The Red Bull Storm Chase Windsurfing in the most unpredictable

The Red Bull Storm Chase
Windsurfing in the most unpredictable element of nature: the storm
Wanted: radical windsurfers to take part in the chase for the biggest Northern European
storm. The application runs from June until the middle of July. Who will get to compete in this
mind blowing competition, will be decided in an internet voting; applicants can register at One thing is for sure though: only the most experienced and tough
guys should register.
According to meteorological predictions, the time window for the Red Bull Storm Chase
project lies between the middle of September and the middle of November. At each spot, the
biggest windsurf action will be filmed by local camera teams; the surf community will be able to
relive the Red Bull Storm Chase on DVD from December.
Dark clouds gather on the horizon. A mighty storm travels over the Atlantic and approaches the
Northern European coasts with raging force. The storm indicator starts ringing. The ocean is boiling. In
the middle of all that, ten fearless windsurfers, who on their local spots face the ultimate challenge: a
battle with the elements. This is in a nutshell what the Red Bull Storm Chase is all about: the most
extreme windsurf show ever! An event never tempted before, and in nature just as radical as the most
unpredictable element of nature itself: the storm.
This autumn, windsurfers from the participating countries such as Ireland, Germany and Denmark
will open the chase for hurricane winds at their home spots. The Red Bull Storm Chase will push the
limits of an already radical sport, by challenging the boundaries of the conditions itself. Forget about the
sunny boy image of windsurfing, this autumn European local boys will show who really rips!
The cool thing is: you can decide who gets to compete in this competition. From the beginning of
June each windsurfer, whether pro or amateur, can apply online for a ticket to the competition in their
own country. You then decide who will represent your country in the Red Bull Storm Chase, and who will
feature on the Storm Chase DVD, produced by legendary production company Big Sexy Pictures. The
vote is open from the 17th of July and everyone can vote for their hero. One month later the ten
protagonists for the storm competition will be announced, after which the waiting period will start: waiting
for the biggest low pressure of the season. On a storm indicator will keep
you posted on the weather patterns. Thanks to the large time window the kick-off can be given exactly
when the conditions are perfect.
At wind speeds of ten Beaufort or more each mistake can be your last. Each sailor competing in the
Red Bull Storm Chase must know exactly what he is getting himself into. When it’s show time, the sailor
will be accompanied by a camera team. Features such as mast mount or boom camera’s and Sunnto
GPS-watches with pulse sensors will register all the action and will make you feel like you are part of the
action. Apart from the hardcore action from the storm sessions, background information about the spots,
riders and their diaries will be featured of the DVD.
The Red Bull Storm Chase stands for the most radical conditions, for extreme wavesailing on the edge of what’s
possible and for a unique and dangerous adventure. May the chase begin…
Rider comment:
„The RedBull Storm-Chase is exactly what we need in windsurfing. It will show the full potential of our sport and the
extreme conditions mother nature can offer. Hopefully I get the most votes on my side! I really want to start at this event.“
Klaas Voget
Important dates:
Beginning of June – 17 July 2006: registration phase
17 – 31 July: open voting round (preliminary round)
1 – 13 August: final voting round
1 September – 15 November: waiting period (attention: the storm can arrive any second!)
December 2006: DVD release
The event website will be online from June 2006. High resolution
images will be downloadable from the media section.
Contact details:
Big Sexy Pictures, Julia Karbaum - email: [email protected]
Red Bull Communication, Kirsten Veil - email: [email protected]
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