Call for Proposal FINAL_2016 - Philanthropic Foundations Canada

November 1-3, 2016,
Vancouver, British Columbia
Looking Outward: New Horizons for Canadian Philanthropy.
We need your best ideas! Philanthropic Foundations Canada is inviting you to submit session
ideas for our 6th biennial conference in Vancouver in the fall of 2016.
Canadian philanthropy is lifting its sights, and looking outward. The 6th biennial PFC Conference
in Vancouver is focusing on this theme of new horizons: in our relationships with Canadians,
and particularly aboriginal partners, in our work on sustainability, collaboration and
knowledge exchange, and in our involvement in the cross sectoral work of community,
business and public partners.
What are the questions that Canadian philanthropy is asking as we open up our thinking and
explore creative strategies?
How do we plan for and build for more sustainable communities and spaces?
How do we engage in greater understanding, reconciliation and respectful partnership
with aboriginal communities in Canada?
What new funder knowledge exchange networks are being created in Canada and
around what themes?
What is the impact of the digital age on philanthropy’s opportunity to engage with new
partners and tools?
How can we apply the lessons from innovation and systems thinking to have more
How can we learn from the lessons of smaller Canadian foundations who are using
innovative approaches to the deployment of their resources?
How do we assess our effectiveness in this more collaborative and open space?
These are some of the questions that we want to address during the 2016 Vancouver
conference. We will also be providing opportunities to learn and to share in some of the new or
evolving practices in foundation philanthropy, including impact investing, spending down,
engaging and working with the millennial generation, and others.
The program will feature a variety of engaging and interactive formats, including plenary
presentations, case studies, deep-dive conversations, workshops, and panel sessions. We
expect over 200 participants, from very small to very large grantmakers, from both the private
and the public sectors.
Your proposal should briefly describe your idea or initiative and how it might relate to one of
the questions listed above. If you are working with other funders, feel free to make a
collaborative proposal.
The deadline for receiving proposals is February 5, 2016. Please check your eligibility and fill
out the form below.
PFC staff and the 2016 Conference Planning Committee will review the proposals. You will be
notified as soon as possible of our decisions. If selected, your proposal will be developed more
fully with the help of Conference Committee and PFC staff members.
If you have any questions relating to logistic support, format and criteria feel free to contact
Sarah Pinchevsky, PFC Program Officer at [email protected] or (514) 866-5446 ext. 1.
Thank you very much for your contribution! We look forward to working with you and seeing
you in Vancouver in November 2016.
Submissions are invited from:
• Members of Philanthropic Foundations Canada
• Other grantmakers
• Affinity groups of grantmakers and other colleague organizations
• Philanthropic consultants/advisors who submit a proposal in partnership with a
representative of one of the above organizations
• Intermediary groups working with grantmakers.
Call for Proposal Form
Vancouver 2016
Submission due February 5, 2016
Please be sure to review the eligibility requirements before filling out this form.
Contact Information
Session Proposal Description
Provide a brief description of your session topic and preferred format (30 minute roundtable
deep dive, 60 or 90 minute panel discussion).
Please provide names and affiliations of potential leaders for this session.
Please submit this form by February 5, 2016 to:
Sarah Pinchevsky
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 514.866.5846
Your submission will be reviewed by members of the PFC staff, Member Services Committee,
and 2016 Conference Planning Committee and you will be notified of its status in the shortest
delay possible. Thank you for your contribution!
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