Commission to provide €244 million for 183 new
environment projects
Brussels, 19 July - The European Commission has (today) approved funding for
183 new projects under the LIFE+ programme, the European Union's environment
fund. The projects involve all EU Member States and cover actions in the fields of
nature conservation, climate change, clean technology, environmental policy and
information and communication on environmental issues. Overall, they represent a
total investment of some €530 million, of which the EU will provide €244 million.
Environment Commissioner Janez Poto─Źnik said: "The LIFE+ programme maintains
its financial support for high quality, innovative projects with a high level of added
value for the EU. These new projects will not only make a significant contribution to
nature conservation and to improving the environment, including the fight against
climate change. They will help raising awareness across Europe of the key
environmental challenges facing us, such as decoupling growth from resource use."
The Commission received 748 applications in response to its latest call for
proposals, which closed in September 2010. Of these, 183 were selected for cofunding through the programme’s three components: LIFE+ Nature and
Biodiversity, LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance and LIFE+ Information and
Communication. Fifty-five of these projects involve partners from more than one
Member State.
LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity projects improve the conservation status of
endangered species and habitats. Of the 203 proposals received, the
Commission selected for funding 64 projects from partnerships of conservation
bodies, government authorities and other parties. Based in 18 Member States,
they represent a total investment of €223 million, of which the EU will provide
some €125 million. The majority (55) are Nature projects, contributing to the
implementation of the Birds and/or Habitats Directives and the Natura 2000
network. The other nine are Biodiversity projects, a LIFE+ project category for
pilot schemes that tackle wider biodiversity issues. The total invested in
Biodiversity projects will be €18.3 million.
LIFE+ Environment Policy & Governance projects are pilot projects that
contribute to the development of innovative policy ideas, technologies, methods and
instruments. Of the 399 proposals received, the Commission selected for funding
104 projects from a wide range of public and private sector organisations. The
winning projects, based in 18 Member States, represent a total investment of €286
million, of which the EU will provide some €109 million. Projects targeting waste
and natural resources account for the lion's share of this funding (some €143 million
for 51 projects).
The Commission will contribute more than €16 million to 14 projects directly tackling
climate change, with a total budget of €40 million. In addition, 12 projects
focussing on other issues will also have an indirect impact on greenhouse gas
emissions. These different projects are highlighted in the annex to this press
Water is another important area of focus, with nine projects selected. The remaining
30 projects cover various topics including air, chemicals, environment and health,
forests, innovation, noise, soil protection, strategic approaches, and the urban
LIFE+ Information and Communication projects disseminate information and
raise the profile of environmental issues, and provide training and awarenessraising for the prevention of forest fires. Of the 146 proposals received, the
Commission selected for funding 15 projects from a range of public and private
sector nature and/or environment organisations, tackling topics such as biodiversity,
climate change, waste and water. The projects are based in eight Member States
and represent a total investment of €20.4 million, of which the EU will provide some
€10.1 million. The Commission is pleased to note a significant increase in the
amount of funding dedicated to LIFE+ Information and Communication projects.
Seven of the 15 projects are concerned with raising awareness about nature and
biodiversity matters, with eight focused on other environmental matters.
LIFE+ is the European financial instrument for the environment and has a total
budget of €2.143 billion for the period 2007-2013. The Commission launches one
call for LIFE+ project proposals per year.
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