Kurzinformationen zur Veranstaltung

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Kurzinformationen zur Veranstaltung
Jorge Vivanco, Colorado State University
The How and Why of Root Exudation
Ralph Panstruga, MPIZ Cologne
Serpentine plant MLO proteins: entry portals for powdery mildew fungi
Leo Eberl, ETH Zürich
Communication in the plant rhizosphere: gossip and facts
Anton Hartmann, GSF München
Bacterial signal production and perception at the rhizoplane and
responses by plants
Vittorio Venturi, I.C.G.E.B Trieste
Quorum Sensing in Rice Associated Bacteria
Guido Bloemberg, Leiden University
Regulatory mechanims of Pseudomonas biocontrol traits
Kornelia Smalla, BBA Braunschweig
Secrets of microbial life in the rhizosphere explored by molecular
François Buscot, UFZ Halle
Crosstalk between partners of ectomycorrhizas at the morphological,
physiological and genetical levels
Peer Schenk, St. Lucia
Microbial functional genomics to study mixed microbial communities
associated with the root rhizosphere
Paola Veronese, North Carolina State University
Molecular genetics of plant responses to Verticillium dahliae
Bart Thomma, Wageningen University
Molecular aspects of Verticillium wilt diseasesa
AG Gatz, Göttingen University
Verticillium-induced gene expression
AG Karlovsky, Göttingen University
title to be announced
AG Polle, Göttingen University
The apoplastic proteome under the influence of Verticillium sp
AG v. Tiedemann, Göttingen University
Host and non-host interactions of Verticillium longisporum vs. V.
dahliae on Brassica napus
Corné Pieterse, Utrecht University
Signaling during induced systemic resistance in Arabidopsis
Karl-Heinz Kogel, Gießen University
The beneficial fungus Piriformospora indica requires host cell death for
proliferation in barley roots
Ralf Oelmüller, Jena University
Molecular analysis of the interaction between Arabidopsis and the
growth-promoting fungus Piriformospora indica
AG Feußner, Göttingen University
Metabolite profiles of Verticillium sp. infected Arabidopsis plants
Azeddine Driouich, Rouen University
Role of root border-like cells of the brassicaceae in the interaction with
Marcel Bucher, ETH Zürich
Regulation of symbiotic phosphate transport in mycorrhizas
Holger Deising, Halle
Infection strategies of the maize pathogen Colletotrichum graminicola
Paul Tudzynski, Münster
Botrytis cinerea: Special aspects of a necrotrophic life-style