Unit of Study 2 - Mannheim School District 83

Mannheim Middle School K-U-D Unit Mapping Worksheet - November
Subject Area: Reading Grade 7
Unit of Study: Historical fiction
Anticipated Length: 4 weeks
Be Able To Do
(Facts, Names, Dates, Information)
Students should know...
-a working definition for the genre
including at least 2 elements or
characteristics: stories to portray a time
period or convey information about a
specific time period or historical event
usually from a time period at least 30 years
in the past
(Concepts, Principles, Generalizations)
Students should understand …
Skills – written as a verb
Students should be able to...
Knowledge of history can be extended
through the perspective of characters in
historical fiction novels and stories.
Define in writing or orally the genre of
historic fiction including its major
Historical fiction reveals universal themes
in literature.
Cite and apply information from nonfiction
texts to historic fiction texts.
-fictional stories blended with nonfiction
events, settings, and people
Curriculum is interrelated and subjects
build on other subjects.
Discriminate between historic fiction and
nonfiction materials.
-specialized historic fiction text vocabulary Cause and effect play an important part in
i.e. orphan train, frontier, adoption, child
the sequencing of events through history.
labor, abolitionists, free and slave states,
-the importance of setting in historical
fiction-time and place
-cause and effect literary term and how it
interrelates historical events
Discuss historic fiction books using genre
specific vocabulary.
Compare and contrast categories of
information and ideas from a historical era
to its corresponding modern equivalent in
the form of sidebar research and judge
their value and growth i.e. transportation,
education, entertainment, politics, gender
roles, careers, fashion, etc.
-Pick an appropriate leveled historic fiction
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