft, funding; Rivendell House.
Photocopy of handout on funding. Clippings start in 1972.
Recreation, pre-1959. Programs and activities covered are golf club, playgrounds, recreation
programs and activities, and youth committee. Clippings start in 1938.
Recreation. Aerobics; bike races; golf course; indoor pool; parks; miscellaneous. Clippings start
in 1963. (see also Community Center) (2 folders)
Red Cross (see American National Red Cross)
Rescue Squad (see Fire Department)
Restaurants. Clippings start in 1933. Various copies of menus. Two clippings about town
publication, Blacksburg Restaurant History 1968-1980. (2 folders)
Roads. Clippings start in 1929. (see also Smart Road - Construction; Smart Road Technology; 460 Corridor; Downtown Blacksburg; Nellie's Cave Road; Planning,
Zoning & Development) (2 folders).
Rotary Club.
School Controversies. Cover resignations, petitions, lack of facilities, control of Armory, a
principal in a fist fight, and 2004 freedom of the press controversy. Clippings start in 1931.
(see also Buildings and Houses - Blacksburg (Armory))
Schools (6 folders) Clippings start in 1920. Arts/performing arts; black schools, pre-1959;
desegregation; finals & commencements (includes enrollment); high school building;
industrial arts; languages; new Blacksburg elementary school; non-public schools; racism;
religious education in public schools; athletic field; clubs; history; lunch room program;
vocational building, pre-1959.
Scouts (see Boy and Girl Scouts).
Shopping Centers
Signs. Street signs, business signs, and banners. Clippings start in 1979.
Sister City. Articles sister city San Jose de Bocay, Nicaragua. Articles begin in 1989.
Slusser's Chapel Church of God. History of the church and various activities, 1981 to present.
Smart Road - Construction. Information on the pros and cons of the construction of a new
road between Roanoke and Blacksburg. Clippings start in 1986. (see also Smart Road Technology; 460 Corridor - Blacksburg) (3 folders)
Smart Road - Technology. Articles on the concept, pros and cons, and technology needed for
the proposed “smart highway” between Blacksburg and Roanoke. Clippings start in 1990.
(see also Smart Road - Construction; 460 Corridor - Blacksburg)
Smithfield (3 folders)
Sports (see Athletics - Blacksburg)
Spring Houses.
Steppin' Out Festival. Originally known as Deadwood Days. Moratorium on town festivals
after Ralph Disney was shot during the 1979 Deadwood Days festival. Festival held 1st
weekend of August. Money raised returned to downtown for improvements. Clippings start
in 1980. (see also Deadwood Days)
Taxes and Bonds. Bond issues, fines, fees, taxes, and taxes rates. Clippings start in 1924.
Top 10 Stories of Year.
Tour DuPont.
Town Council. Decisions at meetings, votes of council, and studies; Thomas Heavener /
Timberwood. Clippings start in 1941. (see also Comprehensive Plan, Blacksburg;
Blacksburg in the Eighties; Budget and Financing; City Status; Community
Federation; Downtown Blacksburg; Economy and Economic Development; Legal
Actions; Planning, Zoning, & Development; Taxes and Bonds; Telecommunications
Towers - Montgomery County)
Town Personnel. Wages and pay raises for town employees, economic development
coordinator, and conflict of interest charge. Clippings start in 1947. (see also Awards and
Rankings; Police Department; Fire Department; Mass Transit System)
Transportation. Limousine service, bus service, and taxi service. Clippings start in 1940 (see
also Mass Transit)
Two-Town Trolley. Development of transit service to New River Valley Mall and
Christiansburg, routes, and funding, 1987 to present. (see also Mass Transit System)
United Methodist Church, Blacksburg (see also Methodist Church, Blacksburg; Churches).
United Way. United Ways of Blacksburg and Christiansburg merged into County-wide United
Way in 1987. Goals, campaigns, fund drives, and how money is used. Brochures include
budgets and show allocations to agencies.
Utilities. Water and sewer services, garbage pickup, water rates, telephone service, electric
service, television, telegraph and recycling. Clippings start in 1919. (see also
Blacksburg-VPI Electric Service (Record Group 6/3); Blacksburg-VPI Sanitation
Authority (Record Group 6/3/6-a); A New Water System : Blacksburg, Christiansburg,
Virginia Polytechnic Institute (TD224 V8 B5 1957 Spec/Genealogy); Public Works)
Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Voting and Elections. Redistricting plans, voter registration, student voting rights, elections, and
candidates (including campaign materials). Clippings start in 1918.
Warm Hearth, Inc. Development of Warm Hearth Village, starting in 1974. Also covered are
volunteers, residents, and funding. Copy of nature trails for Warm Hearth Village. Copies of
fundraising letters; handouts; and annual report of 1974. Copy of Fied Service Program of
VPI&SU College of Architecture Project for Warm Hearth Inc., 1974.
Weather Station.
Women. Activities, problems and concerns of women, and women's history in the area. Roanoke
Times and World News supplement of “Women Today, 1981.” Copies of “It's a Woman's
World,” Blacksburg Sun, 1967 and 1970. Copy of program for Blacksburg Branch of
American Association of University Women, 1959-60.
Women’s Clubs.
Zoning. Articles cover rezoning, agricultural zoning, and special use permits. (see also
Planning, Zoning and Development)