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Ing. Anita Eckstein rod. Andicsová PhD.
Štatistika ohlasov v SCI (zhotovené podľa medzinárodnej databázy Web of Science):
Celkový počet publikácii v karentovaných časopisoch: 9
Celkový počet citácií bez samocitácii: 35
Danko, M.; Andics, A.; Kosa, Cs.; Hrdlovic, P.; Vegh, D.: Spectral properties of chalcone
containing triphenylamino structural unit in solution and in polymer matrices, Dyes and
Pigments 2012, 92, 1257. – bola citovaná v následných publikáciách:
1. Alvim, H.G.O.; Fagg, E.L.; De Oliveira, A.L.; De Oliveira, H.C.B.; Freitas, S.M.;
Xavier, M.-A.E.; Soares, T.A.; (...); Neto, B.A.D.: Probing deep into the interaction of
a fluorescent chalcone derivative and bovine serum albumin (BSA): An experimental
and computational study. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2013, 11 (29), 4764.
2. Chung, Y.-C.; Lee, S.B.; Chul Chun, B.: The effect of the diphenylamino side group
on the reduction of the molecular interaction between polyurethane copolymer chains.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2013, 128 (5), 3446.
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arylation of benzoylacrylic acids toward the synthesis of chalcones. Journal of
Organic Chemistry 2013, 78 (10), 5096.
4. Marwani, H.M.; Asiri, A.M.; Khan, S.A.: Spectral, stoichiometric ratio,
physicochemical, polarity and photostability studies of newly synthesized chalcone
dye in organized media. Journal of Luminescence 2013, 136, 296.
Galeotti, F.; Andicsova, A.; Yunus, S.; Botta, C.: Precise surface patterning of silk fibroin
films by breath figures, Soft Matter 2012, 8 (17), 4815. – bola citovaná v následných
1. Brenckle, M.A.; Tao, H.; Kim, S.; Paquette, M.; Kaplan, D.L.; Omenetto, F.G.:
Protein-protein nanoimprinting of silk fibroin films. Advanced Materials 2013, 25
(17), 2409.
2. Sharma, K.P.; Collins, A.M.; Perriman, A.W.; Mann, S.: Enzymatically active selfstanding protein-polymer surfactant films prepared by hierarchical self-assembly.
Advanced Materials 2013, 25 (14), 2005.
Zoznam ohlasov
Ing. Anita Eckstein rod. Andicsová PhD.
3. Zhu, L.-W.; Wan, L.-S.; Jin, J., Xu; Z.-K.: Honeycomb porous films prepared from
porphyrin-cored star polymers: Submicrometer pores induced by transition of
monolayer into multilayer structures. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2013, 117 (12),
4. Cong, H.; Wang, J.; Yu, B.; Tang, J.: Preparation of a highly permeable ordered
porous microfiltration membrane of brominated poly(phenylene oxide) on an ice
substrate by the breath figure method. Soft Matter 2012, 8 (34), 8835.
Bolognesi, A.; Botta, C.; Andicsova, A.; Giovanella, U.; Arnautov, S.; Charmet, J.; Laux, E.;
Keppner, H.: Chemical binding of unsaturated fluorenes to poly(2-chloroxylylene) thin films.
Macromol. Chem. Phys. 2009, 210 (23), 2052.
1. Bobrowski, M.; Freza, S.; Skurski, P.: Functional thin films resulting from parylenevinyl copolymerization. Macromolecules 2012, 45 (21), 8532.
2. Bobrowski, M.: Metal salts reduction during parylenes polymerization. Computational
and Theoretical Chemistry 2012, 991, 56.
3. Gieldon, A.; Czaplewski, C.; Smalara, K.; Bobrowski, M.: Molecular dynamics
simulations of the growth of poly(chloro-para-xylylene) films. Journal of Molecular
Modeling 2011, 17 (11), 2725.
4. Bobrowski, M.; Skurski, P.; Freza, S.: The electronic structure of p-xylylene and its
reactivity with vinyl molecules. Chemical Physics 2011, 382 (1-3), 20.
5. Smalara, K.; Giełtdoń, A.; Bobrowski, M.; Rybicki, J.; Czaplewski, C.: Theoretical
study of polymerization mechanism of p-Xylylene based polymers. Journal of
Physical Chemistry A 2010, 114 (12), 4296.
Puterová, Z.; Andicsová, A.; Moncol, J.; Rabong, C.; Végh, D.: A facile synthesis of αsubstituted thiophenes from a functionalized 2-aminothiophene by homo- and cross-coupling
reactions, Tetrahedron Lett. 2009, 50, 4670. – bola citovaná v následných publikáciách:
Rajappa, S.; Gumaste, V.K.: Reactivity of Thiophenes, Oligothiophenes and
Benzothiophenes. Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry 2013, 108, 1.
Zoznam ohlasov
Ing. Anita Eckstein rod. Andicsová PhD.
Lu, L.-Y.; Yu, Z.-S.; Fang, Z.-D.; Chen, Y.-Z.; Zhou, W.; Wei, X.-H.; Tao, Q.:
Synthesis and characterization of new 2-Methoxy-thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-one.
Advanced Materials Research 2012, 550-553, 89.
Nakhi, A.; Adepu, R.; Rambabu, D.; Kishore, R.; Vanaja, G.R.; Kalle, A.M.; Pal, M.:
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structure analysis and in vitro evaluation as potential anticancer agents. Bioorganic
and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2012, 22 (13), 4418.
Rao, R.M.; Reddy Ch.U.; Alinakhi, Mulakayala, N.; Alvala, M.; Arunasree, M.K.;
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single pot under Pd/C-Cu catalysis: Synthesis of 2-(hetero)aryl indoles. Organic and
Biomolecular Chemistry 2011, 9 (10), 3808.
Panchamukhi, S.I.; Mohammed Iqbal, A.K.; Khan, A.Y.; Kalashetti, M.B.; Khazi,
thienopyrimidines and triazolothienopyrimidines. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal
2011, 44 (12), 694.
Biehl, E.R.: Five-Membered Ring Systems. Thiophenes and Se/Te Derivatives.
Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry 2011, 22 (SUPPL. 3), 109.
Puterová, Z.; Andicsová, A.; Végh, D.: Synthesis of π-conjugated thiophenes starting from
substituted 3-oxopropanenitriles via Gewald reaction, Tetrahedron 2008, 64 (49), 11262.
DOI: 10.1016/j.tet.2008.09.032. – bola citovaná v následných publikáciách:
1. Mohareb, R.M.; Abbas, N.S.; Ibrahim, R.A.: New approaches for the synthesis of
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agents. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2013, 64, 314.
Zoznam ohlasov
Ing. Anita Eckstein rod. Andicsová PhD.
5. Heinrich, N.; Banwell, M.G.; Willis, A.C.; Cade, I.A.; Capon, R.J.; Huang, X.-C.:
Probing for the pharmacophore of the cytotoxic neoclerodane salvileucalin B.
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Tetrahedron Letters 2012, 53 (35), 4639.
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selective anti-tumor agents. Molecules 2012, 17 (8), 9683.
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cytosine nucleobases using a microwave-assisted method. Tetrahedron Letters 2012,
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11. Al-Matar, H.M., Adam, A.Y., Khalil, K.D., Elnagdi, M.H.: Studies with 3oxoalkanenitriles: Novel rearrangements observed while exploring the utility of 2cyanoacetyl-1-methylpyrrole as a precursor to pyrrole substituted heterocyclic
compounds. Arkivoc 2012, 6, 1.
12. Kanawade,
synthetic molluscicides against Indoplanorbis exustus snail. Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2011,
46 (9), 4682.
13. Huang, X.-G.; Liu, J.; Ren, J.; Wang, T.; Chen, W.; Zeng, B.-B.: A facile and
practical one-pot synthesis of multisubstituted 2-aminothiophenes via imidazolecatalyzed Gewald reaction. Tetrahedron 2011, 67 (34), 6202.
14. Huang, Y.; Domling, A.: The Gewald multicomponent reation. Molecular Diversity
2011, 15 (1), 3.
Zoznam ohlasov
Ing. Anita Eckstein rod. Andicsová PhD.
15. Sun, J.; Wu, Q.; Xia, E.-Y.; Yan, C.-G.: Diastereoselective synthesis of trans-2,3dihydrothiophenes via multicomponent reactions of pivaloylacetonitrile, aldehyde,
amine, and thiazolidinedione. Synthesis 2010, 23, art. no. F09210SS, 3987.
16. Wang, T.; Huang, X.-G.; Liu, J.; Li, B.; Wu, J.-J.; Chen, K.-X.; Zhu, W.-L.; Zeng, B.B.: An efficient one-pot synthesis of substituted 2-aminothiophenes via threecomponent gewald reaction catalyzed by l –proline. Synlett 2010, 9, 1351.
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