Jyh-Mirn Lai
National Chiayi University
No 300, SueyFu Rd.
Chiayi City
Office Tel: 886-5-2717589
Fax: 886-5-2717566
[email protected]
PhD: Veterinary Epidemiology
University of Glasgow, January 2004 – June 2007
In my research, I used a combination of descriptive, hierarchical cluster,
temporal and spatial cluster, and time series methods to identify the
relationships between the human and animal Salmonella Typhimurium
definitive type 104 isolates, based on their resistance patterns.
Master: Veterinary medicine - Swine disease
National Taiwan University, September 1994 – June 1996
My research focused on the etiological study. I used polymerase chain
reaction, serum neutralizing and quantitative ELISA methods to
investigate the vicissitude between antibodies and Porcine Reproductive
and Respiratory Syndrome virus.
Bachelor: Veterinary Medicine
National Taiwan University, October 1989 – June 1994
My researches focused on the diagnoses of swine diseases, the
monoclonal antibody development of swine vesicular disease, the
detective method development of swine rotavirus infection and porcine
reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus.
Short Term Courses:
I was selected by the Taiwanese government for the following training
Agriculture technology management
22 October 2001 – 2 November 2001
Field Epidemiology Training Program
1 August 1999 – 30 June 2000
Aug 2008 -
Assistant Professor in National Chiayi University, Department of Veterinary
I teach small animal clinical medicine, farm animal clinical medicine,
veterinary statistics, and clinical trial design.
Current interesting in
1. The micro-environment of dog/cat ear, especialy the antimicrobial
competitiion between the two pathogens, and the antimicrobial resistance
mechanisms of the two pathogens as well.
2. Goat and cattle mastitis, the antimicrobial resistances and the
prevalence of different pathogens. The patterns in space and time are also
focused on.
3. The intervention of rabies vaccine in Taiwan. Is any policy useful to
boost the rate of vaccinations? I try to find the factors influencing owners
behaviour and the government officers.
Jan 2008 - Jul 2008
Postdoctoral position in Department of Health, Taiwan. R.O.C.
I extend the working experience to the fields of GLP, GCP, and GMP. I
surveyed, investigated and supported suggestions of clinical trial systems
in Taiwan. Except that, I worked as a funding management.
Sep 2007 - Dec 2007
General assistant in National Veterinary Research Institute, Taiwan
I managed a lab focusing on detecting the residues of all important
chemicals, such as toxins, bactericides, and chemicals using HPLC, MS/MS,
and GC.
In addition, I tried to extend the study to antimicrobial resistant
May 2001 - Jun 2004
Research assistant/Assistant in National Veterinary Research Institute,
I set up and Managed ISO 17025 Laboratory, was the leader of a group
researching goat diseases, a co-researcher in cattle and waterfowl
diseases. I also developed a diagnostic kit for goat rotavirus infection.
Jul 1998 - May 2001
Government Veterinarian in Hu-Kuo Twn Council, Hsin-Tsu County,
I was in charge of clinical diagnosis of animals; and the council’s diseases
control and prevention programme.
Jul 1994 - Jun 1998
Lieutenant in Taiwan
I was the Team Leader in charge of designing the education and training
program. I was a team leader to protect my adorable country.
Jyh-Mirn Lai, Peck-Toung Ooi, Review of Human Emerging Coronaviruses
and Animal Coronaviruses, 疫情報導 , 2010 (Accepted, In progress)
治民、吳瑞得*。病例報告:犬之縱膈型B細胞淋巴瘤。Taiwan Vet J 36(1):67-72,
Min-Huei CIOU, Chang--You YU, Yao-Chi SU, Jyh-Mirn Lai*, Screening of
the Probiotic Activity of Lactobacillus spp. From Geese, Taiwan Vet J 35(4):
253-259, 2009
宰常作業動線-以台灣中部某豬隻屠宰場為例。Taiwan Vet J 35(3):209-216,
Jyh-Mirn Lai, H. E. Ternent, G. T. Innocent, L. Mathew, W. J. Reilly, D. J.
Mellor, D. Brown, J. E. Coia, S. W. J. Reid. Using hierarchical cluster
analysis to investigate relationships among Salmonella Typhimurium DT
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Lai J.M. H. E. Ternent, G. T. Innocent, L. Mathew, W. J. Reilly, D. J. Mellor,
D. Brown, S. W. J. Reid.Antimicrobial resistance; association of trends and
clusters of resistant S. Typhimurium in contemporaneous animal and
human populations. ISVEE XI, 2006
Images of Electron Microscopy: The most common animal virus disease in
Taiwan VolumesI and II. Introductions to chapters on arenavaridae,
orthomyxoviridae, paramyxoviridae, poxviridae and retroviridae. AHRI,
Taipei, 2005
Common Goat Diseases of Taiwan. Chapters on rotavirus infection and
contagious pustular dermatitis. AHRI, Taipei, 2005
Lai J.M., T. L. Hsu, P. C. Hsu, Y. P. Chen, J. R. Shiau, Using Mailed
Questionnaire to Measure Knowledge of Infectious Diseases, Willingness,
Needs and Problems of Owners of Goat Farms: Pretest, Exp. Rep. NIAH.,
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Jiang D. D., J. M. Lai, S. W. Kang, J. T. Twu, P. C. Hsu, Assessing the
Public’s Knowledge and Environmental Sanitation Facilities for the Control
of Bacillary Dysentery in Jenai Township, Nantou County. Epidemiology
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Kuo S. T., L. J. Ting, M. S. Lee, J. M. Lai, M. C. Chen, Y. T. Liu, D. T. Lin, J.
R. Shiau, Diagnosis Of Animal Diseases By Electron Microscopy, Exp. Rep.
NIAH, 2001, No. 37: 29-34.
Government scholarship to study in Japan on the subject of
bovine diseases
Government scholarship from the Ministry of Education in
Taiwan on the subject of veterinary epidemiology.
For serving on the editorial board and as a writer of Images of
Electronmicroscope: The most common virus diseases in
For handling avian botulism infection in the black-faced spoon
For setting up ISO 17025 certified laboratory.
Third place in livestock registration competition in Hsin-Tsu
County, Taiwan.
For encouraging farmers to improving their livestock
For the performance in diseases surveillance during the 1999
For waste recycle program on animal farms.
For the contribution during the campaign of making Hu-Kuo
Town Hall one of the Top 100 towns in Taiwan.
Government official examination (Veterinarian)
Government official special examination (Veterinarian)
Veterinary license
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