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(22) UC/09-MusB,BA/1
Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha
Template 2: Qualification Change Template 2009
Proposal Description
Purpose of the proposal
To make a 200- or 300-level course in music history a compulsory requirement for the Bachelor of Music degree and for
majoring in Music in the Bachelor of Arts degree
The UC music programme focuses primarily but not exclusively on the Western classical music tradition, and the history
of that tradition is fundamental to that study. Familiarity with this area is regarded as an essential part of the profile of all
students graduating with a UC music degree, both MusB and BA (Music), both in its own right and as providing
supporting, complementary knowledge for practical studies in performance and composition. It also helps secure a
balance between practical and academic components of the MusB degree.
Compulsory study in music history is a common requirement in music degrees nationally and internationally. At UC this
requirement is presently met through a compulsory 100-level course which provides a broad chronological overview of
musical genres. However, both a detailed study of a concentrated period/area of music history, and also of the ways in
which music relates to its social, economic, political and cultural context, is also an essential part of this historical study,
and this is provided only in the 200-level courses and above. In the past composition and especially performance were
smaller components of the music curriculum than at present, and advanced historical study was certain to form part of a
student’s degree profile. In more recent years the curriculum has developed increasingly towards emphasising practical
work in composition and performance, with the attendant risks that students do not always graduate with the expected
level of historical study, and may not have an adequate balance between the academic and practical components of their
degree profile. This proposal addresses this situation by formalising existing expectations. It does not significantly alter
the character or processes of the degrees.
The proposed changes have been discussed at length as part of a detailed ongoing curriculum review initiated by an
external review of the School of Music, both by a curriculum review group, and at full staff meetings. They have been
introduced to 100-level students informally during lectures, and formal consultation has taken place through student
representatives, one also a UCSA representative, for all graduate and postgraduate levels.
Goals of the programme
The overall goals of the music programme are not affected by the proposed regulation changes.
Graduate profile
These changes will not affect the graduate profile, but are designed to ensure that it is achieved.
Outcome statement
Existing statements of graduate profile/employment prospects will not be affected by this regulation change
Programme overview
As a result of the regulation change, student progression through the degree in the area of music history will now be most
likely to include:
100 level: MUSI 131 Europe’s Musical Heritage
200 level: At least one of MUSI 242, 243, 244 or 245
(22) UC/09-MusB,BA/1
300 level: Option of taking one of 342, 343, 344 or 345
Proposed new regulations and prescriptions (append to the Calendar Form at the end of Section A)
[See the attached calendar change form
Proposed teaching/delivery methods
Teaching/delivery methods will not be affected by the proposed regulation change
Assessment procedures
Assessment methods will not be affected by the proposed regulation change
Predicted student numbers/EFTS
The regulation change is not expected to affect enrolment/EFTS in the programme as a whole
The regulation change has no resource implications
Plans for monitoring programme quality
There will be no change to monitoring programme quality through usual methods, which include regular student surveys
and consultation via student representatives.
Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha
Calendar Form
Degree Regulations
see 2009 Calendar p. 234-5
BA Regulations
Students intending to complete the BA with a major in Music must be credited with at least 136 points in Music courses, of
which at least 56 points must be at the 300-level, and include the following:
Required: MUSI 131, MUSI 171 and MUSI 172
Required: One of MUSI 242, 243, 244 or 245. Or one of MUSI 342, 343, 344 or 345 may be substituted for this
Recommended: A further 22 points of 200-level Music
Required At least 56 points of 300-level Music
Note: The 200-level requirement shall only apply to students graduating after 2010.
see 2009 Calendar p. 133
MusB Degree Regulations
3. Structure of the degree
(22) UC/09-MusB,BA/1
(d) 76 points shall be for all the courses listed in Group A of the Schedule;
(e) at least 22 points shall be for one of the following courses from Group B of the Schedule: MUSI 242, 243, 244, 245,
342, 343, 344, 345.
(f) 84 points shall be for music at 300-level
Note: Regulation 3 (e) shall only apply to students who qualify to graduate after 2010.
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