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Bruce, Mark and John Wilhelmsen have owned and operated Distinct Impression, Inc. for
over 30 years. Bruce runs the shop, directing our 5 employees, making the screens,
mixing the inks, setting up and operating our two 10 color automatic screen print presses.
Mark is our artist extraordinaire. Working with your art or providing custom artwork,
Mark knows what is needed to produce a great looking print. John shuffles paperwork
and pays the bills. It is his job to express your needs to Mark, Bruce and the printers.
We specialize in printing multi-color designs on t-shirts. Another specialty is printing
products for the medical and aerospace industries in our two clean print rooms.
Thank you for visiting with us, please click on our videos and photos for a closer look at
our screen-printing facility.
We offer custom screen-printing for your event, business or social group, at a wholesale
rate. We care for your entire project; we purchase the blank shirts, create the art, produce
the film, make the screens, mix the ink and print the shirts. All work is done in-house.
We have a vast network of distributors to purchase your blank shirts. Our number one
distributor is located in Phoenix and offers us free freight, a savings that we pass on to
you. Our catalog button is linked to their complete catalog. We use other distributors to
increase your selection of garments and brands. From them we are able to offer an
expanded selection of youth and ladies styles, dyed and treated garments, styles cut for
the young and fit, organic cotton garments and t-shirts made from recycled cotton and
plastic bottles.
T-shirt and printing costs are determined by the:
1. The weight, style and brand of the garment.
2. The color of the garment. There are three price categories. Neutrals are white and
natural. These two colors are the least expensive. Heather includes ash, light steel
and sports gray. These colors cost more than white and less than colors. All other
color shirts are the most expensive.
3. The quantity of garments needed. We have several quantity price breaks; 48, 96,
144, 300, 600, 1200, 1800 and 2400+.
4. The location(s) of the print. To print on one side of the shirt is less expensive than
printing on both sides of the shirt. Sleeve prints, pocket prints and special print
placements add cost.
5. The number of ink colors used. Each ink color requires a film positive, a screen
and set-up. The more ink colors used, the higher the cost.
6. If artwork is needed we charge $25.00 per hour. If you need simple art or type we
normally do not charge for the first 15 minutes.
7. We are located outside of the city limits. Sales tax is charged at 7.1%.
We do not publish our price list as each job has different requirements. We are happy to
give you a price quote for a specific request. Click on our “Get a Quote” button. The
more information that you give us the more accurate the price quote will be.
Our artist, Mark, created some of this artwork; our clients sent others. Knowing our print
requirements, Mark performs the necessary under color removal and makes adjustments
for dot gain on all of the artwork we receive.
We are proud to show off our art and plan to add new art every month. You can click on
most of the photos to see an enlargement showing the fine detail that we can print.
Most of the photos in this section we taken by Adam Fleishman from
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This is the shirt that attracts the most attention from visitors to our shop. The bright
colors just jump off the shirt. Printed with six ink colors, using 230 mesh and three flash
units, the violet prints first and acts as the under base.
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We first printed this eight color design on natural color tote bags. The customer asked us
to put the same design on black shirts. We changed a few colors and it became our first
attempt with using plastisol discharge base. The discharge base created a softer hand to
the ink that we would have received if we had printed a white plastisol under base.
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This is an annual fund raising event shirt that we have printed for the past 21 years. Mark
goes over design ideas with the client and creates artwork with elements of happenings at
previous events. This long sleeve shirt was printed using six ink colors on the left chest,
six ink colors on the back, two ink colors on the right sleeve and two ink colors on the
left sleeve. These shirts are collector’s items and extra shirts from previous years are
auctioned off at the event dinner.
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This artwork was sent to us as a one color AI file. Mark turned it into a two color; we
printed black halftone ink using 355 mesh and black ink on a 230 mesh. This allowed us
to print the fuller gray scale that the customer wanted.
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Designed by Mark this award shirt is given to the players on each League Champion
teams. Printed in six ink colors on the left chest and full back.
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To celebrate an annual weekend bash; our customer gives Mark an idea of what she
wants and Mark turns it into fun art. This white Henley shirt was printed as a three color
left chest and four color process full back, using 305, mesh.
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This simple shirt looks so good we had to show it off. The white and athletic gold inks
jumps off of the navy shirt. This customer supplied the art and t-shirts.
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This art was printed using five ink colors. It has great feel and it is a good seller. We used
230, 270, 305 and 355 mesh and printed on charcoal t-shirts.
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We printed this shirt using eight ink colors on both youth and adult t-shirts. We have
printed the same art on forest green t-shirts as well as tote bags. This design sells very
well; it has some amazing detail.
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Our customer came in with an unfinished pen and ink drawing. Mark built the art and
added the colors. We printed using eight ink colors on the front and two ink colors on the
full back on four different color shirts. This shirt looks good!
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This six color print uses a purple under base. Our customer supplied the art and t-shirts;
we used 230 mesh on all of the colors. This is a very striking shirt.
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We first printed this six color design on 10,000 natural tote bags. The customer asked if
we could print it on dark t-shirts. Mark changed the art and a few ink colors and we
printed on organic cotton chocolate brown shirts.
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We printed with seven ink colors on white, yellow and chocolate organic cotton t-shirts.
Adjustments to the art and ink colors were mage by Mark to enable us to print on light
and dark shirts. This design is name dropped and sold at several locations.
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Printed with eight ink colors on cobblestone t-shirts and khaki sweatshirts, the white
mission really stand out.
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Our customer supplied the art and t-shirts for this job. We printed a few thousand on
heather gray and black short sleeve shirts and on purple long sleeve shirts. Mark made the
necessary adjustments to allow us to print this design on the various shirt colors. Printed
eight ink colors on the front and one ink color on the back this shirt is very colorful and
full of detail.
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We had our doubts about this eight color design as the black printed before the white
under base. Using 280 and 305 mesh this art printed great!
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We worked closely with this new customer as they were introducing a line of t-shirts to
complement their existing line of note cards. To keep costs down, Mark needed to
remove ink colors and use the shirt color in the image. These cat lovers were very pleased
with the results.
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This customer supplied artwork has a lot of ink coverage and detail. Printed with eight
ink colors on organic cotton tote bags.
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This is an awesome print. The way that the artist layered the ink deposits on top of one
another you can feel the ridges on the tortoise shell. Printed using customer supplied art
and t-shirts.
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Our first print for a new contract print customer we were blown away by the method the
artist used. The art was hand stippled on mylar film. Each color had it’s own film. Printed
with six ink colors, using 305 mesh, this shirt has incredible feel and detail.
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