Operating & Maintenance Instructions
Merlin CT1250
Before this system can operate any fans connected to it must be turned on.
Once 240v is fed to the CT1250 panel, via a 3 Amp fused spur, the Red “Power” LED on the Merlin
1250 will illuminate.
Insert the key into the key switch of the Merlin CT1250 and turn to the “ON” position. Any fans
connected to the panel should be operational. It could take up to 10 seconds from the fans being
turned on for the “supply fan” and /or “extract fan” green LEDs to light. If any fans are not
working the “Fan Fault” LED will show on the Merlin CT1250 panel and the LED for the fan that
has failed will flash.
Once the fan LEDs are lit and the key is in the “ON” position the green “Gas on” LED will light, the
gas valve will open and gas should be present at the appliances.
If the emergency stop on the CT1250 is pressed the Amber “EM Stop” LED will illuminate, the gas
valve will close and an audible alarm will sound. To silence the alarm the “Mute” button on the
panel fascia should be pressed. Please note the fans will continue to run.
To restart the system reset the emergency stop, turn the key on the fascia off then repeat the
normal operation procedure as detailed above.
Should any fan connected to the Merlin CT1250 fail, or be turned off, the “Fan Fault” LED will
illuminate, the relevant fan LED will flash and the gas solenoid valve will close. If at commissioning
stage the commissioning engineer determines the fans are operational but not yet connected to
the Merlin CT1250 a service switch, which is located on the circuit board, can be used to allow
four hours of gas to be present whilst gas is purged to the appliances. This switch should be
returned to the factory setting before the engineer leaves site.
1 No Red “ Power” indicator showing.
Either the mains supply to the system is turned off or a supply fuse has blown.
2 The “supply fan” or “extract fan” LED flashes and the “Fan Fault” LED illuminates.
This indicates the fan that has the flashing LED is not working. Ensure the fans are operational. If
not turn the fans on and restart the panel. If the fans appear to be operational contact a
3. The Amber “EM stop” light is showing
Release the “EM stop” button. Turn the key switch to the “off” position. Restart the panel.
If you have any further queries, please contact S & S Northern Ltd at the address below. Please
have the model number of the system and general indications from the panel regarding the
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