Is Pure Better? Primary Scriptures Proverbs 5:6, 15:26, 20:11

Primary Scriptures
Proverbs 5:6, 15:26, 20:11
 Identify God’s plan for our purity.
 Examine why girls choose not to live a life of purity.
 Discuss the benefits of maintaining a pure heart and mind.
Recently, I was on an airplane filled with over 30 teenage girls who were returning from a
cheer competition. I sat next to two of the girls who pulled out a women’s magazine and
began reading an article out loud about how to please a man in bed. One of the girls was
only fifteen year old—fifteen and reading an article in an adult magazine about how to
sexually please a man.
Purity can often be a misunderstood word. While some people may consider purity to be a
foolish thing to pursue, God calls us to be pure. And He doesn’t just call us to be pure
physically but in our mind, heart, and body. God wants us to stay away from the lies and
contamination of the world’s messages and instead to choose purity.
The LORD detests the thoughts of the wicked, but those of the pure are pleasing to him
(Proverbs 15:26).
Leader’s Study
Proverbs 5:6, 20:11, 15:26
Let’s take a quick look at the scriptures used today in our Bible Study:
Proverbs 5:6 – The she in this passage is the adulteress woman, one who hasn’t chosen
purity. The scripture says that she doesn’t even give thought to it but instead staggers
through life blindly and destructively. Making a commitment to choose God’s way for purity
demands intentionality that begins in our heart and mind.
Proverbs 15:26 – This is a strong verse: God detests the “thoughts” of the wicked. It
doesn’t say anything about God detesting people but rather their impure thoughts. Purity is
so important to God that it stirs up an emotion within the creator of the world. The flipside
to this emotion is that those who make a commitment to purity please God.
Proverbs 20:11 – The character of a person is known by others and you are never too
young to be known for your purity. Purity is recognizable by others because it is lived out in
action. Purity starts with a commitment that is lived out in front of others.
Why purity is more than not having sex:
1. It’s about purity of your heart.
Every commitment begins in the heart and it has to be bigger than saying “I won’t have
sex,” because purity is about resisting the world’s way of doing things. The challenge is to
make a commitment that guards your heart, mind, and body from anything that would
contaminate you with the sin from the world.
2. It’s about purity of your mind.
A lot of us feel good about ourselves because we aren’t out having sex, but the thoughts
and things that we put into our minds are just as damaging. Think about the magazines that
you read, the movies you watch, and the songs you listen to. What messages are they
sending? It’s not about avoiding “the world” but it’s about making daily decisions that help
maintain the purity of your mind versus allowing it to be contaminated.
3. It’s about purity of your motives.
When your heart and mind are pure the results are actions motivated by purity. But when
you begin to let yourself be swayed by the world’s messages, you find yourself making
decisions or leading others to make decisions out of wrong motives. Wrong motives are
those that are about only fulfilling your own selfish desires, such as instant gratification or
approval from others, or whatever they may be.
Discussion Guide
Open Up
 What are words that you associate with purity?
 Would you say that typically people who have chosen to abstain from certain
conversations or activities are considered pure, naïve or sheltered?
 Do you think purity is an important value today among teenage girls? Why?
Dig In
Transition into your study by discussing the definition of purity (keeping oneself form being
contaminated or diluted by the sin and the world’s messages). If it’s appropriate, share a
story of how your commitment or lack of commitment to purity has affected your life. The
scriptures point out the value of needing to keep oneself pure for both honoring God and for
living a life free of regrets and disappointments. Today we’ll explore why purity is so
important and what we can do to achieve it in our lives.
Read and discuss Proverbs 5:6, 15:26, 20:11
 Look at Proverbs 5:6. Who is the “she” in this passage?
 What does she give no thought to? Describe the path that follows her decision.
 Do you agree that making the right decision requires effort and work?
 What are people defined by? Is that the same today?
 When the author says that even a child is known by her actions, what principle is
 Describe the emotions of God that are expressed in this passage. What does it say
about God and purity?
 What about “the pure” are pleasing to God?
Close Out
1. What’s the common theme from all the Bible passages about purity?
2. Purity starts with making a commitment. Why do you think it’s important to make a
3. In this world do you think that it’s hard to maintain purity of heart and mind? What’s
the difference between keeping your heart and mind pure?
4. What are some of the main reasons people struggle with keeping their commitment
to purity?
5. What steps can you take to maintain your purity in today’s world?
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