CME Exemplar Video Script

CME Exemplar Video Script
Program Overview
No longer are you limited to traditional texts driven by uninspiring delivery of basic skills or
progressive programs with unfamiliar, complex organizations. The CME Project provides
teachers with a third, and totally innovative alternative providing complete support with
comprehensive teaching resources and engaging technology that integrates the latest Texas
Instruments technology into the mathematics classroom.
Developed over decades of classroom experience and informed by research, the CME Project is
organized around mathematical themes that are familiar to teachers and parents while
providing an engaging and rigorous curriculum to capture students’ interest and help them
achieve the thrill of mathematical success.
The CME Project meets the dual goals of mathematical rigor and accessibility for all students. It
achieves these goals through:
• Innovative, research-based instruction
• Problem-based, student-centered curriculum
• Engaging lessons that focus on developing students’ Habits of Mind
• Accessible approach to capture and engage students of all ability levels
The CME Project was developed by a team out of the Education Development Center (EDC). Led
by Dr. Al Cuoco, who has a PhD in mathematics as well as 30 years teaching experience, the
program is designed to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematics. The
development of this program was also informed by the involvement of well-known and
respected mathematicians in the field as well as teachers, educational researchers, teacher
educators, and field test teachers.
The tremendous success of NSF-funded middle school programs, such as Connected
Mathematics 2, has left a need for a high school program with similar rigor and pedagogy. The
CME Project fills this need! CME Project puts a unique spin on teaching and learning math by
balancing instructional elements of other programs, forming good Habits of Mind, and
developing a deep understanding of mathematics. It’s math with a twist!
The CME Project is the only NSF-funded High School mathematics program organized around
the familiar structure of Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus and fully aligned to
the Common Core State Standards. The program not only provides comprehensive coverage of
the Common Core Content Standards, it also infuses the Standards for Mathematical Practice
throughout every lesson. In a real sense, the entire CME Project is about mathematical
practice. The emphasis on mathematical habits of mind, the core organizing principle of the
program, is aimed at helping students develop precisely the kind of mathematical practices
described in the Common Core State Standards.
CME Project features a wealth of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment tools to
assess and remediate students’ progress every step of the way. These assessments, available in
print and online, support the transition to new state-wide assessments that will be aligned to
the Common Core Standards. Success Tracker™ diagnoses students’ readiness to learn new
skills, benchmarks their progress, provides individualized remediation and enrichment, and
reports on mastery of the Common Core Standards.
Teachers can extend learning beyond the textbook with helpful tools for every chapter and
lesson of Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus. Pearson SuccessNet, the digital
component for the series, encompasses a wealth of assets including the online Student Edition,
a Worksheet Center, additional teacher resources, and online assessment with remediation.
The CME Project also collaborated with Texas Instruments to integrate the newest handheld
and computer software, TI-Nspire™. This handheld graphing calculator lets students explore
multiple representations of a math concept on a single screen.
Key Selling Points- Program Differentiators
CME Project is different than any other high school mathematics program because it utilizes the
best parts of both a student-centered mathematics program and a traditional mathematics
CME presents…
Math that’s Balanced—Not only does CME Project offer a balance of an NSF-funded program in
the traditional sequence of Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus, it also uses a
balance of instructional elements. From more traditional ones—like worked out examples and
formal definitions—to more student-centered ones—like Getting Started activities and student
dialogues, CME Projects supports an instructional design of moving from exploration with new
concepts to formalization of the mathematics. Students are given a chance to first grapple with
new ideas before receiving formal instruction.
Math that’s Mindful—A major focus of the program is developing students’ Habits of Mind or
ways in which students approach and solve mathematical problems. CME Project helps develop
mathematical thinkers who are confident with grappling with a problem and solving it using
one of many approaches. Users of CME Project learn how to thinking critically and develop
habits necessary for success in more advance math courses.
Math that’s Deep—CME Project provides a program that’s mathematically rigorous, while still
accessible to all students. With only 8 chapters in each book, the CME Project supports a focus
on key mathematical ideas and develops them thoroughly.
Math that’s Research-based—CME Project is based on the work of a diverse group of
researchers including individuals including senior author Dr. Al Cuoco. In addition, a National
Advisory Board, a Teacher Advisory Board, Field Test Teachers, and an extensive development
team helped shape the program. The program was also field tested in diverse classrooms across
the country. Field test teachers gave extensive feedback and provided insight in to real
classrooms using the program.
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