EDUCATION 251: Elem - Great Basin College

EDEL 311 and EDSC 311:
Elementary Methods Practicum I
Great Basin College
Fall 2007
Instructor: Harvey J. Estes
Phone: 623-2881 cell 421-2881
Time: September 4, 2007. 1:00pm Rm 124
Location: Great Basin College Campus/Winnemucca
Credits: One
Prerequisite: Field experience is coordinated with EDUC 250
Textbook: Kellough, Richard and Roberts, Patricia. A Resource Guide
for Elementary School Teaching (Sixth edition), Merrill, 1998. LiveText
Electronic Portfolio CD.
Campbell, D.M., Cignetti, P.M., Melenyzer, B.M., Nettles, D.H., & Wyman,
R.M. (2004). How to Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for
Teachers (3rd ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN# 0205393411
Accommodations: Qualified students with physical or documented
learning disabilities have the right to free accommodations to ensure equal
access to educational opportunities at GBC. For assistance, contact the
Student Services Office in Elko at 753-2279. Any student needing special
accommodations need to notify me immediately.
 Course Description: EDEL 311 and EDSC 311 is a co-requisite to
Education 250. EDEL 311 and EDSC 311 constitutes the first level of
field experience. The teacher candidate becomes exposed to the
general school environment. It includes the following experiences:
 Exposure to schools via groups and individual visits
 Information gathering via school visits and attendance to parent
teacher and local School Board meeting
 Shadowing a teacher and/or a groups for a day
 Eight classroom meetings for discussions and interviewing local
school principals and other visitors.
 The LiveText Electronic professional portfolio is introduced.
LiveText Portfolio Workshops
You are required to attend one workshop for the entire workshop time. You
must take items for your portfolio (resume, biography, artifacts, etc.) with
you to this class in an electronic format. You will be working with
LiveText to create your portfolio. This is not an open work time; it is a
workshop that you must attend from start to finish, and you must
REGISTER for the workshop! For workshop dates and times, please see
page 124 of the Fall 2007 GBC catalog.
Intasc Standards: Principle 2 (Human Development and Learning),
Principal 3 (Diverse Learning), Principal 4 (Teaching Strategies),
Principal 5 (Positive, Active Learning Environment), Principal 6
(Effective Communication), and Principal 10 (Partnerships)
Expected Learner Outcomes:
 Demonstrate an understanding how learning occurs, how students
construct knowledge, acquire skills, and develop physically,
socially, emotionally, and cognitively.
 Through reading, research, and discussion, the students will focus
on learning modalities and learning styles of themselves and
students they will observe.
 Describe different teaching strategies for working with diverse
learners in the classroom.
 Exposure to positive classroom situations and note taking from
observation of shadowing a classroom teacher.
 Compares interview techniques with classroom teacher, students,
and principals.
 Introduced to the partnership of school and student colleagues
with focus on the dynamics of teaching school.
Requirement: The student in EDEL 311 and EDSC 311 field
experiences must pass the Regional Police Check and FBI Fingerprint
Check required by the State of Nevada. Participation in scheduled visits
will be authorized by Julie Byrnes, Admissions and Records Officer,
when the satisfactory regional police check is received. The student will
secure the GBC photo ID for EDEL 311 and EDSC 311 to be worn
during each school visit.
Grading Policy and Student Outcomes: Field Experiences are
evaluated as P/W.
 Attendance of eight class times.
 Maintain and submit records for the required observation of your
shadow teacher.
 Demonstrate understanding of and incorporations of professional
behavior in their professional roles.
 Demonstrate ability to identify response to diverse learners and
positive learning environments, ability to reflect on experiences,
value and foster relationships.
 Be prepared for test on required reading in textbook.
 Maintain and submit interview with teacher, student, and
Course Expectations:
 All assignments must be typed unless other arrangements are
 All assigned reading material is to be read previous to class dates.
 Dress appropriately for class observations. Be prompt,
professional, and prepared when entering a classroom.
 Confidentiality of any classroom observations.
Tuesdays 12:30 in Rm. 124
September 4 Syllabus, requirements, overview. In class ex. 1.1 on page
11. Reflecting on my own educational experiences. Discuss
assignment for teacher shadowing. Cays and times for
remaining classes.
Homework: Read Chapter one, pages 3-23. Be prepared
to discuss problems and issues face in today’s schools.
September 11 Discussion on Chapter one and question 1-5. Whate makes
a great teacher.
Homework: Read Chaper Two, pages 29-45. Be
prepared to share what learning style you learn with Best.
How does this affect your teaching?
September 25 Discuss learning modalities and learning styles.
Introduce multiple intelligence and discuss.
Assign shadowing teacher placements.
Discussion of Teacher and Student interview.
Review interview question for principal.
Homework: Read Chapter Three, pages 49-76
October 9
Interview principal.
October 23
Quiz and discussion of classroom observation, Teaching
styles and chapter three.
November 6
Class discussion or classroom observation at Junior High
November 20 Group visit to French Ford Middle School.
December 4
Turn in observations, interviews with principal, teacher, and
student. Observation of shadowing, French Ford and Junior
Is Teaching for you???
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