Peralta College: 1 Berkeley City College College of Alameda Laney

Peralta CTE Transitions (Formerly Tech Prep)
Request for Funding 2012 (February-June)
Application Deadline: February 16, 2012
Peralta College:
 Berkeley City College
 Laney College
 College of Alameda
 Merritt College
Department: __________________________
Dean: ___________________________
Total Amount Requested: _____________________________
Project Manager/Position: (Person responsible for implementation):
Phone: ___________________________ Email: _______________________________
****CTE Transitions funding is different than Tech Prep.
CTE Transitions Permissible Activities:
 Outreach/Career Exploration
(No funding for recruitment to specific programs)
 Validation of current articulation agreements
(No funding to develop new agreements and no funding for high-school teachers)
 Concurrent Enrollment
(Funding only for lending library for concurrently-enrolled high-school students)
 Work-based learning/internships and placement for community college students
(Compiling and communicating internship information to CTE Transitions Office)
Please see the attached CTE Transitions Grant and Work Plans.
Please describe in detail the activity that Peralta CTE Transitions will support and your timeline
for implementing this project:
Please describe expected outcomes and success measures for this activity:
TOTAL Available Funding:
$37,961 Faculty ZZ time for outreach and set up of lending library for concurrently enrolled high
school students (Object code 1456)
4K for books/eBooks for lending library (Object code 4301)
4K for supplies (Object Code 4304)
10K for web designers/consultants (Object Code 5105)
5k for buses (Object Code 5105)
$800 for speakers (Object Code 5105)
$5,720 for Translators -to translate printed materials and/or web site content
(Object Code 5105)
7K for printing (Object Code 5865)
Please itemize allowable funding that will be needed to carry out this project.
Journal Line Description
Total Amount Requested:
Non-Teaching/Special Project Salary (50% of lecture rate
x hours on project)
Total of fringe (8.26% of above)
Instructional Materials
Office Supplies
Independent Contractor Payment (includes stipends for
Publishing of Materials
I have read and approve the submission of this proposal for CTE Transitions funding.
CTE Department Dean
Email the application no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 16th to:
Susan May at [email protected] or Laura Leon-Maurice [email protected]
Date Received by CTE Transitions Office:
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