Arcor Group in figures

Arcor Group
Arcor was founded on July 5th, 1951 in Arroyito (Córdoba, Argentina) by a group of young
entrepreneurs whose objective was to offer high quality food at a fair rate to consumers around the
world. Since its origins, under a constant reinvestment policy, Arcor has incorporated the latest
technological advances in production processes and the development of commercial tools. Along its
history, Arcor knew how to develop competitive advantages that consolidate the company as one of
the most important multinationals of the region. It specializes in the manufacture of sweet
confectioneries, cookies, ice-creams, nutritional food and, with a sustained growth, its offer reaches
all consumers’ segments. Arcor is the company with the greatest prestige in Argentina and it fills a
leadership position in the countries of the region. It is present in more than 120 markets of the world
and develops brands that people from different age choose due to their quality, guarantee and trust.
Its annual invoicing is of US$ 2.600 million and it has 40 industrial plants in Latin America, many of
them are a model in their gender. It has a personnel integrated by collaborators from different walks
of life and professions who are committed to a common end. In order to reach it, they develop
innovative growth strategies and alliances with leader groups of global level. The business strategy
is sustained in the continuous improvement of management skills, systematically seeking for the
creation of economic, social and environmental value. With the aim of becoming the N° 1 company
of sweet confectionery and cookies of Latin America and of consolidating its participation in the
international market, Arcor Group has developed the following strengths:
It is a specialist in the production of sweet confectionery, cookies, chocolates, ice creams and
food products.
First producer of sweets in the world.
it integrates the biggest cookies company of South America, in partnership with Danone Group.
First exporter of sweet confectionery in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.
It develops highly recognized brands.
It became partner with Bimbo Group for the production of chocolates and sweet confectionery
in Mexico.
Main production units certified by ISO 9000 Standards (Quality Management), ISO 14001
(Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety and Health),
HACCP (Risk Analysis and Control of Critical Points), AIB (Food Safety –American Institute of
Baking–), IFS (Food Safety –International Foods Standard–), BRC (Food Safety –Global
Standard-Food–), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GMP 13 (Animal Feed Safety –Dutch
Products Board of Animal Feed–), TPM Award (Total Productive Maintenance of the Japan
Institute of Plant Maintenance).
Commercial offices in Bolivia, Canada, China, Colombia, the USA, Ecuador, Spain, Paraguay,
South Africa, Uruguay, and Venezuela and, in 2009, a new office will be opened in Bangkok
The creation of a retail distribution model considered of world class.
Vertically integrated in its strategic supplies.
Produces the packaging of its own products.
Main Argentine producer of ethyl alcohol from crops.
One of the main producers of milk in Argentina.
Argentinean leader in the production of corrugated cardboard.
Assumes a socially responsible management.
Arcor, a world class company
From its inception, Arcor Group was characterized by a strong vocation for international expansion.
The early development in foreign markets is key in the successful internationalization of the
Made up by a team of more than 20 thousand collaborators of different cultures and with
commercial offices in the five continents, Arcor has an operative flexibility that allows it to offer
immediate responses to the changing economic scenarios
In this way, it offers innovating products for the different consumption segments, many of them
adapted to the local characteristics of each market.
Also, with the aim of guaranteeing its offer, Arcor created a successful retail distribution model that,
together with the development of modern management tools, it assures maximum coverage level.
The vertical integration of its main supplies in Argentina and the certification of its productive units
under the most recognized international standards, allow Arcor to have a strict control on the quality
of its products and on the safety of those who work on their production.
This is how Arcor achieves the highest levels of productivity, efficiency, competitiveness in the five
business segments in which it takes part.
Sweet Confectionery
Where everything started
The industrial activity of Arcor Group started in this business in the middle of the twentieth century.
With a track record that this year reached 60 years, it develops products that satisfy and amuse
young and old who seek quality, safety and trust.
Its products are traded in more than 120 countries with an undoubted leadership in the market of
South and Central America and it is the greatest sweet confectionery producer of the world. Due to
its quality, creativity and innovation, it has achieved outstanding growth levels not only in the
European market, but also in the Asian and African markets.
With 100 launches per year and a high level of memorization of its brands, Arcor Group offers
gratifying and functional products for consumers of all the segments.
• First world producer of sweets.
• N° 1 confectionery exporter in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.
• 9 productive plants in this category: 4 in Argentina, 2 in Brazil, 1 in Chile, 1 in Mexico in a
partnership with Bimbo Group and 1 in Peru.
• It is the most important company of the region in productive capacity, production and sales
volume, and brand development.
• First exporter of sweet confectionery in Brazil.
• Leader in Chile in the chewing gum markets for adults and children.
It manufactures: sweets (assorted filled, hard, sour, gummy and chewy), lollipops with different
shapes, chewing gums (with sugar o sugar free), bubble gums, jellies, nougats, compressed
candies, milk toffees and marshmallows.
Constant Expansion
Arcor Group, in association with the multinational Danone, made up Bagley Latino America S.A. for
the production and trade of cookies, filled cookies and cereal bars in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
This is how the biggest cookies company of South America was created. It counts with the approval
of important and well-known brands that bring closer consumers from all ages with a wide variety of
high quality products.
Its track record is based on the constant innovation, offering the market new proposals that satisfy
the most demanding customers. This performance reaches a solid leadership in Argentina, a
relevant position in the Brazilian market and a growing participation in Chile and other countries of
the region.
• South American leader in the production of cookies.
• 7 production plants in this business: 4 in Argentina, 2 in Brazil and 1 in Chile.
• High penetration in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.
• N° 1 in sales of cookies, filled cookies and cereal bars in Argentina and the region of the south of
• Wide brand portfolio in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
It manufactures: snacks, crackers, cereal, assorted, filled, sweet, and dry cookies, and wafers; filled
cookies and cereal bars.
Innovate to grow
Arcor takes part in this business since 1970 and reinforces its activity in the 90s when it decided to
build two model plants for the production of chocolate exclusively, one in Argentina, located in
Colonia Caroya (Córdoba), and another one in Brazil, in the city of Sao Paulo.
Nowadays, it is the only Argentinean company that is present in all the categories of this business,
with highly recognized experience in the constant development of novelty products.
Its international performance is outstanding because of its quality and variety of products and the
scope of Arcor’s offer extends to more than 100 countries in the five continents.
In a business in which fidelity and trust of the consumer are key, Arcor seeks to constantly satisfy its
consumers with products that delight people from different ages and also adding additional values.
In this way, Arcor knew how to capitalize a brands’ portfolio that is chosen by consumers of every
segment, such as Bon o Bon, a paradigm of its international development.
• As absolute leader in the Argentine market, it fills one of the main positions in Chile and it
outstands in Brazil with a progressive development.
• Second Brazilian player in kid’s chocolates.
• 6 industrial units in Latin America: 3 in Argentina, 1in Brazil, 1 in Chile and 1 in Mexico.
• Its products delight people of different ages that enjoy additional values.
It manufactures: bonbons and individual chocolates, chocolate bars, sugar-coated sweets,
chocolates for drinking and confectionery products, chocolates for kids, coated wafers, chocolate
bars and seasonal products (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
Ice creams
Extending the value of the brand
Arcor began in the impulse-purchase ice cream business with the aim of offering consumers an
innovative proposal of its favorite brands.
In this way, implementing high-tech technology and using high quality supplies, it could transform its
main sweet confectionery and chocolate products in delicious, creamy, and refreshing ice creams.
The satisfactory answer of consumers to this unique offer and its extended distribution network
located Arcor Ice Creams as leaders in the Argentine market.
The international vocation of the Group allowed it to extend its line -in a short term- to countries of
the region, such as Paraguay.
The development of this business was a successful challenge that highlights one more time the
creativity of the company, giving Arcor de possibility to constantly surprise with new products,
flavors and presentations.
• Main Argentine company in the market of impulse ice cream.
• It counts with well known brands.
• It counts with the greatest distribution of frozen food of Argentina.
It manufactures: cups, cones, ice lollies, chocolate-coated creams and ice cream bonbons.
Main aspect of everyday life
Arcor Group has developed an important know-how in the production of food products and proves it
right through its varied, high-quality offer.
Its growing development in the business was boosted by the purchase of the traditional Argentine
company Benvenuto S.A.C.I., leader in the manufacture of marmalades, canned vegetables and
This challenge expanded Arcor’s offer towards a variety of healthy and nutritious products that, with
a strict selection of raw material and the implementation of technological processes, guarantee
As regards foreign trade, this business shows up an important growth, reaching countries like
Japan, South Africa, Australia and Europe. .
• Argentinean leader in the main categories it participates
• Broad bran portfolio, with well-known brands.
• 10 plants supply the division: 9 in Argentina and 1 in Chile.
• It trades products in Japan, South Africa, Australia and Europe in an increasing way.
It manufactures: sauces, canned tomato, jam, solid jam, canned fruits and vegetables, dessert
mixes, marmalades and jellies, cocoa powder, yellow corn flour, oils, frozen goods and juices,
canned pulses, milk jam, and dressings.
The Corporative Culture
The pioneers that created Arcor had the stamp of the principles and values transmitted by their
predecessors. They dreamt of offering the people products of added value that improved their
quality of life. This was the way they built the foundation of their business.
Such philosophy has prevailed until today and has become the main Ideology of the Group,
constituted by cardinal principles that guide the drive of those who integrate it for the achievement
of their business vision.
VISION: To be the N° 1 company of sweet confectionery and cookies of Latin America and to
consolidate our participation in the international market.
MISSION: To give to all the people around the world the opportunity to satisfy themselves with
quality products at a fair rate, creating value for our share holders, collaborators, customers,
community, suppliers and the environment through a management based on sustainable
 Trust
We build up relationships based on personal and professional consideration, guaranteeing back up
and safety to all those who are linked to us.
 Respect
We maintain a sensible attitude that directs us towards growth with a self-criticism and
consciousness attitude of our virtues and weaknesses.
 Commitment
We perceive an administration based on continuous progress, stimulating interaction, effort and the
contribution of all our people towards the achievement of results.
 Integrity
We assume an honest, transparent, coherent, austere and responsible behavior.
 Leadership
We sustain a long-term vision that impulses us to seek innovative and competitive ways, optimizing
the resources we have with creativity and inventiveness.
Arcor Group in figures
60 years of track record.
It employs more than 20 thousand collaborators (14,000 of which work in Argentina).
Turnover for 2010: US$ 2.6 billion.
Exports for 2010 US$ 360 million.
40 industrial plants: 29 in Argentina, 5 in Brazil, 4 in Chile, 1 in Mexico and 1 in Peru.
Commercial offices spread throughout Bolivia, Canada, China, Colombia, The USA, Ecuador,
Spain, Paraguay, South Africa, Thailand, Uruguay and Venezuela.
It exports its products to more than 120 countries in the 5 continents.
13 distribution centers (6 in Argentina, 5 in Brazil, 1 in Chile and 1 in Uruguay)
It manufactures more than 1.500 products.
The production volume is of 3 million kilograms a day.
It launches more than 100 new products per year.
Did you know that…?
If we put in a row all the Topline chewing gums produced in a year, we reach a distance of
2,300 km; almost twice the length of the Rhine river that is born in the Swedish Alps and
flows into the North Sea.
If you put the Merengadas packets produced in a day, one above the other, its length
exceeds four times the width of the Iguazú Falls, which are of 300 meters.
The monthly production of Rocklets weighs twice the Statue of Liberty (USA).
If all the Slice produced in a year are put one above the other, the height of the Pyrenees
can be reached, which have an average of 3,000 meters.
The annual production of tomato puree cartons is five times heavier than the Eiffel Tower.
The production of flexible printed material of 10 days is as long as the Cordillera de los
Andes, which is of 10,000 km.
The monthly production of sugar exceeds 10 times the weight of the Redeemer Christ,
located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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