Photos from Amber Behanna`s post in East Coast Rabbit Rescue

Photos from Amber Behanna's post in East Coast Rabbit
Rescue Network
Amber BehannaEast Coast Rabbit Rescue Network
Bay area Florida:
This poor bun was set loose in a residential neighborhood. Would anyone be able to take him/her in? I will
cover half the cost for spay/neuter and transport can be arranged easily within Florida.
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Melissa McAvaddy Looks like Brenda's clementine!
April 3 at 9:16pm · Like · 1
Melissa McAvaddy She's so pretty! . Why isn't my house bigger and my. Health better?!?!
April 3 at 9:17pm · Like
Chris J Babbit Poor baby!!
April 3 at 9:26pm · Like
Mary Lacey Aww poor baby , I would adopt her if I lived in Florida !!!! : (
April 4 at 10:05am · Like
Amber Behanna No. The person that took the photos did not bring the bun inside and he/she is still
running the neighborhood.
April 4 at 4:06pm · Like
Kurtis Marsh Where
April 4 at 4:16pm · Like
Amber Behanna I received this information 3rd hand. All I know is that it is in Tampa.
Someone contacted their friend, who knows of the rescue, saying they had this bun hopping around
the neighborhood because their neighbor didn't want it anymore. So the friend contacted me.
April 4 at 4:20pm · Like
Amber Behanna I gave her the name of the best shelters to take it to, but I was hoping someone
else in the area would be looking for a bun, since the Easter dump period is about to start and the
less buns at the shelters the better.
April 4 at 4:21pm · Like
Mary Lacey I thought this beautiful bunny was rescued & safe now : ( : (
April 4 at 5:10pm · Like
Mary Lacey Has she been found yet ???
April 5 at 8:32am · Like
Amber Behanna No
April 5 at 10:07am · Like
Lucy Brownlee Has anyone given this to Linda Sue to share, she lives in FL?
April 5 at 12:50pm · Like · 1
Lucy Brownlee Why not, she is a member. Amber Behanna, is she blocked? Who took this photo,
are they near the bunny?
April 5 at 12:52pm · Edited · Like
Amber Behanna I would love some help, just not from Linda Sue. I don't trust some of the people
she works with and have also been lashed out on by her in the past.
Once the rabbit is caught he/she will need someplace to go, so if anyone in Florida has room please
let me know
April 5 at 9:26pm · Like
Lucy Brownlee Amber, I am sorry if Linda Sue (allegedly) lashed out at you but when it comes to
saving rabbits lives she is the one to get things moving. Are you stating that Linda is responsible
for what her friends do and that your disliking her is more important than saving the life of this
You have not posted any contact information or location that could lead anyone to find this poor
rabbit, each day it is out it has less chance of surviving. This is more than heartbreaking.
April 7 at 8:58am · Like · 2
Amber Behanna I am not going to unblock someone who has harassed me.
I will not post the contact information as I don't want this woman to have to deal with Linda Sue.
I'm sorry that you feel that I am putting something above this rabbits safety. I am not. The last time
I had spoken with Linda Sue she did not have any contacts in the area where this bun is. I am the
closest person I know to the rabbit. If you know anyone else in the bay area that could help please
send them my way.
April 7 at 9:32am · Like
Amber Behanna I do not know any reputable rescues in Florida that will work with Linda Sue. I
am not alone in this.
April 7 at 9:33am · Like · 2
Lucy Brownlee I did not ask you to unblock her and frankly you have a lot of nerve speaking about
someone like her that helps thousands of rabbits daily. Linda works regularly with every rabbit
rescue in Florida and every other State and has a good reputation so you may want to stop
slandering her.
Truth said - If you genuinely cared about this rabbit you would post the location and address so the
bunny can be saved!
April 7 at 9:46am · Like · 2
Ann Flagg Campbell I can't believe this baby is suffering over more personality issues.
April 7 at 9:52am · Unlike · 3
Lucy Brownlee Amber Behanna can you Please post the address of the rabbit so someone can go
April 7 at 10:04am · Like · 1
Amber Behanna Does anyone know anyone in Tampa that can take this rabbit? If not, I don't see
how posting someone's address is going to help. An address I don't even have, as I said, I heard
about this 3rd hand through her friend who I am speaking to.
I have already been told the girl thinks she can catch the bunny herself. I have offered the use of
my humane traps. She does not need volunteers to go out and help catch the rabbit, she needs
someone to take the bun once she does. I have given her my contact info and told her I will supply
her with short term housing, litter, hay, pellets, etc.
I came here looking for a place for this bun to go to try and ease the pressure at local shelters and
rescues since Easter is so fast approaching. Not to debate about Linda Sue. That is a point we will
never agree on and that is OK. We are all passionate about rescuing rabbits but we are all different
people and will have different views on things.
Again, this rabbit will need a place to go once he/she is caught. If anyone knows anyone in Florida
that can take the rabbit please let me know.
April 7 at 10:23am · Like
Lucy Brownlee Lisa Daloia, already offered this rabbit a home, you ignored her.
April 7 at 12:13pm · Like · 2
Amber Behanna She did not tell me she wanted to give the rabbit a home. She wanted me to
unblock Linda Sue and coordinate with her about the bun.
April 7 at 12:15pm · Like
Lucy Brownlee Yes Lisa Daloia wants the rabbit.
We understand Betsy Day is going to foster the bunny why are you still posting for a place to go?
The bunny needs caught asap it's life is danger every minute it is outdoors, it is a miracle the bunny
is still alive.
April 7 at 12:18pm · Like · 1
Amber Behanna I wasn't still posting for a place for the bun to go (though I am sure everyone
would be happier if he/she got adopted instead of having to go into rescue). I was defending
myself. Sad that that is needed.
I understand the rabbit is in danger. They are going to catch the rabbit. The rabbit will not be left
outside and forgotten about. They are working on catching it. I don't know how many more ways I
can say it.
I am VERY grateful to Betsy (for this and for all of the wonderful work she and her rescue do) and
will work on getting this bun to me once it is caught and then transporting him/her to wherever it
needs to go.
April 7 at 12:25pm · Like · 1
Lucy Brownlee Thank you Amber.
April 7 at 12:34pm · Like
Janet Geren Amber, Linda Sue is a shaker and a mover and personalities shouldn't even be in the
equasion here. This bunny needs help and if she was involved, the bunny would not still be sitting
I am appalled and sickened by this slander that you are spreading about a friend who really is a
friend of the animals. I am shocked and saddened to see someone in the rescue community hurting
another who really does "rescue" and walks like she talks! It isn't about your own personal
vendetta, this is about rescue and caring and love...
April 7 at 1:59pm · Edited · Unlike · 3
Amber Behanna The bun is running loose and the woman who sent the message is trying to catch
it. Again, this isn't about Linda Sue. This is about this rabbit. The rabbit has been offered a place to
go, so this is a non issue at this point, unless you just enjoy telling me I am a bad person.
I won't work with Linda Sue because I feel the people she entrusts rabbits to are not good rabbit
caretakers. I also do not like that she has gone off on both me and people I know. I am not going to
put this rabbit's life in questionable hands. Period.
I am also shocked and saddened to see so much aggression in the rescue community. Just because I
do not agree with one person in rabbit rescue or will not work with them, does not mean I am evil
or don't have a heart.
April 7 at 2:08pm · Like · 1
Melissa McAvaddy Amber Behanna had a hand in rescuing and bringing me my 8 bunnies and 9
guinea pigs and our gerbil! She is a fantastic rescuer! If she opts to not work with someone she has
the right to do that, please respect that right! Plus, she didn't abandon the bun in question, she's
made arrangements once the bun is caught!
April 7 at 2:19pm · Like · 2
Ann Flagg Campbell I agree Melissa no one has to work with anyone but I don't think we need to
be slandering each other or posting negative threads on our walls about other people in rescue it
just makes us all seem petty and it only serves to reinforce that rescues and people involved bicker
more than help. I mean Amber just stated she doesn't trust the people Linda places bunnies with
and that they aren't good caretakers that is a large statement to make unless she has personally seen
some issues I don't understand why it has to be said....I think we can all put our differences aside
for the common good and goal..saving lives right?
April 7 at 2:24pm · Unlike · 3
Ann Flagg Campbell Wow...egos trump rescuing bunnies apparently. Sad commentary on us as a
April 7 at 2:25pm · Unlike · 3
Janet Geren Thanks Ann Flagg Campbell, I am right with you.
April 7 at 2:25pm · Unlike · 3
Janet Geren Very Sad and speaks volumes about the individuals
April 7 at 2:26pm · Unlike · 3
Ann Flagg Campbell Hey I don't "like" everyone in rescue and I have a shoot from the hip style
and I know not everyone "likes" me but this isn't a popularity contest. I try and cooperate with
everyone that truly helps and assists in rescuing, placement, transport, funding, etc. Unless I know
there is an issue with safety or endangering a rabbit and if that is the case you can be assured I just
won't post about in a group I will try and take action to correct it or I am just nothing but a gossip
monger and that helps no bunny. I do however love you Janet Geren
April 7 at 2:29pm · Like · 2
Janet Geren I reciprocate Ann Flagg Campbell
April 7 at 2:31pm · Like · 1
Ann Flagg Campbell Thanks Janet. I am sure Amber does a lot of good things too, and I know
Linda does for certain, I really wish all this nonsense would be pushed aside for a greater
purpose.... Dream on right?
April 7 at 2:32pm · Unlike · 3
Lucy Brownlee I appreciate anyone willing to help animals in need, I hope this bunny is caught
before a predator kills it, or it gets EC or coccidia. It is pretty simple to place a trap with food in
the yard so not sure what the hold up is catching this bunny.
I also agree that it was Not necessary to slander Linda Sue and if anyone knows her well knows
she will most likely be addressing what was said about her on her wall.
April 7 at 2:38pm · Like · 2
Lori Mills Bunnies FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 7 at 2:47pm · Unlike · 3
Janet Geren Bless all of you who help the bunnies and all animals
April 7 at 2:50pm · Unlike · 2
Amber Behanna I have had first hand experience with some of the people that Linda Sue was
placing bunnies with. I had bad experiences with them before and know that they did not keep
their bunnies in good conditions. That is why I first stopped wanting to work with her and then was
told I was a horrible person for it.
I would love to work peacefully with other rescues and rescuers, but I have my standards and they
should be respected.
I can see people being friends with Linda Sue and getting offended by my statements, but they are
what I believe and I stick by them. I like to give reasons behind my decisions and be upfront with
people, but clearly that was a mistake here. I will be less upfront in the future as to not cause any
April 7 at 2:56pm · Like · 5
Brandy Rose The rabbit not being caught is wasting time for its life!
All the difference in opinion is wasting time for this poor buns LIFE!
April 7 at 6:43pm · Unlike · 5
Lori Mills I agree Brandy Rose, Too much time bickering on FB when the time should be used
saving the bunny !! This happens too much anymore
April 7 at 6:45pm · Unlike · 4
Ann Flagg Campbell Okay so now that we have all said out piece lets put it behind us and move
ahead. Amber Behanna I am sorry if you felt I was attacking you I just hate seeing this kind of
bickering when animals are suffering as I am sure you all do.
April 7 at 7:43pm · Like · 1
Chris J Babbit Update on this bun: she was rescued today by Amber Behanna ;D AWESOME job
Amber!!! The bun is safe tonight and after Amber has her fixed she will be heading to GRR.
April 9 at 8:42pm · Unlike · 5
Brandy Rose Awesome job!!!
April 9 at 8:45pm · Like · 1
Brandy Rose Beautiful bun...
April 10 at 12:00am · Like · 1
Mary Lacey Thank you for saving this precious bunny !!!!!!!
April 10 at 6:12am · Like · 1
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