I. Education and Employment Data

Curriculum Vita
Name: Deborah Welch
Department: History
Rank at Appointment: Assistant Professor
Present Rank: Associate Professor
Date: September 2002
Date Appointed: August 1998
Education and Employment Data
A. Academic Preparation:
University of Wyoming, History, 1985, PhD
Wake Forest University, History, 1980, MA
Agnes Scott College, History, 1976, BA
B. Title – Master’s Thesis:
Thomas Randolph, English Agent in Scotland, 1559-1566
C. Title—Doctoral Dissertation:
Zitkala-Sa: An American Indian Leader, 1876-1938
E. Professional Licenses, Grant Agency, Date:
Teaching Certification in Social Studies (7-12), NC Dept. of Education,
1991—last renewal
F. Academic Employment: Institution, Position, Dates
Longwood University, Department of History, 1998-present
SUNY-Fredonia, Social Studies Director, 1992-1998
Elon College, Assistant Professor of History, 1988-1992
History Teaching Alliance, National Director, 1985-1988
--joint program of the American Historical Association, Organization of
American Historians, National Council for the Social Studies; housed with
AHA in Washington, D.C. 1985-1987 and at University of Florida, 1988
G. Related Experience of Employment: Employer, Position, Dates
Assistant to the Director, Wyoming Statewide Humanities Leadership
Project, 1983-1985
Field Historian, Wyoming Survey of Historic Sites, State Historic
Preservation Office, Summer 1983
Instructor, Department of History, University of Wyoming, Spring 1983
Historical Consultant, Wyoming State Archeologist’s Office, 1980-1982
County Coordinator, Wyoming Cultural Sites Inventory, Summer 1980
Curriculum Coordinator, Glade Valley High School, Glade Valley, NC,
1978-1980; and Teacher of History and Social Studies, Glade Valley,
H. Honors, Biographical Listings, Honorary Societies:
Who’s Who Among American Teachers, 2002, 1998, 1997
NEH Grant for Conference on Teaching World History, 1997
Western History Center Fellowship, 1996-97
Scholarly Incentive Award, 1997
OAH Grant for Workshop on New History Standards, Spring 1996
NEH Grant for Teaching Collaboratives, 1991
NSF Grant for Collaboratives on History of Science, 1988
Outstanding Dissertation in the College of Arts and Sciences,
University of Wyoming, 1985
ARCO Fellow, 1982
Dana Scholar, 1973-74
I. Membership in learned Societies or Professional Memberships
National Council on Public History
National Council on History Education
American Historical Association, 1985-2002
Organization of American Historians, 1985-1993, 1999-2002
Society for Ethnohistory, 1988-1998
North American Indian Women’s Association
Board of Editors, OAH Magazine of History, 1985-1992
Guest Editor, “The Frontier and the American West,” OAH Magazine of
History, 1988
Professional Growth
A. Professional Responsibilities
1. Department:
Teach the following courses
History 110 Modern Western Civilization
History 221 United States History I
History 222 United States History II
History 301, American Colonial History
History 300/Political Science 300: Teaching the Social Sciences in
The Secondary Schools
History 313 History Through Film
History 316 Introduction to Public History
History 317 Editing and Historic Preservation
History 321 Women’s History (1999 only)
History 322 The American West
History 323 American Indian History
History 492 Internships (have directed internships in public history at
The American Historical Association, the Library of Congress, the
Virginia Department of Historic Resources, the Museum of the
Confederacy, the Virginia Historical Society, Dinwiddie County
Historic Preservation Project, the National Park Service, the Center
for Visual Arts, the Chrysler Museum, with the Jamestowne
Society, with the Campus History project, and at a number of
regional sites)
Preparation and publication of 3 articles about the public history
program here at Longwood—see Publications
Preparation of NCATE report on secondary school social studies
Reorganization of concentration in public history prepared for
EPC review-2002
Reorganization of history and social sciences major prepared for
EPC review-2002
Supervision of Department Student Teachers
Supervision and finalization of the campus history book project
Development of Public History program
Development of Proposal for M.A. Program in Public History
Development of Internships in Public History
Supervision with David Coles of Jamestowne Society Project
Chair, Search Committee for American history, 1999 and American and
World History positions, 2000
Prepared new public history brochure for Department
Use of personal funds to purchase needed equipment for further
development of the public history program including a
cd burner and hand-held document and photograph scanner.
This equipment is housed in my office and is available for
use by all members of the Department.
Courses currently underway in Fall 2002
History 221 American History I
History 110 Western Civilization II
History 313 History Through Film
History 316 Public History
History 492—Five internships: two students working on annotated edition
of Mary Stanard’s Virginia’s First Century; one student working
on primary document web citations (also for Jamestowne Society);
one student at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, and
one at the Chrysler Museum.
Only one student teacher in the field this semester; four scheduled for
2. College of Arts and Sciences:
Development of web page for Fund for Student Research, Internships,
And Public History
Chair, Review Committee, The Fund for Student Research, Internships,
And Public History, 2000-2001, 2001-2002
Prepared grant for submission to NCUR/Lancy Foundation on behalf
of LAS and the Moton Museum
Development of foundation information bank for Faculty use in
Conjunction with the Fund for Student Research, Internships, and
Public History to seek outside funding.
3. University
Faculty Development Committee, 2002 new appointment
Committee of Secondary School Teacher Education Faculty, 2002 ongoing
Longwood Seminar Oversight Committee, 1999 and 2000
Taught Longwood Seminar in 1999, 2000, and 2001
Woodrow Wilson Fellows Committee, 2000
SACS Committee, subcommittee on Residence Hall life, 2001-present
Cooperating Teacher Program, 2000-present
NCATE committee, 2002 on-going
Creation of Rural Genealogical Research Center in 2001 on-going
Coordinating with local historical societies to create website reference
on Southside Virginia
Editing of book on Longwood campus history prepared by over thirty-five
of our public history students
One of the faculty leaders in forum held on Oct. 18, 2000 on campus
for issues dealing with the Holocaust and hatred.
One of the speakers for A Celebration for National Library Week,
Longwood Library, April 18, 2000
4. State:
Currently under contract with Hippocrene Books, Inc. for a book
on Virginia history to be published in Fall 2003
Gave presentation on the role of the West in 19th and 20th Century United
States History, Wintergreen Nature Foundation, March 7, 2002.
Supervision of student participation at various public history events
held throughout the state including:
Henricus Historical Park Publick Days (2000 and 2001)
Our students dressed in period costume and acted as
Guides through this colonial (founded 1611) settlement
An Evening at Eppington (weekend of Sept. 30, 2000)
Two of our students served as guides at this public opening of
the Eppington Plantation (best known as the home of Thomas
Jefferson’s daughter)
Chesterfield Historical Spirit Walk (October, 2000 and 2001)
Our students staffed the various plantation haunts at this
Annual Halloween celebration undertaken by the Chesterfield
Historical Society. Dressed in period costume (about half were at
Colonial sites and the rest at Civil War homes), our students
looked properly ghoulish and had a ball. 2002 planning.
Rockwood Military History Festival (November, 2000)
Nine of our students participated in this presentation of 19th
century life and technology.
Christmas Through the Ages and the Parade of Lights (December, 2000
and 2001)
Thirteen of our students participated as tour guides of Richmond
historic homes.
We distribute Longwood College Public History brochures at all
of these events.
Participation in Library of Virginia’s All Virginia Reads Program (40 of
my students undertook a study of that year’s selection, William
Styron’s Sophie’s Choice in preparation for Styron’s visit in Dec. 2000)
Currently under contract with Arcadia Press to co-write with Dr. David
Coles a book on the history of Farmville and Prince Edward
Prepared budget for Moton Museum proposal to the Governor’s Office
(earning a promised grant of $50,000, Spring 2000)
Prepared two grant drafts and a notebook of materials on likely funders
for use of the Moton Museum Board of Directors (Spring 2000)
Outside Consultant/Project Evaluator for Bureau of Indian Affairs grant
to study Buffalo Cherokee Indian peoples (2001-continuing study)
6. National/International:
Working with AHA to develop web page site on national teaching
Standards in World History, 2001
Editorial Board for Women’s Studies, Collegiate Press, 2001
Outside Consultant, Social Studies Consortium, 2001
B. Awards and Other Commendations:
Who’s Who Among American Teachers, 2002, 1998, 1997
Recipient of Maude Glenn Raiford Award, 2001
Outstanding Student Advisor Award, SUNY, 1998
C. Attendance at Convention, Conference, etc.
Presenter, “The West in 19th and 20th Century United States
History,” Wintergreen Nature Foundation, March 7, 2002.
“Bringing College and Community Together: the Public History Program
at Longwood,” accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the
Organization of American Historians, Los Angeles, April 2001.
“American Indian Women and the Pocahontas Myth,” presented during
Women’s History month, Longwood College, March 1999
Presenter, “Teaching Social Studies: New Instructional Strategies for
Grades 1-6,” day-long workshop, Halifax County Schools, January 1999
Presenter, “The legacy of Columbus: Challenges for Today,” symposium
on 500 year observation of Columbus’s first voyage, Hampden-Sydney
College, October 1998
Co-director, Conference on Teaching World History, SUNY, Summer 1998
Presenter, “The Real West,” part of The Newberry Library’s traveling
Exhibition, SUNY, December 1997
Presenter, “New Ways to Look at Women’s History,” Upward Bound
Conference, SUNY, April 1997
Conference Chair and presenter, “The New National History Standards,”
Organization of American Historians and Rockefeller Foundation,
March 1996
Co-presenter, “Women’s Work: Opportunities and Challenges,”
Upward Bound Conference, April 1995
Presenter, “Our Debt to the Grandmothers: A Tribute to American
Indian Women,” Women’s History Week, SUNY, vetted by Tuscarora
And Seneca Nations, February 1994
Session Chair, “Examining Ethnohistory,” annual meeting of the Southern
Historical Association’s Conference on Women Historians, June 1992
Presenter, “An Indian Voice to the Anglo World,” annual meeting of the
Organization of American Historians, April 1991
Session Chair, “Anglo, Indian, and Hispanic: Case Studies of CrossCultural Cooperation,” annual meeting of the Society for Ethnohistory,
November 1988
Presenter, “Teaching about Minority Women in the American History
Survey Class,” annual meeting of the Organization of American
Historians, March 1988
Session Chair, “A Short Course on Teaching about the United States
Constitution,” annual meeting of the American Historical
Association, December 1987
Presenter, Innovative Teaching of U.S. Constitutional History,” annual
Meeting of the Organization of American Historians, April 1987
Presenter, The Constitution and the American Indian,” PBS series on
The Bicentennial, filmed in Atlanta, 1987
Presenter, “American Indian Women’s Political Activism,” annual meeting
Of the Society for Ethnohistory, November 1986
Presenter, “Working Together to Teach State and Local History,” Farham
College, July 1986
Presenter, “The History Teaching Alliance,” annual meeting of the
American Historical Association, December 1985
Presenter, “New Opportunities in History for Secondary School Teachers
And Administrators,” annual meeting of the National Council for the
Social Studies, November 1985
Presenter, “Zitkala-Sa and the Role of Women in the Society of American
Indians, annual meeting of the Missouri Valley History Conference,
March 1985
Presenter, “Zitkala-Sa,” annual meeting of the Western Social Science
Association, April 1982.
D. Other Travel:
Research at the Library of Congress, primarily in the Photographic Division,
for book, Cinema Classrooms, 2002
Scholarly Activities
A. Research
Am continuing to collect photographs to illustrate manuscript on perceptions
of the professor in popular culture (examines stereotypes of professors
perpetuated through film and literature)
Am working on book manuscript, Virginia: An Illustrated History, under
contract with Hippocrene Books, Inc., New York, NY; to be published in Fall
Am working with Dr. David Coles on a history of Farmville and Prince
Edward County, under contract with Arcadia Press.
Am revising article, “Campus Clios on Stage and Page,” based on outside
reader suggestions although, frankly, this has been moved to the back burner.
Clearly the two books already under contract and the publication of which will
be far more valuable in promoting our university and our public history
program must be given precedence.
Have been contacted by Arcadia Press with request to undertake another book,
Charlotte: The Queen City and have reached an agreement to begin this book
in Summer 2003.
B. Publications
“Teaching the Progressive Era,” The American Vision: Teaching Strategies
for Secondary School Teachers (NY: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Publishers,
“Teaching Public History to Undergraduates: A Report from the Field
at Longwood University,” The Public Historian, (Winter, 2003.)
Editor, Longwood: A Campus and A Community (an illustrated history of
our university prepared by students in our public history program which
President Cormier has directed should be published on campus in a hard
cover format; the manuscript is now with Tim Trent). Over thirty-five
students contributed to this book; special thanks are also owed to Marshall
Hall and Jim Jordan who vetted these pages and added their own
Co-author with David Coles, “Bringing College and Community Together:
Doing Public History at Longwood College,” The History Teacher, Spring
Book review of Theda Perdue, ed. Sifters: Native American Women’s
Lives (New York: Oxford Press, 2001), published in The Florida
Historical Quarterly, Summer 2002.
“Gertrude Bonnin,” The New Warriors, University of Nebraska Press,
“Bobby’s Story,” A Pilgrim’s Progress: Essays in Honor of Father Joseph
Bissonnette, New York: The Rev. A. Joseph Bissonette Memorial
Foundation, 1998.
“Zitkala-Sa,” American National Biography, John A. Garraty, ed.
(Oxford University press, 1995)
“Gertrude Simmons Bonnin,” Encyclopedia of American History,
Eric Foner, and John A. Garraty, eds. (Houghton-Mifflin, 1993)
“A Report on the Social Studies and Teacher Training program” for
NCATE accreditation of teacher certification program, 1991
“New Scholarship in American Indian History,” Prospects (Cambridge
University Press, 1990)
“American Indian Women: Reaching Beyond the Myth,” New Directions
in American Indian History, Colin Calloway, ed. (The Newberry
Library Series, Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1988)
“Introduction to the American Frontier,” OAH Magazine of History
(Fall 1988), also served as guest editor.
“Flora Seymour,” Historians of the American Frontier, John Wunder,
ed. (New York: Greenwood Press, 1988)
“The History Teaching Alliance,” (reports on the university/secondary
school collaborative programs in 24 states) Perspectives (various issues),
“Current Scholarship in American Indian History, 1985,” Prospects: An
Annual of the American Culture Studies Association (Cambridge
University Press, 1986)
Co-author with William Hewitt, “Gossard v. Crane: National Issues in
American Education brought to the University of Wyoming in the
1920s,” Annals of Wyoming (Fall 1985)
Survey and Recommendation of Battle Sites, Suitability Study for
Location of National Military Cemetery,” National Park Service,
Survey of Proposed Historic District in Casper, Wyoming, prepared for
Submission to National Register of Historic Sites (1984)
“Historic Overview of the Washakie Basin,” Environmental Impact
Statement, prepared for the Wyoming State Archeologist’s Office,
“Historic Overview of lands to be Included in the Proposed Edness
Kimball Wilkins State Park, Natrona County, Wyoming,” history
And land use study prepared for the Wyoming Recreation Commission,
State Historic Preservation Office, 1982
“Historic Overview of Cumberland, Lincoln, and Uinta counties,
Environmental Impact Statement, prepared for the State
Archeologist’s Office, 1982
“Historic Overview of the North Antelope Coal Company North Antelope
Mine in Campbell and Converse Counties, Wyoming,” EIS Report,
Prepared for the State Archeologist’s Office, 1981
C. Workshop Presentations
“Teaching Social Studies: New Instructional Strategies for Grades 1-6,”
Halifax County Schools, January 1999
Co-director, NEH Conference on Teaching World History, 2 week workshop,
June 1998
“New Techniques in Interdisciplinary Teaching of Global Studies for
Grades 7-12,” BOCES teacher in-service workshop, Cherry Point
Schools, January 1997
Director and presenter, Workshop of the New National History Standards,
Presented to teachers selected from12 middle, junior, and senior high
Schools in a three county area of western New York, sponsored by
A grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Organization of American
Historians, and the New York Department of Education, March 1996
Have conducted a series of university-secondary school teacher collaborative
Workshops at George Mason University, Case Western Reserve
University, Kennesaw State College, University of Florida, etc.—
all on social studies education, 1985-1994.
Service to College Community/Local Community
Development of Public History Program
Liaison for implementation of student internships with National
Park Service, Partners in Parks, etc.
Director of summer and academic year internship programs in public history:
Virginia Historical Society
American Historical Association
The Library of Congress
The Virginia Department of Historic Resources
The Chrysler Museum
Museum of the Confederacy
The Red Brick House (Crewe)
The Lafayette Hotel (Stanardsville)
The Old Homestead (West Creek)
The Bull Run Mountain Site
The Rural Genealogical Center
Longwood campus history project
Longwood Center for Visual Arts
Jamestowne Society
1) preparation of annotated notation for Mary N. Stanard’s
Virginia’s First Century (1928) to be republished by
The First Company of North Carolina Jamestowne Society
in commemoration of the anniversary of Jamestown’s
founding in 2007.
2) Research and preparation of web page site providing links to
17th century documents concerning Chesapeake settlement.
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