7th Grade Research Paper This spring you will be researching a

7th Grade Research Paper
This spring you will be researching a topic dealing with United States History/Government. The
paper will be 5 to 7 typed double spaced pages using Times New Roman 12 point font. Your
report will be based on information you find from a variety of sources which may include, your
social studies textbook, informational books, encyclopedias, magazine and newspaper articles
and internet resources or websites. Your research paper is an original report written from
information gathered from several sources. The purpose of this paper is to go beyond our
curriculum this year and learn more about American History from the birth of the United States
up to the Civil War. You will begin researching in school using the media center, library and
computer lab. However you will have to do additional research at home.
I will be conducting the research paper using steps that you will work on one at a time. Each step
will have a due date which will be on the calendar, on a separate sheet of paper and in the
Step 1: Topic and Thesis Statement
Step 2: Sources
Step 3: Note Sheet
Step 4: Outline
Step 5: Rough Draft
Step 6: Final Copy
Topics For the Research Paper
Choose a topic that you are interested in and want to learn more about!!
All of these topics are broad and need to be narrowed down. The purpose for your paper is to
pick a topic and then create a thesis that you will prove in your paper.
1. Early American Civilizations
2. The Age of Exploration
3. The Salem Witch Trials
4. The War of 1812
5. Commerce and Trade in Colonial America
6. Early American Government: Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay
7.The Great Awakening
8. The Spirit of Rebellion: Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson and Nathaniel Bacon
9. The Causes of the American Revolution
10. The French and Indian War
11. The American Revolution
12. The Articles of Confederation
13. The United States Constitution
14. Early American Foreign Policy
15. State’s Rights
16. Politics/Economics and Sectionalism in the 1800’s
17. Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase
18. The Lewis and Clark Expedition
19. The Industrial Revolution
20. Manifest Destiny
21. Texas War for Independence
22. Slavery and the Dred Scott Decision
23. Compromises before the Civil War
24. Roads, Canals and the Growth of the United States
25. The Civil War